The L Word

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2005 on Showtime

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  • A horrible end to a horrible season.

    The first season was interesting, but the second season is a horrifying mess. Everything was worse, from the hideous theme song (Which is inexplicably and irritatingly blasted at random points during some of the episodes) to the teasers (which changed from interesting historical pieces that had a bearing on the episode into pointless wastes of time)

    Add in a multitude of other sins - misuse of talented performers, plots drawn out way, way too long...and flat, boring resolutions when they are resolved, stock, serious amounts of man-hate, a conscious effort to make the sex scenes as unappealing to watch as possible, and the laughably amateurish "performance art" pieces leading up to the big finale...the predictable "Jenny is a dyke because she was raped" hetero fantasy...and of course she starts cutting herself due to the "repressed memories". They seemed to have completely forgotten what worked in the first season, and gave a boring, hackneyed collection of stereotypes and het fantasies. Lame.
  • A poor episode to close the season.

    First of all, I love this show. I keep finding stuff I hate, sometimes the directing, others the editing, others something else, but I can\'t stop watching it.
    Having said that, I found this episode really poor overall. What made me dislike it: the lesbian/feminist gathering after the funeral felt like I was reading the \"feminist\" definition out of some dictionary, but with lousy acting. I also find it stupid when bands play on TV shows, it says \"MONEY\" everywhere...
    But to me, what was really silly was when Jenny cut herself. Despite the fact that it\'s a complete cliché (I don\'t mind that), it was trivialized when, after Shane finds her, the whole thing changes to something like \"Ok, you need help, now put some pants on and come with us to the hospital. NOT to take care of you, but to see the baby!\"
    And finally, Kit says \"You\'re going to have a very interesting life, because we are very interesting people!\" to the newborn baby. This bugs me for two reasons: first of all, I KNOW the characters are interesting (or at least, they are supposed to be), otherwise I wouldn\'t be watching this. Second, it feels like the 1000th nail they drove through the you-should-be-a-lesbian/feminist-Wall.
  • great ending for the season

    I just want to say its a nice ending for the season, bette and tina finally had their child..I hope bette and tina will stay together until the last season of the show, I like their relationship. It moves me. Finally shane meets her a special person in her life. Can't wait for the next season, especially abt bette and tina.
  • Hallo Everybody: I just want to say that this episode is really excitting, and made me cry a lot, is so terrific....

    Well.... Apart of my opinion just wanna say that Mia Kirshner did a great job in this episode, Jenny...feels very frustred about her childhood, it describes a person who has first a normal heterosexual life and was engaged with Tim, but suddenly, with the apparence of Marina in her life she begon to likes and experiment other kind of love, the lesbian love, and has a lot frustrations and finally she discovered that she likes women too. After her break with Carmen (her last girlfriend) but also gf of Shanne. She becomes to get depresse too depresse and feel that she can\'t take anymore, that\'s why she begon to cut herself in the bathroom , and come the frustrations when she was still young, and she try to work it out with this.

    About Tina and Bette, it\'s so great that they could finally have a baby together and be a couple again!

    Guys, it\'s a great episode, you have to see it and to give me the reason. I love this program

  • Worth watching. Spoilers ahead.

    This episode sums a lot of things up - apart from why Jenny has those annoying flashbacks.

    It's the time for Bett and Kit's father's funeral, and a group discussion about feminism. At the funeral, we see Alice getting slightly jealous over Dana talking to another girl. It seems as if Al wants to move faster than Dana wants to. Could cracks already be showing in their relationship?

    We finally get to see Shane showing her vulnerable side. She finally admits her love for Carman. Hurrah! About time.

    The Jenny mystery is still there. Much to my disappointment, Jenny is still there. At one point in the epsidoe, you see her happily dancing/singing along to a band. Throughout the song, you see her mood get worse. Then she goes home, gets in the bath, and pours water over her head. Next, you see her getting a blade out and cutting her legs.

    I thought I'd missed why Jenny got so depressed, but I think it's one of those things that you have to work out. Or one of those things that you have to accept as being a waste of time in an epsiode.

    Bett and Tina have their baby, which is passed around the group of friends like a bong. Good scene, until Jenny comes out with a crap line.. which you just knew was gonna come out.

    There isn't a cliffhanger to be answered next season, but it'll be interesting to see what happens next.