The King of Queens

Season 8 Episode 6

Shear Torture

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2005 on CBS



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    • Adam West: If you ran into Bill Shatner this morning, would you have dumped me, too?
      Spence: I want to say "no," but I'm so weak.
      Adam West: This is why me, Lou, Bill, and Lee Majors look out for each other—because of pasty-faced opportunists such as yourself.

    • Carrie: When we got married, you took a sacred vow to me.
      Doug: To do what, only get my hair cut by ugly people?

    • Doug: I'm using Mrs. Butterworth's. Is that okay, or should I only be getting syrup from your head?

    • Carrie: I have a Lori, a man who makes me feel good, and you don't know about him.
      Doug: It's Deacon, isn't it?

    • Lou: We hear you have a hot hairdresser.
      Adam West: We want in!

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  • Allusions

    • Deflecting teasing from Doug and Deacon, Spence sarcastically replies, "yeah, Fantasy Fest '05 is a geekfest. That's why three different hobbits are showing up." Hobbits are the diminuitive race created by J.R.R. Tolkien for his book, The Hobbit, and best known for his The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    • Begging Lou Ferrigno to go with him to the Sci-Fi convention, Spence insists that if he could bring him, he'd "finally be a somebody. Not just some loser who wears Spock ears because he doesn't have the guts to get the surgery." Mr. Spock was the Vulcan science officer on Star Trek portrayed by Leonard Nimoy.

    • When Carrie discovers Doug's hairdresser is hot, she accuses him of getting his hair cut by "Edward Scissorboobs", a reference to the movie Edward Scissorhands.