The Knights of Prosperity

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • The best show's ever epitaph and little about friendship.

    It is sad that this exremly enjoyable show is coming to a sad end in two weeks. I have fallen in love from the very first sight. Through whole 9 episodes made me lough, giggle, once I've even chocked to death. It's power lies in showing ordinary people trying in the enjoyable way - no matter what they were doing - they were trying. How many of us don't have the power to try? Or we just don't want to do something. The characters of the show were trying to make a change in their sad lives and through it they've gained real power - real friends. The show showed me that we are realy lonely in our lives and untill we make a stand to do something with it we will be lonely forever. Even if we have hundreds of people by our side and we do nothing to them they won't be our true friends -they will be only our followers, people who realy don't like us but only sees in us the way to achieve their own goals. True friendship comes from trying and sacrifices (like Eugene done it for Esperanza).
    And all of you flamers who gave this show score "1" din't learned from it at all. You saw only people trying to rob somebody and I see people who were trying to learn us how to build. To build a true frendship aroun the idea - no matter how crazy it is - it worth to try.

    Goodby Knights, I'll miss you.