The Kumars at No. 42 - Season 3

BBC Two (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Jonathan Ross and Tony Adams
    It's the last in the series and the family fear that they won't get another series if this show wasn't good. So after the Jonathan Ross interview (and he told a funny story on how one time he thought he was a Sikh), the Kumars still didn't think it was good enough. So the pressure's on on the Tony Adams interview but they still have doubts. But at the end, when they have a party as it's the last of the series, Sanjeev says he's sure they're get another series.moreless
  • Madness and Leslie Phillips
    Sanjeev is excited that Madness is coming. At the end, Madness play in their living room and Sanjeev tries to join in but get's phased out. So Suggs dances with him in the hallway.
  • Jodie Kidd and Jimi Mistry
  • Eamonn Holmes and Tamzin Outhwaite
    Sanjeev is thinking of getting his own house and Eamonn Holmes encourages it. Eamonn causes a family fued between the Kumars! Obviolously, Sanjeev doesn't do it.
  • Pete Waterman, Samantha Mumba and Gareth Gates
    It's a pop special, seeing as at the end of the show, the Kumars are going to sing with Gareth Gates. So they perform at the end, their Comic relief single, Spirit in the sky where Pete Waterman and Samantha Mumba joins in at the end, dancing.
  • Donny Osmond and Westlife
    The Kumars look for a new band in a Pop idol style way. But the real excitement is behind the appearance of Donny Osmond. The whole family are excited except for Ashwin, who's not interested in the music business. At the end, Donny Osmond and Westlife build Sushila a new wardrobe.moreless
  • Robson Green and Lulu
    Robson Green and Lulu came at the same time so the Kumars pick Lulu to interview first while Sushila locks Robson in her bedroom. Then after the Lulu interview, the Kumars realise they left Robson with Sushila and who knows what she'll do but they were only playing cards.
  • Boy George and June Whitfield
    Madhuri is taking a fast for Ashwin (Indian tradition). But Ashwin is horrified to find that Madhuri is eaten some food. Sanjeev and Ashwin decide to fast but at the end, Madhuri is caught feeding Sanjeev.
  • Shane Richie and Robin Gibb
    Ashwin and Madhuri are having problems. Ashwin is not listening to his wife. Shane Richie tries to help him but it didn't work. At the end, Ashwin and Madhuri have a Jerry Maguire "You had me at hello" scene and get back together. Meanwhile, after Shane Richie used the toilet, it mysteriously blocked up...moreless