The Knights of Prosperity

Season 1 Episode 2

Operation: Seduce Simone

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2007 on ABC

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  • Rob Mick Jagger, this is their way to do it. This episode could be a 10. The whole show could been a 10, now it isnt.

    The episode starts of perfectly, and it is going flawlessly to they notice that they don’t have the key and that the security instalments are too good for them. Then they have to find away too get the key-digits from the security company, and this get them in some trouble. They find out that this women Simone has the key-digits, but no one of the guys have inferior dating skills so they must train up one of the knights so they can get the code from Simones laptop. Here the show gets very, actually I cant find a word for it, but the best word would be immature and lame, they are trying to be funny and get real good one-liners, but it seems so fake, like they don’t mean what they are saying. The rest of the episode is about seducing Simone and get the key digits, and even if they get the key-digits will the show survive? Why I like this show, and this episode, 7.4 is not so bad but it could have been so much better. But I love the fixation on Mick Jagger, and I love the knights being obsessed by an idea that are going out on rob Mick Jagger. They could have robbed a bank, another famous person or just rob a liquid store. This is why I love the show, they must rob Mick Jagger. Even if it could get so much better, I don’t actually care they must rob him.
  • In order for the guys to get inside Mick's place, they must find a keycard. In this episode they try to seduce a woman who has the card, but don't even get close as none of the guys seem to have great lady skills.

    Crap, crap, crap. That sums up this episode. When I hear commercials about this show on the radio, they make it sound like the funniest show of the's not. I expect this show to be cancelled because I can't see why ABC would want it.

    Anyways, I hardly laughed in this episode. Aside from the stupid Mick Jagger imitations (which yes were horrible), the jokes in the episode ranging from "Pac-Man" to gay jokes were bad.

    In order to hone their seducing skills on Simone, the guys tried picking up chicks as "test subjects" but they all failed miserably. Their pickup lines were beyond horrible and give me a break Louis trying to pick up that large black woman just wasn't funny at all. I guess they were trying to get cheap laughs from laughing at this loser, but I wasn't laughing.

    Well Louis (whose apparently gay) gets Simone to go home with him, but it's only because as she put it, he was lucky and smelled his fake tough punk act a mile away. For me this show is just one of those one time shows that by luck gets on the air gets cancelled and you never hear anything about it again. This episode didn't change my mind on that.
  • Under My Thumb!

    I had to wait for about 25 minuates after Pfesident Bush finished his speech on Iraq. The Knights of Prosperity doesn't care what happens in Iraq, that want to rob Mick Jagger. They got the key, but they don't have the code to actually get in Jagger's apartment. Someone name Simone Cashweel does and one of the will have to seduce her to get the infornation. this isone of the better episodes of the series. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next couple of weeks. If ABC doesn't cancel them first.The Knights of Prosperity wants laugh.
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