The Kingdom of the Wind

Season 1 Episode 33

Episode 33

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  • Rescuing Lady Yeon and Prince Hodong, or may be not!

    The episode starts with a desperate and astonished King Muhyul, knowing about the existence of his son, and that the love of his life and his child are faring on enemy soil. Namso Fortress (their strategic point) on the other hand had been taken over by Byueo (Dojin of course). Far in Byueo, Chulbaso somehow arranges a secret meeting of Lady Yeon and Hye Ap who came to escort them. They decide to leave the capital five nights later on some carnival. King Daeso formally tightens he security around Lady Yeon as she might become the upcoming Queen, once Dojin ascends the throne. Queen Yiji of Gogureo (Muhyul's wife) conspires with the treacherous Cheiftain to not let Yeon Agassi enter Gogureo. As a result, Hye ap and Chulbaso fail to complete their job.

    Baeguk, who was forced to become slave, swears his loyalty to Dojin and joins Byueo to take his revenge on Muhyul. He slays the Gogureyo force on their way to Namso Fortress , proudly confronts King Daeso, who later forgives him on his merit. Defeated Changmunim, returns to the palace only to tell Muhyul about Baeguk's treachery.

    Mahwang and Maro were sent to Byueo on King's order whereupon Mahwang returns with the bad news of HyeAp and Chulbaso and failure of their mission.

    Hye Ap and Chulbaso are held captive at Dojin's. Dojin has strictly ordered his men not to prompt a single word about Yeon's running away incident (Yiji's conspiracy worked). An anguished and annoyed Dojin tragically endured more pain when Yeon Agassi begged him to let go Hodong to his father. Dojin pathetically asked her "who the father is"? This incident only increased his anger towards Muhyul.

    Byueo annually celebrates a ritual in which delegationns of neighbouring countries are invited. Security is maintained and violence is forbidden in the ceremony. Dojin found it to be the best ocassion to invite Muhyul. He literally wanted him to endure the same pain he's been enduring over years.

    Muhyul, now whose all chief officials who knew the truth of Prince Hodong are far away in Byueo. Upon getting the invitation, he reluctantly accepts it. He made a plan no one knew and informed Mahwang and Changmunim (startled to know about the Prince).

    Queen Yiji persuades Muhyul for not attending such a hazardous event. She even prompts about Yeon and Hodong and says that she would do anything to bring them back only if he took back his orders (Bitch). Headstrong Muhyul ignores her words, only letting her to conspire again.

    They leave for Byueo. They are Warmly welcomed by King Daeso and Dojin. Meanwhile, Changmunim and Maro investigate the condition of Dojin's residence. As usual, security is tight. They are amused wether His Majesty even does have a plan.

    In the ceremony, Dojin is declared as Crown Prince. Muhyul sees Yeon Agassi, and yes, his baby Prince Hodong. The baby runs to Dojin and he holds him like a father would do.

    Muhyul is enraged but keeps calm. He sends a mysterious poison to Changmunim with a small message. The next morning Muhyul goes to meet Dojin.

    He congratulates Dojin for his achievement and praises him to be his real opponent, not forgetting the beautiful past they held together. Dojin smiles and replies that he would never let anything come to his way on the welfare of Byueo and that his past is now a burden to him. Muhyul thereby gives an offer that he would release all Byueo war prisioners and higher officials only if he released his friends. Dojin smiles and says that its of no concern to him wether they (Byueo's war prisioners) live or die, but if they are left alive he would surely come to their rescue later.

    Muhyul turns back, seeing refusal on his face. Dojin stops him saying "why? Why don't you speak the true reason you came here and endured such a hazardous trip? Its because of Yeon Agassi and Hodong that you are

    The episode ends with a headstrong Muhyul staring back with a glazing charm on his face and a burning rage in his eyes.
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