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How Long til it's gets cut

How long do you think this one will go?

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    [21]Jan 28, 2007
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    I hope The Knights Of Prosperity and In Case Of Emergency get cut asap. I don't get what ABC likes so much about this type of comedies - they introduced so many of them this year and none of them is really taking off.

    But then again, I'm not a big fan of ABC's entire lineup. Other than Lost (which has been going downhill itself), it seems like it's girly shows all over.
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    AprilFox wrote:

    Knights has been cancelled, according to;_ylt=AgRsGPqI8wpmknH.dWr3.Z76o9EF

    Still not sure if all 13 episodes will air.

    When a show tanks to 2.4 ratings points on a big 3 network - its AXE time! The end wont come a moment too soon for this awful show.    Logues "Grounded for Life" was 100 times better than this train wreck, despite it being a rather ordinary family sitcom that looked an awful lot like "Still Standing" and dozens of other sitcoms.  Hopefully next time around he will be more selective in choosing shows to be in.

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