The Knights of Prosperity

Season 1 Episode 11

Operation: Steal the Safe

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2007 on ABC

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  • steal the safe

    If only Ray Romano could have been the target for The Knights of Prosperity from the beginning. His appearances on this show saved it from being an absolute train wreck and while some critics complained about his guest spots being demeaning, I think that it was the perfect role for him, to play a rich, but lazy, out of work actor. The Mick Jagger insanity (among other things) ruined the show from the get-go, but let us not kid ourselves, there was slim to none chance of this being a success. But with the Romano storyline, there was that slim chance.
  • Poor Ray Romano, how much did they pay you do this episode? Whatever it was, it wasnt enough.

    I couldnt stand to watch more 2 minutes at a time of this train wreck. But what I did see was an ultra painful performance by Ray Romano who looked like he was saying to himself "Why God why... did I let my agent talk me into this???" He looked annoyed the entire time he was doing the episode (at least what I saw of it). Near the end when he was outside on the street before he got into a cab, he looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but on this show. Romano was great in "Everybody Loves Raymond" - but he made a mistake getting roped into this cancelled show. Ray was rolling his eyes constantly for good reason... he was probably thinking... "I hope ABC doesnt actually put this on the air."

    At least when it ended the wall safe that the cast of loser criminals stole from Romano means theres no longer any reason for him to have been in the last 2 episodes. The only reason I watched even half of it was there was absolutely nothing else on and sometimes when you see a train wreck in progress, its hard to look away. Plus I like Ray Romano so I had to see the low point in his career as to appreciate his other work more.

    In real life there was a story about a ring of thieves stealing from celebrities recently - did they get ideas from this show? Sure celebrities can afford it because insurance pays for the loss - of course everyones insurance rates go up because of it. Stealing is just plain wrong - to glamorize stealing from people who earned their money legally on a TV show almost as bad. It would have been ok if they had people going around taking back ill gotten gain from corporate criminals. The plot was my main problem with this show, the fact it is just not funny was a distant second.