The Kumars at No. 42

BBC Two (ended 2006)





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  • Not good. Not Funny

    This simply is a mediocre show. It trys way too hard at trying to be funny but fails, miserably. i would rather lock my self in a steel cage with a starved lion then watch this show ( okay maybe a slight exaggeration)

    This show is highly overrated, and is absolutely yawningly boring. this show maybe original but the comedy is too forced and the acting would probably give an academy award panel a heart attack.

    I had to endure an episode of this rubbish with my cousin who has ver, very bad taste in television programmes. This only deserves to be taken off air completely and blu-tacked onto the wall of shame
  • A very funny show just an instant funny 30 minutes

    The problem with this is not may people appreciate it is very funny and the always host the big stars.the cast is great at thier roals and a good relief from everyday life just great with their indian heritage they are a family with their own talk show.sanjeev the star,the father the producer and the mother and grandmother who are there and they are very funny brilliant watch it once and you'll be hooked!