The Knights of Prosperity

Season 1 Episode 5

Operation: Ralph

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2007 on ABC

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  • A disappointing blessing

    Not their strongest episode. It's always a shame to see a show fall back on one of those unfortunate Misunderstanding Forces Straight Character To Pretend They're Gay In Order To Get What They Want storylines, and I really hated to see this one do it so soon, though I suppose it's good to have gotten it out of the way early on. Operation: Ralph being the first episode in a couple of weeks to not go up against American Idol and also being the first episode so far to be almost completely unfunny was a horrible coincidence and may cost them more than a few viewers. Fortunately ABC hasn't bailed yet and I'm sure we'll get back to the usual hilarity next week.
  • Eugene's manhood takes a hit when he goes out with a butch yet gay Security Guard working for Mick Jagger!

    Last night's ep was even funnier than the previous week's, Rockefeller is a floater with the security firm and ends up doing security for SCREEECH (Dustin Diamond--who does a great PARODY of himself!). Meanwhile he befriends Ralph Gnocci, who is on Jagger's team. Under the premise of a poker game, Ralph gets brought into Glickman's and proceeds to take all the money of all the team, who are all using fake names (Eugene = Bernie, Gourishankar = Mike, Ezperanza = Madonna, Squatch = Lou, Louis = Eugene?!?!?). Well, except for Louis, who passes out under the table after a couple of shots of Tequila!

    I felt a bit of a Grey's Anatomy vibe going on here as some folks wanted to out Ralph at work, something he didn't want. However, we see Eugene is not without compassion, and understands Ralph despite the fact that Eugene is straight, and instead does Ralph a big favor, in order to get the team what they needed--an inside man! While some of the usual homophobic discomfort ensues for Eugene Gurkin, overall he acts decently and with compassion--or as much as we can expect from a Blue Collar New York would-be heist ringleader! And you gotta love the march at the end with all of them in their orange T-shirsts with the pink gay hats" on!!!
  • Let's Spend the Night Together!

    Before I get to this week's "Knights of Prosperty," I like to mention I like performance of Reiko Aylesworth who made her debut in the second epsiode of the series. I hopw she returns. Now this epiosde is about seducing someone, even it means the same sex. Eugene is forced by the knights to date a guy who does security for Mick Jagger. Seducing the man into revealing intro on Jaggar. I gave the epiosde a 7. I hope the series gets better next week. Besides, I'm one of the a few people in this country who is watching this show and not "American Idol."
  • Series becoming less funny...

    This episode confirmed my suspicions that this series has run out of jokes. It started out funny with a great premise, but I think the writers never thought they would make it this far. They have been reduced to bottom barrel gay jokes and its a little sad. The burning coal run last week was also a bit much. The only bright spot for me is Rockefeller Butts. I enjoy his Barry White-like coolness and the weird things he says at very awkward times. I really hope they turn it around and give Mick Jagger what's coming to him LoL!!