The Kumars at No. 42 - Season 4

BBC Two (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Christmas Special 2003
    The Kumars are now being boardcasted in India! So their relatives in India can see the show there. But there is a problem. They going to have to show all the crap presents they send on the show to show they "like" them. So through the show, the Kumars hold up gifts to show to the camera. The Neil Morissey interview goes well, despite Neil almost wanting to give up with the Kumars cheeky questions. But then Sir Cliff Richard comes in and he's going to sing his Christmas single. But the Kumars ask him a favour. If he can sing the 12 days at Christmas in Hindu. But after the interview, Cliff says he doesn't want to do it. So while Cliff performs his single "Santa's list", Sanjeev and Neil Morissey show Hindu subtitles.moreless
  • Cilla Black, Emma Bunton and Leslie Grantham
  • Johnny Vaughan and Sophie Ellis Bextor
  • Lenny Henry and Maureen Lipman
    As big British comedy man, Lenny Henry was going to be on the show, Sanjeev has been practising being a comedian, making bad jokes all over the house. He's also hoping to get an invite to one of Lenny's house parties. He asks him but he obviously refused as you don't see his reaction. Then at the end of the show, Sanjeev says that he'll see Lenny later in the British comedy awards. The family bursted out laughing at the idea of Sanjeev at the awards.moreless
  • Amanda Holden and Rachel Stevens
    Sushila is going to be meeting her childhood sweetheart again. It develops during the episode including Amanda Holden (badly) doing Sushila's make-up. Then he finally arrives with Rachel Stevens' dancers. And he's as old and feeble as she is. Rachel performs her solo single "Sweet dreams, my LA Ex" using toilet paper and the family dance along to the song with also toilet paper. They use Amanda as a maypole. Then when Sushila goes to the toilet, Amanda and Sushila's sweetheart start talking then leave the house with each other. Sushila sees and stands there heartbroken.....with toilet paper.moreless
  • David Dickinson and Patrick Stewart
    Ashwin gets jealous of David Dickinson as he can find cheap bargains better than he can. Sanjeev, a big Trekkie he is, was excited about Patrick Stewart coming to the show and even dressed up as him in Star trek though Sushila told him he hated talking about Star trek but it turns out he doesn't and spent the first half of the interview talking about it.moreless
  • Neil Pearson, Denise Van Outen and Westlife
    The family got really excited about the new series and really felt it was going to be their best series till all 4 of them saw.....crossed slippers. In India, people who look at crossed slippers get a curse and start fearing for the show. Westlife came in, making it a sign of the curse as they had them on before! Then after the Neil Pearson interview, (which they thought went badly), Ashwin tells Sanjeev to tell Westlife they can't perform on the show. So Sanjeev leaves Denise Van Outen to do it, who doesn't do it obviously. Then afterwards, Sanjeev finally tells the band they can't do it. But they did anyway so Madhuri and Sushila put something on them to stop the curse. Then gives them chutney at the end.moreless