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The Kingdom of the Wind

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The Kingdom of the Wind is a historical thriller directed by Kang Il Soo, based on the Korean graphic novel by Kim Jin of the same name, which chronicles the story of Muhyul (Song Il Kuk), the son of King Yuri (Jung Jin Young), whose birth should have been a celebration to the kingdom of Koguryeo but instead foreshadowed the destruction of them all. Though only an infant, Muhyul supposed bears a curse that will bring about the utter ruin of his parents, his brothers and sisters, his own children, and every citizen within the boundaries of his kingdom. Left by his older brother Haemyung (Lee Jong Won) outside the palace walls to be raised as a commoner with no knowledge of his titles, Muhyul begins to lead a life as a warrior with a thirst for vengeance against King Yuri in response to his friend’s death. The Kingdom of the Wind was inspired by the true story of the King Muhyul, known in Korean history as the Great Holy Warrior King, and is a captivating epic that focuses on the people who made history happen.moreless

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