The Knick

Season 2 Episode 9

Do You Remember Moon Flower?

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2015 on Cinemax

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  • Eugenics is for morons

    The whole Eugenics premise is flawed. If the "inferior" races really were inferior, they wouldn't need to be kept down. In honest and free competition they would simply be out performed, which would lead to a much more satisfying dominance by the "Superior" race.

    The real reason that some want others kept down is because they are afraid that they are the ones who are inferior and will be out-performed. This is clearly illustrated by the three white doctor's respective attitudes toward their black colleague.

    Thack and Bertie are confident in their own abilities and thus have no problem with being on equal footing with Dr. Edwards, while Dr. Gallinger is well aware of his own shortcomings and is thus

    desperate to do anything, underhanded or otherwise, to improve his standing.

    Nurse Elkins is the greatest. In every way.