The King of Queens

Season 8 Episode 2

Vocal Discord

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on CBS

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  • In this episode Carrie and Doug have vicious marital fights and seek help to solve them ...

    The episode is hilarious, because it displays beautifully how men and women have usually different expectations of what's important and what's not ... When Carrie asks Doug for instance to fold the laundry in the beginning of the episode, Doug is totally helpless as how to deal with her underwear (bra, thongs etc.) and finds his own solution by simply throwing it all in the closet. In the same way, Doug doesn't see the problem when he comes home with some take-out food and Carrie's food is missing...
    After having one of their vicious marital fights recorded, they finally decide to seek some help and again the differences in what is considered a problem are hilarious ... Carrie is angry that Doug threw down her Ipod while Doug is angry that Carrie bought the wrong frosting ... the ways the two deal with their problems makes us laugh too... They are supposed to write down their problems and pin them to the fridge, so they can first calm down and discuss them afterwards, but it soon turns out that Carrie has lots of complains pinned to the fridge only no discussion, but a happy Doug who managed to avoid a vicious fight ... all in all a great episode
  • When Doug and Carrie accidentally get a transcription of one of their arguments, they decide marriage counseling might not be a bad idea. And when Arthur gets hold of it, their argument becomes entertainment for a senior citizens' group.

    Doug: I think I know my way around town. I'm a driver, you know.
    Carrie: Yes, I know. I'm reminded everytime I look at your paycheck
    -funny stuff

    Gteat show. One of my favorite epasoides. One of the greatest shows still on. The Writers are doing a great job with it! caint wait till next week
  • This show never gets old. This episode was hilarious.

    Great episode, it all started because Carrie got new software on her computer that copies what people say to words on her laptop. So, when Doug comes home with dinner and does not realize that Carrie's meal is missing the start to fight, and everything they say gets copied onto her computer. Then, they both start to realize that the fights are getting serious, so they start to get help from their neighbor. Their neighbor is a marriage phycatrist (Sorry thats spell so bad). They give him all of their fight conversations, and he tries to help them. He offerse them suggestions like- write a list of trigger words and to write down the problem before they have a fight. Then, when they go to see Arthur's play, he acts out their fight. Doug and Carrie laugh it off and forgive each other. Great episode again, and some of the lines were simply hilarious.
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