The King of Queens

Season 3 Episode 12

Wedding Presence

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2001 on CBS

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  • Doug & Carrie don't want to go to Maryland for a wedding.

    This episode is so funny, the plan that they had was genius & Deacon & Kelly were going to pull through until their son had a temperature of 103 degrees. This episode was very original & a great plot for King Of Queens, I love the end when they finally decide to go & they make it super late & the bride & groom are already gone & they get no credit for being there. That totally sucked. The B plot was pretty good, the part I liked most was the end with the best friend song on. A great episode with interesting plots.
  • Doug and Carrie scheme together as a cunning duo get out of going to a wedding.

    Doug and Carrie are invited to the nuptials of two old friends, who incidentally flew in from Munich to attend their wedding. Not wanting to go in the first place, Doug and Carrie have even less desire to travel all the way to Maryland to partake in the ceremonies. Doug and Carrie's tag-team scheming to find ways to account for their presence at the wedding without actually attending was a nice change of pace. Although the two are usually no stranger to deception and lies, it was nice to see Doug and Carrie actually working together for a change in order to fool people other than each other. They even tried to get Deacon and Kelly in the mix by covering their tracks at the reception. It was nice to see Doug and Carrie crafting their plots together for a change.
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