The L Word

Season 2 Episode 6

Lagrimas de Oro

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2005 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • Highlight below for a spoiler:
      Dana breaks up with Tonya in this episode.

    • Tina moves out of Bette's guest room and into her own apartment.

    • Opening Teaser:
      Los Angeles, California -- Yesterday: Kit is having a coffee with Benjamin Bradshaw. They hit it off and he takes her up to his hotel room.
      The Connection: Infatuated by Benjamin, Kit takes Bette to listen to his seminar, too.

  • Quotes

    • Helena: You know, I was so fucking bored up there. You were the only thing that wasn't boring me to tears. Come on. Let's go for a swim.
      Tina: I don't have a bathing suit.
      Helena: And?

    • Bette: I don't know how you could lie to me for nearly four months. I mean, we were still together... We were a couple, and you were pregnant, and I had no idea.
      Tina: I planned to tell you, and then you fucked off.
      Bette: I fucked up. I did not fuck off. I did not leave; I am still here.

    • Tina: (about Helena) I can't believe she saw me like this.
      Alice: Like what, like a pregnant woman at home doing normal things in her apartment? Like a normal person who doesn't always look like she was dressed personally by Yves St. Laurent?

    • Shane: (re: Alice's script for breaking up with Tonya) It's karmically wrong. It's gonna come back at you if you and Dana wind up together.
      Alice: Alright, Yoda needs to give me some better advice, or Yoda needs to shut the fuck up.

    • (Dana's on the phone with Alice, Tonya is listening in the background.)
      Dana: No, Alice, I haven't told her yet. Stop pressuring me!
      Tonya: Honey, who is that?
      Dana: Huh? My mom. It's my mom... She makes me feel so pressured when she, when she... when she calls me to, um, wish me good luck!

    • (Alice's cell phone rings)
      Alice: Oh God, that's Shane, that means Tonya's coming, so, um...
      Dana: What was your escape plan, Al?!
      Alice: Plan? I did... I didn't really think about that one!

    • Alice: (coming up with things Dana should say to break up with Tonya) How about, "Hi, Tonya, you're a scary robot and I'm not gonna marry you."

    • Charlotte Birch: (to Jenny) You've got to find your own voice, Jenny. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it's not the best form of writing.

    • Carmen: I would make out with a Republican for a million dollars.
      (The girls frown at her.)
      Carmen: What? I think, I think that Republicans can be hot.
      Jenny: Take it back!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Tonya: (to Melissa Rivers) Now, I can't wait to meet your mother.

      Melissa Rivers, who appears in this episode as herself, is the daughter of comedienne Joan Rivers.

    • Tonya: So I'm just going to phone Anna Kournikova and Martina's people...

      Tonya refers to two female tennis stars, Anna Kournikova and (possibly) Martina Navratilova.

    • Shirin Neshat
      Bette visits an art gallery where there is an exhibit called Women of Allah by Shirin Neshat. This is an actual photography exhibit, shot during 1993-97. Shirin Neshat was born in Iran but she migrated to the United States after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. In her photographs she depicts women and their status in the Iranian and Muslim culture. When Bette meets Helena at the gallery, she is looking at a large picture of a veiled woman with scripture all over her face, holding the long barrel of a gun in front of her. The piece is called Rebellious Silence (1994).

    • Title: Lágrimas de Oro
      Lágrimas de Oro is a song by Manu Chao.