The King of Queens

Season 3 Episode 7

Strike Out

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2000 on CBS

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  • Absolutely hilarious!

    This episode is hilarious, you will laugh the entire time the show is on. The actors all did an amazing job, as well as the writers. Doug and Deacon are out of work, and end up hanging out with Arthur during the day. They end up playing pranks and making fun of people during their days together. Carrie and Kelly eventually find out what the guys are really doing, and want to put an end to it. Eventually Doug and Deacon go back to work, and Doug and Arthur come to an understanding. "Strike out" is my favorite episode of this series and I still laugh when I catch it in syndication. This episode will make you love this show and want to watch more!
  • Takeover, The Strikes Over!

    This episode was funny, not comparing to the other episodes, but this episode was pretty good, Doug & Arthur haven't bonded in a long time, I'm glad to see that it was showed this way in this episode. Definite plot development, first Carrie & Kelly are sick of their husbands slacking as the strike continued. Then Carrie makes Deacon, Arthur & Doug all have a play date which goes crazy when they get to kill time by making some infectious hi-jinx. And in this episode the hi-jinx was incredible. And finally the strike ended & the three-episode arc has finished. A great episode.
  • Doug, Arthur and Deacon bond during the strike.

    The King of Queens had its share of ups and downs over the years, but the strike was arguably the show's high point.

    Of the three strike episodes, Strike Out is probably the funniest. The best scenes in King of Queens history were when Doug, Arthur and Deacon were acting like badasses. Betting on the kid's game, making fun of people and throwing food at them were just a few of the classic things they did.

    2000-2002 was the high point of the series, but this episode stands out above all the rest. Definitely a series classic, and probably the best period.
  • Arguably the most memorable episode of the series. Hilarious plot about the bond that develops between Doug, Deacon, and Arthur when all three share something in common, no job.

    After three weeks, IPS is still on strike. Doug and Deacon have seemingly lost purpose in life and become depressed homebodies. Lazy Doug grooms Elvis sideburns after Carrie makes him shave and was such a funny part of the episode. Then something special happens. Doug, Deacon and Arthur truly find the kid inside of them and become a gang of pranksters. They go outside and take on Queens with a care free rebel attitude. Its nice to see Arthur considered an equal this time instead of a crazy outsider.

    The slow-motion scene of the three of them (and Deacon's baby) walking together on the street, "mean muggin" to the song Fight the Power by Public Enemy highlights this great episode.