The King of Queens

Season 7 Episode 17

Wish Boned

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2005 on CBS

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  • Season 7

    This was a Brilliant written episode of the king of queens, Funny as usual and emotional aswell, i reccommend this episode to everyone. Superb acting as usual by Kevin James, Leah Rimini and of course Jerry Stiller.

    When Doug wins a trip to St. Louis to see the Final Four, he is reluctant to bring Arthur. However, Carrie tells him that if he does this, he never has to take him to the senior center or see his naked back again. However, the plane gets delayed & Doug & Arthur go to Pittsburgh. Then, things go downhill with Doug missing the Final Four by being stuck in Dayton.
  • Not as humurous, unorginal, and boring.

    Definitely not one of their best episodes. Doug avoids Arthur, Arthur annoys Doug. Definitely a "they've done that already" reaction. There was not much humor in fact the parts that were supposedly humorous didn't appeal very funny. For instance the whole calling from the cell phone to lie that the job was calling was definitely lame in my opinion. They killed it even more when Carrie did the same thing after Doug's dad annoyed her. Basically this episode wasn't very entertaining so I flipped the channel. Nothing more to say so I'll fill up the hundred words with blah blah blah.