The L Word

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2005 on Showtime

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  • People hurting (esp. Bette), people flirting (Dana/Alice)(Tina/Helena(?)). Peeping Toms (Mark and his mate), mesmerized Kit, Shane doing her thing -in more than one way, weird kid Jenny and Tonya shopping (...). Sexy episode!

    I really liked this episode. The whole Dana-Alice storyline is getting better and better: a lot of fun and some nice steamy scenes (hot, but not too raunchy imo). Jenny's thoughts, on the other hand, I didn't find too appealing. Such a weird girl... This show could do without her character, I always find myself going to the loo or getting a drink during her scenes. Nuff said, I guess. Nonetheless, an episode worth watching, even though there are some scenes that I found rather painful. Since I'm rooting for Dana/Alice, Alice's speech at the bachelor party (or bridal shower, I'm not sure what it was exactly; it took place at a strip club -even Dana's mom let her hair down after awhile, quite funny!) was sweet but painful. I really felt for her! Same goes for Bette's speech. The whole Tina/Bette story needs a happy ending soon, but Helena is probably not leaving anytime now. Well, we'll see... As long as the Dana/Alice storyline is gonna continue like it has been going on lately, I'm watching (and drooling hehehe)!