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  • Eugenics is for morons

    The whole Eugenics premise is flawed. If the "inferior" races really were inferior, they wouldn't need to be kept down. In honest and free competition they would simply be out performed, which would lead to a much more satisfying dominance by the "superior" race.

    The real reason that some want others kept down is because they are afraid that they are the ones who are inferior and will be out-performed. This is clearly illustrated by the three white doctor's respective attitudes toward their black colleague.

    Thack and Bertie are confident in their own abilities and thus have no problem with being on equal footing with Dr. Edwards, while Dr. Gallinger is well aware of his own shortcomings and is thus

    desperate to do anything, underhanded or otherwise, to improve his standing.

    Nurse Elkins is the greatest. In every way.
  • Great Cinematography

    Steven Soderbergh is a genius with a camera, and as a teaching tool for cinematography or pointing the camera at events properly, every DP in television should be taking notes at what is quite simply the best cinematography on the medium of television to date.

    In the hands of a lesser director and cinematographer however, I probably wouldn't watch this show just because it's gross, but because the production is so high and Thackery is written with depth and Clive Owen nails his part so well, I'm in. The sets, set decoration, art direction, lighting, and make-up all add to the believability of the time period cohesively bringing the viewer into the story without distraction, which is an amazing feat these days; top of the field. The casting as far as I can tell from the writing of the pilot, has been convincing.

    I find the Dr. Thackery and Dr. House comparisons to simply leap from the page, with the cocaine addiction and vicodin addiction, both hate God for empirical reasons, both are miserable and abrasive to everyone, both are workaholics, both like sluts, both are genius doctors, both are highly immoral and pragmatic, and both lack the ability to interpret the world from a rationalist point of view. House is just funnier! :)

    The music carries the flow of events really well, it's just at times too techno and electric which feels out of place compared to the time period. Using instruments from the time period with the same music would punch it up a bit and connect some scenes a little better, like strings and vocals.

    As for the story of Thackery's quest to increase life expectancy and put up with a hospital staff, I'll have to see how much disgusting blood and guts I can handle before I stop watching. :)

    A solid show!
  • Becoming a nighttime soap opera

    This show started out with such promise. Certainly one of the more interesting medical shows-great cast. Unfortunately in the last few episodes it left its medical roots and became more of an R rated soap opera. Hopefully the writers will get this series back on track.

    First, there was BANSHEE. And now this?? Wow, i'm sold. Forget HBO and SHOWTIME (except for Homeland), Cinemax is where it's at. Fantastic show and like someone else said, I never liked Clive Owen. Maybe because my gf finds him hot, but mostly because he has that Britt flair and can't smile. But i have to admit his performance is brilliant and the show is a meticulous recreation of the turn of the century and you get to learn so much about medicine and the pioneers who got us safer and to live (much) longer during the past 100 years.

    After Banshee this is officially my second favorite show since Breaking Bad. If you love this show i highly suggest you watch this movie called "BOGOWIE" (check it out on imdb), which is about the pioneer surgeon who performed the first cardiac transplant with a surviving patient (who actually outlived the surgeon). He was Polish and this is him on the world renown photo of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC where you see a surgeon after 23 hours spent in OR for a cardiac transplant, that photo by is considered 1 of Nat-Geo's all-time 100 most iconic photos, just enter "nat geo surgeon" in google images, it's the first one that pops up.

    Anyway, back to THE KNICK: you won't be disappointed and that music, though totally anachronistic, will haunt you as you watch the genius of those men who became gods.
  • in my top10 for show of he year

    love this show Clive Owen is brilliant (if he doesn't receive an award for his performance it's a tragedy)

    all of the supporting cast are well placed and i'm ready for season 2 already keep it coming!
  • Great show with a captivating subject

    I was not a huge fan of Clive Owen but he has won me over. He is brilliant. I like nurse Helkins as well, played by Bono's daughter. She does a wonderful job. The show is graphic, but I don't mind. I am fascinated by the procedures & how they came about. So happy to not have lived back then! My only complaint is the over acting of Dr Algernon Edwards. He over does it & it's not believable.
  • Aweing and shocking

    There's a brilliant balance between shock and awe here. They are capturing exploration and discovery of early medicine in a very compelling way along with the horrors (both awful and comical).
  • it's KnICK-ing

    End just when I thought it couldn't get better - it just DiD! It never ceases to amaze me!

    Solid script! Great camera work! Wonderful picture! Memorable acting! There's just no end to the list.

    Finally! A medical drama that doesn't focus on horny doctors and sexy nurses! A medical drama that is more of a sociological study at the turn of the 20th century, that boldly and sincerely depicts an era so far but not so different from ours. It bears no grey zones and that is why you can either love it or hate it.

    The real surgical tool in the show is Soderbergh's inspired direction that is working miracles.

    Definitely a Classic-to-be!

  • Easily the most compelling drama on TV.

    Soderbergh is a f-ing master at work with this series. It's not, as was listed in a review below, the redemption of HBO, but it *is* what puts Cinemax on the map as the newest home for quality original programming (Just a mistake in networks I'm sure, and I agree with their thoughts on the overrated The Leftovers)

    Anyhow, the cinematography and music might be what strike a viewer most during the first episodes, but after you get to episode 4-5-6?? Then you start to realize all the subtlety laid out strings come together to form a delicious dance that is a feast for the eyes, ears and brain. This, as was noted in Rolling Stone, is next-level work. It's more like mini-films than any other Tv show I can ever recall.

    Do yourself a favor and order. Cinemax. I can only think that it's the networks lack of promotion that this show doesn't have more buzz, but regardless, this is without a doubt one of the finest shows to grace the small screen in quite some time.
  • The redemption of HBO

    After the undeniable disappointment of The Leftovers (one of the worst shows I've ever seen) HBO comes up with this soon-to-be classic. A show that reminds me of some other pearls of them like Angels in Amrica, Band of Brothers and, of course, The Sopranos.

    Excelent cinematography, great acting (specially from Clive Owen, a great, great actor) and an astounding recreation of the first years of the last century.

    That's how television is made!
  • Once and done

    I was hoping for a good medical drama like ER in 1900. Instead we get yet another preachy lecture on race. I didn't know that that was a big hue and cry for "diversity" 114 years ago. I'll stop here before we get the obligatory gay character to teach Dr. Thackery more lessons on tolerance and political correcness.