The Knick - Season 1

Cinemax (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Crutchfield
    Episode 10
    In the Season Finale, Thackery becomes increasingly more paranoid and pushes himself to the limit while continuing the blood-transfusion research; and Edwards and Cornelia reach a crossroads. Meanwhile, Barrow gets in deeper with creditors; Lucy seeks help from Bertie; and, with the hospital in the middle of a crisis, Robertson orders a vote.moreless
  • The Golden Lotus
    Episode 9

    Robertson must come up with hush money to cover up a late-night crime at the Knick; a desperate Thackery looks to Lucy to obtain his drugs; and Eleanor's erratic behavior concerns Gallinger.

  • Working Late a Lot
    Episode 8

    A drug-deprived Thackery fears that a prominent inventor-surgeon will overshadow his accomplishments at the upcoming New York Surgical Society event. Meanwhile, Bertie courts Lucy as he fends off his father's demands that he leave the Knick; and staff members go to court to keep Typhoid Mary in quarantine.

  • Get the Rope
    Episode 7

    Racial tensions ramp up on the street and at the Knick when a black man stabs a cop defending his wife; Everett finds a changed operating room on his return to work; and Barrow has concerns about Junia's safety. Meanwhile, Edwards' ingenuity and skills impress Cornelia.

  • 9/19/14

    Thackery and Bertie test a new operating-room procedure; Cornelia is second-guessing her impending nuptials; and Thackery considers a salesman's intriguing pitch. Meanwhile, Everett contemplates how to help Eleanor overcome her grief; and Barrow wheels and deals over some used merchandise.

  • 9/12/14

    Barrow can alleviate a debt if he treats one of Collier's wounded men and also urges Capt. Robertson to buy one of Thomas Edison's new inventions. Meanwhile, Algernon tries a new approach to hernia surgery; the health of Everett and Eleanor's baby worsens; and Sister Harriet and Cleary head to Chinatown.

  • 9/5/14

    During surgery, Thackery's hand is forced by Algernon, which angers Eleanor; a recovering Abigail regrets her involvement with Thackery; and Sister Harriet and Cleary make a couple of deals. Meanwhile, Bertie receives a scolding from his physician father who is unhappy with his son's career path; and Lucy becomes privy to Thackery's secrets.

  • The Busy Flea
    Episode 3

    As Thackery directs Gallinger and Chickering to conduct experiments on pigs, he ponders whether to operate on a former flame. Barrow goes to great lengths to repay an obligation and get back a missing tooth. Edwards takes out his frustrations at a local bar. Robertson's request for administering treatment to a typhoid fever patient are considered at long last.

  • Mr. Paris Shoes
    Episode 2

    Incensed over the problems with the hospital's new electrical system, Thackery instructs hospital superintendent Barrow to get him more cadavers to enable his team to investigate new surgical procedures. As the rate of patient deaths increase, Edwards proffers a technique he learned in France. A typhoid fever epidemic is tackled by Robertson while Thackery confides in Elkins. Edwards figures out another way to carry out his job.

  • Method and Madness
    Episode 1

    With the death of Dr. J.M. Christiansen, Dr. Thackery ascends to the role of chief surgeon. Cornelia Robertson, daughter of the hospital's benefactor, insists that Thackery hire a black assistant chief, Dr. Algernon Edwards. The addition of Dr. Edwards stirs up the hospital staff where he encounters enmity and resentment. His addition the question as to whether the other doctors will accept an African American doctor and if patients will allow him to operate on them, but in the end, the concern is setting breakthroughs in the world of surgery.