The L Word

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2005 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Opening Teaser: The captioning reads "Sunset Strip – present day". Jenny stands on stage and strips herself naked. As she does so, she has more vivid flashes of the circus memories she's been having. Shane waits outside the strip club for Jenny to leave. As they walk, Shane asks Jenny why she did it. For Jenny it is all about control: she's controlling when she takes off her clothes and it's helping her remember a childhood trauma. She tells Shane that Shane is lucky to be able to remember all the childhood traumas that make her not want to trust people because Jenny can't remember her own. Jenny can't remember if her memory flashes are even real. Shane lets Jenny know that she and their friends will help her. Shane leaves Jenny to take the bus. At the parking garage of Tina's obstetrician, Tina and Bette run into Helena. Helena wants Tina to come to lunch with her because Helena's mother will be there. Bette's miffed that James, her secretary, gave out her schedule. Tina declines Helena's offer and it ticks her off. Alice brings Dana her training gloves as Dana and her trainer do roadwork. Alice almost whines because Dana didn't wake her up when she left. Alice really sounds needy when she asks Dana if she gets a kiss for bringing her gloves. Dana's trainer is unimpressed with Alice's behavior. Dana assures her that Alice really loves her. Bette and Tina stare at the box with the birthing tank. Neither of them is mechanically inclined. Bette's determined to do it as a matter of pride, though. Tina says she knows some lesbians who could put it together. Bette asks, "Like carpenters?", but she's smiling. Tina smiles and says, "That was a throwback." They discuss who's coming to Melvin's memorial. Kit appears to have broken up with Benjamin. When Tina marvels that she's having a home birth, Bette says she's glad the doctor thinks it's safe. Tina replies that she wants to have her baby at home and Bette thinks she means at her apartment. Finally Tina spells it out: she wants to move back home with Bette. Helena meets her mother for lunch. Already seated are her children and Winnie. Helena takes the scene in, kisses her children and turns to leave, but her mother calls to her, stopping her short. She's ordered to sit down. Peggy wants Helena to stop making things difficult for Winnie and the children. Helena has a few too many unresolved childhood issues for that. Peggy tells Helena to save her childhood issues for her shrink – not the one suing her, of course. Peggy then tells Helena that Winnie and her children are getting Helena's condo in New York and that Helena is not going to make her lose touch with her grandchildren. Everyone is at Melvin's memorial service. We see pictures of him as a young man. Kit's son David sits with her. After the service, Gloria Steinem tells Kit what a great man her father was. We see a picture of a younger Melvin and Gloria Steinem, and also one with Bill Clinton. After the service, everyone goes to The Planet, and Dana and Lara strike up a conversation. Alice watches as they talk and semi-flirt with each other. When Dana remarks that Lara looks cute doing her job, they resolve not to go there. Lara laughs and tells Dana she's also very cute. Alice doesn't like what she's seeing. When Dana returns, Alice asks Dana to move in with her and Dana's surprised. Alice wonders if Dana's having doubts about them, but Dana assures her that's not the issue. Alice then asks if Dana wants to see other people but Dana tells her no to that as well. Bette's talking to Franklin. When she tells him that she'll be back at work on Monday, he gets uncomfortable. After telling her that the board likes the way Leo has handled things in her absence, he explains that the board wants to buy out her contract. In effect, they are firing her. Meanwhile, Mark is offered a job working with the band Betty on what they call "the Gloria project", collecting all Gloria Steinem's words and works. He'll be responsible for taping what she says at the event. Around the table, Gloria and the women talk about feminism and its perceived link with lesbianism. The talk covers bi-sexuality and whether some women are born gay. They all toast to choice and to Melvin. Shane and Carmen arrive at the benefit for the MS Foundation. Shane opens Carmen's car door for her. Carmen says she's not used to being treated like a girl, but Shane wants her to feel special. They walk arm and arm into the theater. Helena is inside, kissing Leigh Ostin. She remarks that Leigh would look good pregnant, and proposes that they have a baby together. Bette interrupts them and wonders if Helena even cared for Tina. Bette blasts Helena for her role in Bette losing her job, but Helena denies any involvement. Helena's mother, Peggy, shows up. She realizes that Bette's Tina and the Tina that Helena was dating is the same woman. Peggy comments on the free sexuality of the Surrealists: at least all that angst the Surrealists went through make great art. Peggy then hopes that Bette, Tina, and Helena write "fabulous, sick, neurotic love poetry to each other". Carmen finds Bette to tell her that Tina's still in the bathroom and needs her. Bette walks in the bathroom to find that Tina's water has broken. Carmen tells Kit that Bette and Tina had to leave because Tina's water just broke. The benefit has Heart and Betty as performers. During the performance, Shane asks Carmen if she wants to come over later on. Alice quizzes Dana what she meant by it being too fast for them to move in together. She reminds Dana that she and Tonya moved in together after two days. Dana replies that was one of the problems with their relationship. Dana says she likes Alice, their relationship, and the way things are going. Alice focuses in on the 'like' part. Dana says that Alice freaked her out a few nights ago; she picked up on how her dinner with Lara made Alice a little crazy. Tina and Bette are at their home, with the midwife. Bette helps Tina get into the birthing tank. As Dana and Alice are leaving the benefit, Dana keeps telling Alice that she's sorry. She was just telling her how she feels. Alice realizes that she is turning into someone who she can't stand. She and Dana both realize that they no longer can call their best friend to discuss what's going on because they are now involved. Bette is in the birthing tank with Tina. The midwife tells her to see if she can already feel anything. Bette reaches out and says she feels something. The midwife takes a look and says that "the baby's head is right there"; it's getting ready to join them. Shane and Carmen are at Shane's house, having wine. Carmen gets nervous and turns to leave, but Shane stops her. They embrace and Shane tells Carmen that she doesn't want her to go. They kiss, from the patio, through the house to Shane's room. The midwife realizes that something is wrong with the baby, and Tina is going to have to go to the hospital. Shane and Carmen make love. Afterwards, Shane tells Carmen that she loves her. Jenny walks down the street and sits at a bus stop. She gets on the bus and sits next to a little girl; the little girl is Jenny herself. She flashes back to the memory: apparently she was attacked by some boys when she was a child at the circus. Her dream state ends and she's on a real bus. Bette and Tina are in an ambulance. At the hospital, Tina delivers her baby. Bette cuts the umbilical cord. Tina tells Bette that she wants to name the baby Angelica, then passes out. Jenny sits in her tub, dumping water on her head. She gets out to get a razor. Shane and Carmen are on their way to the hospital, when Shane hears Jenny crying. Shane goes into the bathroom and sees that Jenny is slicing her thigh with the razor blade. Shane hugs Jenny and promises that they will get her help. She then tells her that Tina had her baby. At the hospital, Bette is sitting in a rocking chair, holding her baby. The whole gang shows up. Tina is still in recovery and hasn't seen her baby. Bette introduces her daughter, Angelica, to everybody. Everyone holds her for a little while. When Bette is holding her again she tells her, "This is your family".
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