The Knick

Season 1 Episode 7

Get the Rope

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2014 on Cinemax



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    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Period Program (One Hour or More).

    • Crew Clarifications and Adds: Michael Polaire (Produced by), Chris Silano (A Camera First Assistant), Steven Search (B Camera First Assistant), LuAnn Claps (Makeup Artist to Mr. Owen), Suzy Mazzarese-Allison (Hairstylist to Mr. Owen), Stanley B. Burns (Medical, Historical & Technical Advisor), Elizabeth A. Burns (Archivist for the Burns Archive), Corey Bayes (Associate Editor), Kathryn Zamora-Benson (Casting Assistant New York), Tim Monich (Dialect Coach for Mr. Owen & Ms. Rylance), Kohli Calhoun (Dialect Coach for Ms. Hewson), Susan J. Wright (Costume Supervisor - Principals), Amy Habecker (Principal Costumer), Susan Antonelli (Principal Costumer), Rudolph Mance (Principal Costumer), Laura McCarthy (Costume Supervisor - Background), Sarah L. Schaub (Background Costumer), Wade Sullivan (Background Costumer), Richard A. Zimmer (Background Costumer), Aaron P. Mastin (Costume Fitter), Tsigie White Robinson (Costume Fitter), Susan Bakula (Costume Shop Head Tailor), Marie Seifts (Costume Shop Tailor), Ashley E. Singer (Milliner/Ager/Dryer), Abby Walton (Costume Coordinator), Gregory Hill (Concept Designer), Eric Fehlberg (Concept Illustrator), Camilla "Coco" Wycoco (Art Department Researcher), Lisa Kent (Second Assistant Set Decorator), Adam Goodnoff-Cernese (On-Set Dresser), Tony Gamiello (On-Set Dresser), Stephanie Abbaspour (Set Decorations Coordinator), Tara Guckeen (Set Decorations Production Assistant), Steve Cascarelli (Second Assistant Props), Alexandra Thiel (Props Production Assistant), Eugene Hitt (Additional Special Effects Technician), Stephanie Pasicov (Co-Key Makeup Artist), Sunday Englis (Co-Key Makeup Artist), Kevin Kirkpatrick (Additional Makeup Effects Artist), Michael Ezell (Special Effects Makeup Project Coordinator), Kelly Golden (Special Effects Makeup Sculpting Dept.), Nick Marra (Special Effects Makeup Sculpting Dept.), Kodai Yoshizawa (Special Effects Makeup Sculpting Dept.), J.D. Bowers (Special Effects Makeup Sculpting Dept.), Joe Gomez (Special Effects Makeup Mold Dept.), Brian A. Jones (Special Effects Makeup Mold Dept.), Jared Guenther (Special Effects Makeup Mold Dept.), Chris Hernandez (Special Effects Makeup Mold Dept.), A.J. Venuto (Special Effects Makeup Mold Dept.), Kayla Jo Holland (Special Effects Makeup Silicon Dept.), Karla Alves (Special Effects Makeup Silicon Dept.), Steve Kuzela (Special Effects Makeup Silicon Dept.), Jenn Rose (Special Effects Makeup Silicon Dept.), Bernard Eichholz (Special Effects Makeup Fabrication), Samantha Breault (Special Effects Makeup Fabrication), Julian Ledger (Special Effects Makeup Paint), Danielle Noe (Special Effects Makeup Hair), Matthew Craig (Best Boy Rigging Gaffer), Mark Stetz (Company Electrics), Joy Weber (Company Electrics), Christopher Weck (Company Electrics), Christopher Studley (Light Console Programmer), Mike Morini (A Dolly Grip), Aaron Randall (B Dolly Grip), Chris DesRochers (Company Grip), Justin LaValley (Company Grip), Nicholas Vaccaro (Key Rigging Grip), Thomas T. Ryan (Rigging Best Boy), Sara Neuffer (On-Set Production Assistant), Rachel Jaros (On-Set Production Assistant), Abigail Hansen (On-Set Production Assistant), Drew Ritson (On-Set Production Assistant), Caroline Weldon (On-Set Production Assistant), Oona Haas (On-Set Production Assistant), Brittany Rostron (Location Coordinator), Jason Keller (II) (Location Intern), Maurier "Mo" Winston (Set Security), Mike Costello (Cast Security), Aaron Padwee (Carpentry Stage Foreman), Robert Vaccariello (Carpentry Location Foreman), Charlie Whitney (Carpentry Mill Foreman), Jonathan Graham (Key Construction Grip), James Brown (Key Construction Grip), Carl Peterson (Best Boy Construction Grip), Spencer Brown (Best Boy Construction Grip), Gary Hildebrand (Key Construction Electrician), Todd Lichtenstein (Best Boy Construction Electrician), Jackie Dickson (Key Shop Production Assistant), Jackson Groom (Key Shop Production Assistant), Dagny Cruz (Shop Production Assistant), Conor Kerwin (Shop Production Assistant), Colin Brantley (Scenic Foreman), Adrian Chester (Industrial Scenic), Ginny Walsh (Head Greens), Richard L. Oeser (Second Greens), Nancy Griffith (Additional Greens), Matthew Monaco (Post-production Accountant), Benjamin Orozco (Second Assistant Accountant), Paul Bischot (Construction Accountant), Cat Henderson (Payroll Assistant), Rebecca Tory (Payroll Clerk), Claire Kenny (Assistant to Mr. Soderbergh), Elaine Mongeon (Assistant to Mr. Jacobs), Ari Lubet (Assistant to Mr. Sugar), Lauren Pratt (Assistant to Mr. Sugar), Nikki Robbins (Assistant to Mr. Jacobs & Mr. Sugar - New York), Joseph Malloch (Assistant to Mr. Polaire), David J. Lamb (Assistant to Mr. Owen), Bobby Finn (Assistant to Mr. Owen), Cari Swanson (Horse & Carriage Coordinator), Rex Peterson (Horse & Carriage Coordinator), Allison Hall (Extras Casting Associate), Jackie Snyder (Extras Casting Associate), Maggie Dubris (Set Medic), Jon Franklin (Set Medic), Mae Sussman (Apprentice Editor), Doug Purver (Visual Effects Designer), Christina Mitrotti (Senior Visual Effects Artist), Tim Lafleur (Visual Effects Assistant) John Pospisil (Special Sound Effects), Dann Fink (Loop Group Coordinator), Bruce Winant (Loop Group Coordinator), Aaron Raff (Lead Digital Artist), Gonzalo Escudero (Visual Effects Production Supervisor), Eloi Bartolomé (Visual Effects Technical Manager - Barcelona), Rubén Sanz (Visual Effects Technical Manager - Madrid), Helen Martí Donoghue (Visual Effects Production Manager), Marie Deleon (Digital Intermediate Producer), Martin Zeichner (Digital Intermediate Colorist), Samantha Uber (Senior Online Editor)

    • Special billing was given to Matt Frewer (and) for this episode.

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