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The Killer Has Been Revealed SPOILERS

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    Thats funny...
    come on ya really think they would spill it before it aired? lolol!
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    Please DO NOT post spoilers (or even hearsay) without using the spoiler tag -- otherwise I will have to close the thread.
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    Does anyone else think that Ilene banked on this spinoff so much that they made it seem like Alice (because when Tasha came in to get Alice after Jenny was found dead she said 'I killed her' in her ear), even if what would make more sense is for Jenny to kill herself and Alice to be wrongly convicted or whatever the term is? I just dont think Alice did it because Im almost positve that theres a shot of Sounder barking at something in the pool and there are ripples but you dont see Jenny lying there yet and Alice hadnt even seen much of Jenny beforehand plus she said she wanted to make peace with her for Shanes sake, etc. I think out of all the girls Bettes the only one who COULD be a suspect but I dont even think Bette would do it no matter how much she loved her family being in tact (she knew she was moving to NY soon and getting away from Jenny, she just had to put up with her a few more hours or days or whatever) especially since she kept going on about how bad the railing was. I personally think Jenny did it to herself for so many different reasons. We all know shes fragile, lonely, and self destructive (Bette pointed that out MANY times in her interrogation). In the promos for the episode it said "And one of the friends will TAKE THE FALL" it never said "And one of the friends kills another" or something along those lines. So either they added in Alice's whisper to Tasha to make the spinoff more believable or I heard it wrong (I had to watch it on Youtube since I didnt watch it when it aired so it didnt have closed captioning but Im almost positive thats what she says) so Im going to say, in my mind, Jenny did it herself and Im going to ignore Alices whisper because the spinoff didnt pull through. What do you guys think?
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