The King of Queens

Season 3 Episode 6

Strike Too

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2000 on CBS

Episode Recap

IPS is still on strike and Doug needs to find a way to make money. Carrie asks Doug if he's okay because he has been out of work for so long and he says he's going to fix a door knob which takes a second. This is showing how boring it is for Doug to stay home, while normally he would be at work.

Doug gets into his "stories" or soaps. Doug gets a package and tries to talk to the delivery guy and gets a little jealous that he's out of work. Doug calls Carrie and shows up at her office. Carrie makes things worse when Doug asks her to go out for lunch and she says no. Doug broke the knob he fixes later and once again goes to Carrie's work. Carrie confronts Doug and tells him not to put on a front that he's happy. Doug shows up at his sister's job at school (she's a gym teacher). While Doug tries to talk about his problems with her she's busy interrupting him while yelling at the kids. She talks him into being a substitute teacher and says it's easy. Doug tells her he's going to try it.

Doug tries to explain this to Carrie as she only makes fun out of him. She's says stuff like "what are you going to teach them... packaging." Carrie finally gives in and Doug goes to study. Doug tries to explain to Arthur that subs don't take jobs away. He shows up for his first day on the job and finds out teachers aren't as social as he thought. He smokes trying to act cooler as he talks to them about molding students and only gets told to "shut up." Doug makes himself look like a joke in front of his class as they make fun out of him. Doug tries to give the class a time-out and no one listens. Doug talks to his sister about doing a better job and she says subs don't matter. Doug tries to dress up and get the class' attention. He tries to suspend a kid and he is told he can't do that and gets yelled at by the principal. Doug was expelled on his first day and now wants the IPS strike to end and go back to work. Carrie talks to him and he starts to feel better. As they go to 'do it,' Doug takes the bouncy ball up and calls it his "back-up plan."