The King of Queens

Season 5 Episode 18

Steve Moscow

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2003 on CBS

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  • Steve Moscow & his Ukrainian crew arrive to de-mold Doug's house. After tearing down all doors & windows & sheathing them in plastic, they increase the bill then fail to show up for work regularly. Doug bribes them with vodka+ "robot dancing" but Arthur a

    High hilarity to which any homeowner who has ever undergone the terrors of remodeling can relate. After giving an initial estimate to the cost of "demolding" Doug+Carrie's house, Ukrainian Steve Moscow and his crew (brilliantly acted) immediately increase the cost upon discovering "hidden problems" as they progress into the destructive portion of the renovation. Doug tries to be accomodating as Carrie becomes increasingly annoyed, surely a common relationship test for any co-habitating couple. When the workers cease to show up regularly as so commonly happens in real life, Carrie nags Doug into aggressive action. Kevin walks the tightrope magnificently, trying to be understanding to his fellow workingmen while trying to placate his wife. His arrival in the remodeling office with a bottle of vodka is a stroke of writing genius, which evolves into his getting drunk & dancing with the workers in order to get them to return. Arthur then alienates them by discussing politics then repairs the relationship by gambling with the men which, of course, impedes job progress. Every character in this episode rings "true to life" from the eccentric behavior of the workers to the married couple who seek a return to normality from the disarray of home remodelling.
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