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  • And once again a great show is pulled...

    This happens over and over... A great show is being pulled because of low ratings... It was underappreciated by most people, and I do not think it was given a decent chance..

    I enjoyed this show, and the crew cracked me up with their different personalities, especially Rockefeller, Louis and Gary.. The story looked quite ridiculous at first, but it worked very well through all the episodes. I hope another network will pick this show up, because we need some good comedy after the Friends era... I just dont get my hopes up, because I have been disappointed in the past...
  • Group of guys decide to a celebrity in New York

    This show was absolutely amazing. The first time I watched it, I loved it. The plot and characters were funny and original. This show made me love wednesdays. When I heard that this show was getting cancelled, I was extremely upset. The show has been off for over a year and I still consider it one of my favorite shows. I loved every episode (though there were only 12). If abc would decide to bring it out on dvd, I would give them a hug and a cookie. I honestly miss this show very much.
    And I wish it wouldn't have gotten cancelled.
    I have yet to watch American Idol since then (it was on at the same time and I assume most people were watching it instead of The Knights).

    ABC did not give this show enough of a chance.
    Highly underrated.
  • The best show's ever epitaph and little about friendship.

    It is sad that this exremly enjoyable show is coming to a sad end in two weeks. I have fallen in love from the very first sight. Through whole 9 episodes made me lough, giggle, once I've even chocked to death. It's power lies in showing ordinary people trying in the enjoyable way - no matter what they were doing - they were trying. How many of us don't have the power to try? Or we just don't want to do something. The characters of the show were trying to make a change in their sad lives and through it they've gained real power - real friends. The show showed me that we are realy lonely in our lives and untill we make a stand to do something with it we will be lonely forever. Even if we have hundreds of people by our side and we do nothing to them they won't be our true friends -they will be only our followers, people who realy don't like us but only sees in us the way to achieve their own goals. True friendship comes from trying and sacrifices (like Eugene done it for Esperanza).
    And all of you flamers who gave this show score "1" din't learned from it at all. You saw only people trying to rob somebody and I see people who were trying to learn us how to build. To build a true frendship aroun the idea - no matter how crazy it is - it worth to try.

    Goodby Knights, I'll miss you.
  • this show is horrible, I just can't make it through an etire episode.

    Donal Logue is horrible, just like he was on that grounded for life show, the only time he has been funny was the short skits of Jimmy the cab driver or whatever he was called, those were kind of funny. I think he might be good on a skit show or something like that but not on a sit-com. I don't think the writing is all that good either. I personally made it a good portion of the show and then I finally said "OK I'm done" I had never even made it that long before, that's how much I dislike this show. ABC should take it of the air because even they have better shows than this they can put on.
  • Inspired by watching the rich excesses of Mick Jagger on reality TV, Eugene Gurkin (Logue) recruits accomplices (an unlikely yet effective gestalt) to help rob the star. Sort of an "'Oceans 11' (etc) meets the characters of Westlake's Dortmunder Gang."

    Online preview clips prior to the airing of the first episode already had me in stitches. Each week of its short run, Knights had me laughing so hard I'd have to rush to the bathroom to relieve myself during breaks. This was one of my favorite new shows ever in a long time. I truly miss it and can't understand why a great, well-written show with such a terrific cast as this one ended up being canned. Seeing guest star Mick Jagger having such unbridled fun at his own expense in the premiere was icing on an already delicious comedy cake.
  • this show was the best show on abc is that saying much?

    the knight of prosperity was a very dif idea for a show a group of middle lower class people want to live the good life so they plan on robbing mick jagger great idea for a show rite of course but of course things go wrong then they want to rob kelly ripa and ray romano(which they never aired) but the show was short lived which i hated cause this show was great made me laugh out loud and it was very intresting alot better than in case of emergency which was a decent show but i though was no were near as good as the knight they had a funny theme song a great cast and a terrible channel to put it on i would have rather seen it on comedy central then it would have had a chance
  • Great show an I love it so funny and cool. I like all the actors who are great in their role on this show.Trying to steal from Mick Jagger penthouse great rob a celiberty NICE. The Taxi driver he funny,the Itailian guy so slick,Rockafella the best.

    This the new A-Team for the 2000's But more goffy cast,and a hot chick,Sofia,she's really funny aswell as the male cast.And Mick Jagger makes fun of himself in an episode aswell. Only 13 week show okay I'll deal with it's a cool mini show like Day Break,Big Day ABC keeps making these 13 weeks show why;I don't know buy they're great sometimes.Can't get to attached to these shows they only last a few weeks.I don't think these concept show should that long because TV has change now most show don't last past 5 season not like the old days.ok ok
  • CANCELED! It was a bad premise- six malcontents who decide to get ahead by robbing a famous person's home.

    From the same network that gave us "CRUMBS" about a year ago comes another lousy, would-be sitcom. This program has no redeeming qualities and why the network ever decided to run it is beyond me.

    Where is the appeal in watching people plot to rob a rock star - or anyone for that matter? Not funny, not entertaining, not worth watching.

    JUNK TV.
  • I wish I had something better to say . . .

    But I can't. This show was not all a comedy should be. I appreciate that the creators were trying something new-something without a laugh track and more of a gimmick type comedy, but this show isn't very funny. To me it feels more like a C movie that has no end. It's not particularly bad in one way, I just don't think any of it works.
  • I love it but you ethier love it or hate it.

    This is a great show. I have to say it has that stupid comedey to it. Like not Andy Milionkis stupid just stupid comedey that makes it funny. I like this show but it's a show you love it or hate it. Great actors but 1 I am not familar with. Donal Logue is pretty good here but not his best. It's a shame this was supposely canceled before it aired but we are working on bring it back hopefully. This is a good show and i think deserves some credit for trying. It has a potential to be a very good show and I mean very good. But for now it't good or great.
  • 6 people with undesirable lives and bad jobs scheme to reach their dreams by robbing Mick Jagger. The plan was inspired by an E! documentary of Mick Jagger's home. An original show with horrible execution, and little incentive for continued viewing.

    I am stunned by how many reviewers so far have deemed this show hilarious or worth watching. I TiVo'd this show's pilot and watched it right before I watched another new show, "In Case of Emergency." The immediate comparison did not hold up well. I wanted to like "Knights of Prosperity." The premise is over-the-top and unlikely, but the issue of wanting to better one's life is certainly relateable. Donal Logue tends to keep me amused, even if his shows and movies are subpar, but I could not get over the overacting, and plot devices littered throughout the show's pilot.

    The lead character is quite delusional. While I figure the intention was to make him seem hopeful and charming, it just grated on me. It's bad when you're watching a show and think you're being taken for a really silly ride basically because the main character is being irrational and ridiculous. The story moves forward with one random occurence after another as if the writers simply just came up with a bunch of unrelated plot developments and squeezed them all in to see how silly (and presumably funny) they could make the show. As a result, much of the characters' good fortune could be chalked up to luck. I imagine that will be the status quo for the whole show, which unfortunately seems to really just revolve around robbing Mick Jagger. Subplots may include fleshing the backstories of the other 5 characters (something that was briefly touched upon when they were each respectively accepting to be in on the caper), and perhaps the obligatory hackneyed love story between the male and female leads.

    The only really humorous moment for me was the setup for future episodes at the end of the show depicting Mick walking through several levels of security in his home.

    "Uh oh! Our cast is in for a surprise!"

    Unfortunately, I won't be around to see it. Not if every plot depends on the cast making illogical decisions and getting lucky. Like I said, I wanted to like the show, but this is just poorly written. I could forgive large amounts of suspension of disbelief, but it was combined with bad acting, bad dialogue, and just bad humor -- and that just doesn't do it for me.
  • I did not like any of the characters in this show. I only know one - Donal Logue. I didn't like the chemistry of any of the characters - it was a total mismatch of characters.

    I usually watch a show called Bones but wanted to check out this new comedy but did not like it one bit. The wasn't even funny. It was actually boring, I actually do not know how I made it through to the end of the show but somehow I did. I found there was really no chemistry with any of the characters on the show. I, however, liked Donal Logue in Grounded for life but did not like his character in this show.

    I am definitely going back to my original show next week.
  • Hilarious

    its been a long time since i watched a comedy show that actually made me laugh ..this show..did its funny as hell .. if you ever had a bad day need a good laugh to make you feel better this is the show for you i especially like maz jobrani who plays gary he's hilarious i love him "shock the monkey" lol..loved that one .. and the concept that the whole show revolves around robbing mick jagger now thats new ..cheers to the creators of this show i hope you're making lots of money for it..coz its sure worth it :P
  • ...This show is innovative, genius and FUNNY ! The entire cast is fantastic - especially Kevin Michael Richardson " the 300 lb black dude" ! This ensemble in this kind of setting (New York City) is sure to be a hit with its retro yet modern attitude !

    ...This show is innovative, genius and FUNNY ! The entire cast is fantastic - especially Kevin Michael Richardson as "Rockefeller - the 300 lb black dude"! This ensemble in this kind of setting (New York City) playing off each others differences is such a refreshing change from the same ol' family/friends on a couch stuff we've been overexposed to on network TV. Plus, the 70's feel to the MUSIC & TEXT is groovy man. The look of this show makes you feel like your watching a gritty crime film or something which further draws viewers into the action. The ONGOING story of "robbing Mick Jagger" is pretty cool too, but just the fact that they stagger a story of the disenfranchised trying to get ahead in life has certainly got to jive with everyday people particularly fans of Seinfeld, Friends and Cheers. I hope it can continue to evolve so the cast can gel even more and the plots can expand beyond Mick Jagger and the show explodes into the mainstream where it belongs !
  • This is definetly the funniest show on televison right now. The culturally disverse group of average Joe Blows has something that everyone can relate to "The Love of Money".

    I love this show, it is so orignal. The appearance of top name entertainers like Mick Jagger makes me come back each week to see who will be the next guest appearance.

    The cast is so culturally diverse unliike any other show on television. And the fact that they all team up and forget their differences for the love of money is unique.

    I really like Roosevelt's character because of his deep voice and short, subtle and funny comments he interjects.

    I also keep coming back each week to see if this team gets the money and to see what will they do next. This show keeps my attention and is hilarious.
  • I laugh every five seconds

    This show always makes me laugh. The writing of this show is fantastic and the actors who play these off the wall characters should be praised. I do not know how they can keep a straight face during most of the scenes. I planned on watching this show because of Mick Jagger's involvement with the show. I thought I should give it a chance. I did not expect it to have such an impact on me. I laugh so hard I cry. This is a a really good show and people should watch it. I like the way these people come together to rob Mick Jagger and they cannot make it work.
  • very funny, excellent cast. concept is a bit sketchy, but still seems more likely than survivor

    half of the "knights" are funny enough to star in their own shows, and provide wonderful interactions. Mick Jagger was probably not the wisest of choices for initial target, but if the show sticks around, maybe we'll get to cackle uproariously at Rockefeller Butts outsmarting Paris Hilton.... we can only hope. people have complained of a "sketchy" concept, but M*A*S*H was about soldiers in 'Nam (oops, sorry, i mean Korea) and was one of the longest running comedies ever. (don't even get me started on Seinfeld....) if the writers develop the characters personalties a bit more, and they move on to a celebrity that viewers would actually like to see robbed (or would like to rob themselves...) we could have another Friends on our hands. my fingers are crossed.
  • My husband and I very much enjoy the "silly" humor of this show. The characters are well developed. A delightful show to watch!

    Every show is just as much fun as the last. The writing is very clever. Not corny, but really clever. The characters are very likeable. My personal favorite is the big black guy. His expressions are great. Love him chomping on that cigar. His goofy looking sweat suits add to his charm. He's just a really lovable guy. Hope my husband doesn't get jealous!!! Keep up the good writing. I'm just dying to find out what is going to happen next on the show!!
  • I love this show -its silly & funny. I like the cast and characters. Its so NYC - anything & everything can & does happen there.

    Anyone who has ever spent time in NYC knows that it is not only a melting pot of all cultures but everything imaginable happens in NY all the time. It is the one place where this crazy plot could succeed without anyone even noticing or caring to notice. The characters in this show are each from different ethnic backgrounds but are ONE because of their goal. They know you can remain invisible among the chaos & that all of your dreams can come true in this great city. You can always find someone as stupid or as smart as yourself to join in on your personal crusade in NY.
  • This is a refreshing new comedy! No Laugh tracks either...thank you. The cast is amazing, I love them all, especially Rockefeller Butts! That guy has the cutest dimples. WE are falling off the couch laughing at these characters.

    This show reminds me of the wacky comedic stylings of a great Emmy award winning show that went for 5 years," Get Smart"
    These knuckleheads are determined to rob Mick Jagger, but every week we are at the edge of our seats waiting to see how are they going to get past his outrageous security systems. I am not sure they will, but I dont care. I am more interested in these lovable blue collar hysterically funny characters. This could last as long as MASH did.I predict this will be a hugh hit. Watch,I will not be wrong about this one!
  • Just out of curiousity as to who would create a show like this...

    Guys who dont have money so they decide to turn to a life of crime to steal from someone who does? Most celebrities are overpaid windbags but that doesnt justify stealing from them since dopes willingly pay ridiculous prices to see these people perform. I guess were supposed to think, since its the rich who are being stolen from it doesnt matter.

    And when they have enough money to start their own successful business would they like people ripping them off and stealing from them?

    So where does the series go from here? They just become some kind of crime wave robbing various celebrities? Are we supposed to feel good about this? Maybe if they were stealing back money con artists had ripped off from ordinary people, the concept might work. But this series glorifying crime? Its just not funny.
  • Not perfect, but actually REALLY FINE. Could become one of TV\'s greatest on comedy (at least 2007).

    This show\\\'s got all it takes to become a classic. Great writing, fine acting, awesome cast and well defined characters.
    It\\\'s even got an really well accomplished ambience, which is not that common in comedy.
    I totally recommend it. Just have some patience and it will grow on you.

    Besides, who doesn\\\'t enjoy twenty minutes of Sofía Vergara on his tellevision every now and then? Come on, people, we don\\\'t need another fine show to be cancelled just for kicks! It\\\'s time to stand up for good television and for fnas all over the world. It\\\'s just not fair to keep cancelling perfectly good shows.
  • Knights of Prosperity has potential.

    In the pilot, main character Eugene(Donal Logue) realizes that he doesn't want to die as a janitor. After getting rejected for a loan he decided to rob Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones front man. After getting a rag tag team of friends together, they try that. I think the show has the potential to be really funny. Eugene is basically a loser that is going to keep messing up, but at least a likable loser. There were several amusing scenes where I laughed: Eugene trying to get the loan, they group trying to pick out names for the group, and them actually getting trying to get the key to Jaggers apartment. The pilot tries to give us an over view of the characters and does well enough. I will stick around to see if they can pull it off.
  • Um... what?

    There are still 7 minutes left. Has a show ever been pulled off the air before its first episode was finished airing? This is the first TV show that I have ever seen that I wished had a laugh track... just so that I know when it is supposed to be funny. Well at least my cat is doing funny stuff right now so I can laugh at her, because this show is just bad. *do not read below this line. Apparently I need to write at least 100 words before I can post something... blah blah blah, I'm right at 100. yay

    My friend showed me a leaked copy of the pilot. Super funny and off beat (the creators wrote for letterman if that is any indication). Hopefully abc will be able to promote this show so it stays on the air. I can't wait to see additional episodes. Donal is always great (even when he's not playing in superhero movies - ie blade & ghost rider). I wasn't a huge mick jagger fan but he was really funny in the pilot - especially a scene where he is kicking soccer balls at his houseboy's face. Right on! x x x x
  • Some "average Joe's", led by a blabbling janitor, want to change their life through robbing Mick Jaggers New York apartement. Due to luck and some crazy ideas they are able to keep their plan "alive".

    Well, what could be less funny than this? Hard to find!
    A bunch of sterotypes walks through a story with a far from realistic plot, talking dialouges without any fun or jokes!
    But this are only my minor problems with this show. The main question is: How will they keep the story alive for a whole season or more? The way the story is unfolded through the pilot offers more and more difficulties for gang. The way they handeld the problems in the pilot make you think, that they need even more luck than they had in the pilot. Probably this is a good idea for a movie, but a comedy show in 24 or some episodes? Make it an "Ocean eleven" parody add a few good laughs and it'll probably work.
  • Some NYC guys and one hot chick trying to rob Mick Jagged? Steal it from the rich and give it to… themselves? Great! Great! Great!

    Wow, I was quiet surprised, ’cause it was a very entertaining pilot and it really made me laugh. I even thought it was a much better pilot than ‘Earl’ although you can’t really compare. The Cast fits perfectly together, ‘cause I can imagine each character bringing different styles of humour to this show, making it unique and worth watching. I loved Rockefeller, hoping that he gets to say some more words in the next episodes. I just hope that these writers are good at what they’re paid for, or there’ll be a certain danger that the storyline that will totally fill some episodes is becoming a bit too one-dimensional for a second season. Over all, in my opinion it’s the best new comedy we’ve seen this fall and it is really something that shouldn’t be axed too fast.
  • I was browsing around And I said, "Hey, Is That Donal Logue? OMG Yes it is!!"

    It hasn't premiered yet but it will be a new series on the seventeeth of October. I saw the picture on The Axe. I blowed it up to see if the guy second from the right was Donal Logue. Does anyone know Donal Logue? He was from Grounded For Life, which was axed
    :( But he was the father in that show and you can see him on ABC Family! Grounded for Life is on from four to five in the afternoon in Eastern Standard Time. Donal Logue also worked with Megyn Price, Lynsey Barlitson, Jake Burbage, Griffin Frazen and a lot more. I love GROUndED foR Life!
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