The Knights of Prosperity

Season 1 Episode 10

Operation: Rent Money

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2007 on ABC

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  • OPERATION: Burn Off 3 remaining episodes of a doomed series.

    OMG! ABC actually did it... ABC put this horrificly bad, unfunny series back on the airwaves to burn off a few unaired episodes. I was shocked when this appeared on the TV after Belushi's show. To recap, this series has the appallling bad premise of a bunch of losers who try to rob celebrities to open a bar.... would they like their customers stealing from them? Yes, a series that glorifies crime. The most ridiculous aspect of the is show is how the cast, on screen, wears shirts with "Knights of Prosperity" on them. Who came up with that lame idea???

    Anyway, Ray Romano was supposed to rescue this awful show - he was on the first 60 seconds then is never seen again. Im suprised he actually allowed himself to be sucked into this black hole of a show. Romano did this awful stage scene where he was a junkie who killed Hope (a woman). Yep, this series has no Hope! Its was dark joke on the show itself.

    The worst part was the LOST reference. Ugh....... LOST producers should sue ABC for tying this monstrosity to a great show like LOST. Hopefully, ABC will see the error of its ways and this will be the last airing of this nightmare of a show. ABC kills off a promising show like TRAVELER and puts this on? Unreal. ABC.... put this show back in the coffin and bury it, 6 feet deep - and bring back TRAVELER.

    OMG! I spoke too soon, they are airing another episode tonight... such insanity could cause serious damage to the time-space continuum... so if all of a sudden people youve known all your life suddenly cease to exists, youll know why.... it was TKOP.
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