The King of Queens

Season 4 Episode 1

Walk, Man

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2001 on CBS

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  • Arthur walks.

    A bit silly for a season premiere. I like how it leaves off with Doug & Carrie mentioning they lost the baby instead of pretending it never happened like other idiotic shows do which annoys me greatly. The Arthur plot filled in perfectly & a perfect introduction to Holly, she is a great part of the show after this episode. Carrie doing other things instead of having a baby was very sensational & brought, plus very funny. Arthur's realization that he was being "walked" was worth waiting for until the end, I also like how he treats Doug & Carrie after. Perfect but silly for a premiere.
  • Introduction of Holly, the dog walker (Nicole Sullivan).

    The fourth season’s premiere is a strong offering. The writers have not forgotten the pregnancy and miscarriage from the previous season, nor have they forgotten Nicole Sullivan as Marilyn, the baby store clerk. They bring Sullivan back as Holly, the dog walker. Possibly they were inspired by Hank Azaria’s Nat from “Mad About You,” but they have added a hilarious twist – Doug and Carrie have no dog, Holly walks Arthur.

    The scene where Holly arrives to pick up her first human customer is a classic sit-com moment. The lines, delivery, expressions and timing are all done to perfection. Tape this episode and watch it twice.