The L Word

Season 4 Episode 9

Lacy Lilting Lyrics

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Terrible.

    Absolutely hated this episode. The season has been great, and the last three episodes in particular were fabulous...and then this Worst. Episode. Ever.

    The writing was terrible, the acting was terrible, everything was terrible.

    The ONLY good bits in it were the ending (Go Alice!) and a couple of little scenes with Bette/Jodi (which weren't as good as they'd have been had they been surrounded and supported by a wholly good episode).

    Kate's grief did nothing for me, which is a shame as I've been enjoying Shane much more this season. Shelley's acting was very caricatured. Angus and Kit were boring. Leonard and Phyllis were as terrible as always. Jenny was...Jenny. Tina was Jenny's b****. Tasha is losing some of what made her appealing. Alice was given such a dumbed-down part. Bette and Jodi were boring and Bette OTT.

    All in all, it was terrible
  • There's a party over in Alice's bed, and everyone wants to come. Crowded as it gets, we still get to see in many instances: This is what Alone looks like…

    There's a party over in Alice's bed, and everyone wants to come. Crowded as it gets, we still get to see in many instances: This is what Alone looks like…

    Bette plays hard and wounded with Jodi after witnessing Jodi & Amy in what seemed intimate, but innocent enough street scene. Ahh, nothing like a little jealousy to mess up your whole day. (and make you behave like a dismissive b*tch at company meetings. This is what alone looks like.

    Over at the party bed, Alice comments on the unhealthy, unstable sound of Helena's relationship to Katherine: traveling abroad to gamble and getting none of the goods! Sprung! they say. And what is Katherine doing with all that money anyway? Gee, Helena really needs the money, even though she's living off of Katherine's largesse. I tell you, the girl's been hit with the StupidStick. But, Oh, the irony of the formerly unhinged giving good solid advice to the lovelorn.

    Poor, betrayed, and befuddled Leonard Kroll , Phyllis' husband shows up for the party, wondering how Alice managed to flip Phyllis with her 'life altering' sex whammy, and learns from the girls that "it's not about sex'; "it's not about mechanics"; "it's not about Alice". And even though Phyllis, who later joins the party, tells him, "if I were ever going to be with a man again, it would be you", one look at Leonard's face tells you this is not enough. This is what Alone looks like.

    Gabe shows up to take Shane's lil bro' away, pulling the "I'm his Dad…you're in the system" card. At this point, Shane completely folds, nay, crumples before his mighty Dad act. And we see: This is what Alone looks like.

    Max has been outed at work and people treat him disrespectfully all around. Worse news, his mom dies and his sister tells him not to come for the funeral! Too hard on the rest of the family, you see. This is what Alone looks like.

    Angus tries to apologize to Kit, who's in no mood to hear him or accept conciliatory gestures, 'cause she's self-medicating, big time. Angus stands his ground anyway, saying he's standing as long as possible. This is what Alone looks like.

    Jenny and Tina are still shopping the book, trying to find the right director/producer who can bring Jenny's vision to the screen. Thus, they meet with various prominent, though clueless, chuckleheads, and Jenny is feeling very alone. Then, finally, there's a guy who knows a gal who knows just the treatment for Lez Girls: A musical! Jenny happy! And who's the gal who knows how to do it: KarinaMarinaCountessKarina! Sweet synchrony. Ain't life funny like that? So, Jenny? not so alone, but might be heading for confused.

    And at the end of the day, we see that in all the aloneness, sometimes we can reach out to a true friend like Alice, who will stand with us and help us deface private property, not because it'll solve the problem, but just 'cause it'll make us feel better.
  • Shay is leaving and Shane is devestated about it...

    Shane is sooo growing on me more and more! I loved how she took care of her brother and it reall sucks that their stupid father just comes back like that as if nothing ever happened. I mean he left his kid, how can he even think about returning and messing things up just like that again? I'm really sad for Shane. She was so great with the boy!

    I loved how the girls were "in bed" with Phyllis' husband. It was such an unusual picture and it was so funny!
    I'm feeling sorry for Kit and I'm mad at Angus, but I'm worried about him, too. Kit starts drinking again and blames it all on him - which basically is true, but won't make things easier. I just hope he really sticks around like he claims to and then everthing might be okay again. I really don't want Kit "to make the chart", I wouldn't like if she got started on girls, too. Although I like Papi's crush on her :D
  • Papi shows a softer side and Shane loses someone else close to her.

    Well well well, Looks like Papi aint a complete "Playa" afterall, and it looks like the unlikely object of her affections is Kit. I can see where the writers are taking this, but i am not so sure how it is going to turn out. I used to love Kit as a character but now she seems so overtly dramatic. Yeah, so her boyfriend just cheated on her but enough with the "MotheF---in F---" stuff. It makes her look so silly. However, I loved the scene where Papi is being, well, Papi to Kit kinda puts her in her place. I love the looked on Papi's face as she left the room. Dear God, Jenny. She is just getting annoyinger and annoyinger by the minute. I love the little Lez Girls number. And as for Shane, Aaaaaaaaw. Shaye was such a cute kid. The end scene with Alice and Shane was brilliant, I love their dynamic.

    All in all, it was a good episode but not as good as Episode 6 ^_^ Hahaha.
  • the other girls don't make her head spin when they kiss like Bette's does *sigh*

    So I feel really sorry for Bette. I really understood where she was coming from when she was upset at Jodi for “rubbing her face” in her date. She has said numerous times that she didn’t like that Jodi didn’t want to be in a monogamous relationship. It’s bad enough that Jodi talks to Bette about the others she dates, but then she brings one to school. It doesn’t matter at that moment that she had broken up with her girlfriend, because Bette ruined her. She should have not brought Amy to school and just told Bette later that whole heartwarming speech about how her head didn’t spin when others kissed her. She was being so sweet then, it was horrible that she had to say it under those circumstances. I really want to see them work out – they are so hot together.