The L Word

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2007 on Showtime
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Tina throws a cocktail party to get her gay and straight friends to know each other better. Penniless Helena is looking for a job. Shane takes care of her little brother, Angus' band is on the verge of a breakthrough, and at the art college, Bette's teaching assistant is having feelings for her. Meanwhile, Phyllis attends a ladies-only Texan night at The Planet.moreless

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  • ...

    This episode was nice, quite light. A lot of it was rather predictable before it was spelt out, just from the looks and gestures - like Phyllis falling for Alice for example.

    I enjoyed Shane in this episode, she was so natural when she met Papi - really showed who the bigger of the two was. Plus she's sweet with her half-brother, but why does she stop Jenny swearing around him when she does quite happily?

    I thought we'd get a bit more build-up to Bette and Nadia. It's a shame, IMO, that it has happened so soon. Especially cause I liked Nadia a bit when she first appeared but then she went down in my liking.

    Plus I thought there would be more of a love triangle between B ette, Nadia and heads-will-roll. But it seems the boss is definitely going for Alice. Though we'll probably still have the situation arise - maybe when she's dumped by Alice she'll take her revenge on Bette. I can imagine some sort of blackmail appearing at some point.

    I would have liked to have seen Tina's reaction after the cocktail party. I do think the writing of her's and Bette's break-up and subsequent relationship is very realistic.

    Helena is being written a bit too pathetically currently for my liking, which is a shame, cause I loved her last season.

    Not much to say about Alice in this episode.

    It was sad about Angus. I hope he and Kit stay together, they're such a lovely couple. I always forget that he's Angelica's babysitter, I just think of him as Kit's boyfriend now.

    Surprised Max is getting his own actual storylines.

    Jenny is going down a route I'm not liking. Geesh, she's a writer, she shouldn't be so naive about reviewers. Is she planning to seduce the reviewer's girlfriend or something? Cause that's just ugh.

    Oh, and is Marina going to resurface again??? Or Jenny's girlfriend??? They've both just vanished.moreless
  • So funny and sexy...

    Some of the best and the worst scenes in this episode:

    The FUNNIEST scenes - Alice explaining the roommate rules to Helena. And of course Papi meeting Shane. Very funny. And Phyllis coming to Planet. Heh. The MOST TENSE scene - Bette suprisingly coming to Tina's party. What a tension there!

    The SWEETEST scene - Angus defending Bette by pretending being gay.

    The MOST ANNOYING scene - Max at the pool. Whoa. I really desperately wanted to skip that scene. The HOTTEST scenes - Bette revealing that she preferes women. She was so cute in that scene. And Nadia definately doesn't hesitate what to do next. She just goes for it... ;) AND then she got it. The car scene was so damn sexy.moreless
  • Tina's throwing a party, which doesn't turn out as succesfull as hoped. Shane and Shay getting closer, bonding. Jenny's becoming 'crazy season 2-Jenny' again. And Bette... Bad Bette.

    I really liked this episode. Better than the first two of this season. Loved it when Shane and Papi met. Shane was just so... Shane about it. So cool.

    I think that Shane, Alice and Helena could become a fun trio. I'm not going to compare them to Shane-Alice-Dana because those three together was just... well.. the best, but Helena sometimes is kinda funny and now, when she works for Shane, her clumsy side appears. Which was also one of Dana's :).

    I have to say that I'm not so fond of Phyllis. But how Alice is playing it, is very funny. I like her more and more.

    I feel sorry for Angus. I hope he can make it on his own. Cute band though...

    But I'm actually still waiting for Carmen to appear. At least for a few moments in a few episodes. According to she should've appeared in 'Lassoed' and she's going to appear in 'Lez Girls'. Well about 'Lassoed' they were wrong but I hope she does appear in 'Lez Girls'.moreless
  • Best thing in this episode was the anticipated meeting of Shane and Papi...

    I loved Shane's (non)reaction to Papi. First it's played up with music like from an old western, with film footage to match, and when they're finally face to face, Papi comes up with "You're Shane? But you're just a skinny white girl," to which Shane replies "yeah, I guess I am." And when Alice tries to get Shane to understand the significance of this meeting by stating, "this is Papi, you know, your competition?" Shane just responds with nonchalance - "not sure what we competing for, but you win" and then just walks away. Too funny.

    The rest of the episode was OK - nothing "wow" - I thought the party Tina had was silly. I can't see that she has that many straight "friends" that are that uncomfortable being around lesbians.

    The "Max" story can just go away, in my opinion. The pool scene wss painful. I don't know what Max is thinking, but he's gotta know it's gonna come up, sooner or later, and he'll have to cop to having started life as a "she" with his new girlfriend. Felt bad for Angus - I hope his band goes belly up. Nice friends. I hope he goes solo while his former band goes nowhere, and then they can see what that "old man" can do.

    I like how Shane's trying to do right by Shay. I also like how it seems that Shane's starting to feel affection for the boy (when she's about to leave, and Shay's staying behind with Max, she leans over and kisses his head - very sweet).moreless
  • what was she thinking??

    Hmm…so Jenny is back into full crazy bloom. Screaming to the reporter at 4am at the top of her lungs. Yep – she’s back. So I thought the funniest part was the celebrity guessing game where the line between gay and straight was never as obvious as now. And did you see where Tina was, the gay side. I know she thinks she’s happy, I just don’t see it lasting. She was upset when her boyfriends friends went off on the gay thing. Like it was some disease that she was luck enough to be cured of. I like that Shane is stepping up and trying to do the right thing for Shay. I feel so sorry for Helena, she’s like a fish out of water…I am already tired of Papi. What was Alice thinking taking Bette’s boss out on a date?? More importantly what was Bette thinking hooking up with her grad student?!?moreless
Dallas Roberts

Dallas Roberts

Angus Partridge (Season 3-)

Daniela Sea

Daniela Sea

Moira/Max Sweeney (Season 3-)

Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals

Bette Porter

Katherine Moennig

Katherine Moennig

Shane McCutcheon

Laurel Holloman

Laurel Holloman

Tina Kennard

Leisha Hailey

Leisha Hailey

Alice Pieszecki

Jessica Capshaw

Jessica Capshaw


Guest Star

Chelsea Hobbs

Chelsea Hobbs


Guest Star

Chilton Crane

Chilton Crane


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Steven Eckholdt

Steven Eckholdt


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Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd

Phyllis Kroll

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Preston Cook

Preston Cook


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Opening Teaser:
      In a black-and-white, film noir style scene, Jenny is standing outside a desolate apartment building while slow saxophone jazz plays in the background. She is shouting "Stacey!" up a flight of stairs.
      The connection: Jenny tried to find Stacey Merkin, the Curve magazine reporter who gave her book a bad review. She found one S. Merkin in the phone book but it turned out to be an old Korean lady.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Jenny: Did you read the review?
      Alice: Yes!
      Jenny: It was fundamentally dishonest so...
      Alice: Oh yeah, I mean, yeah...
      Jenny: Terrible!
      Alice: Lesbians, love to eat their own, it's true.

    • Nadia: (re: student/teacher relationships) I know at least 20 that would love to be with you.
      Bette: That's very flattering.
      Nadia: I hate that I'm just one of the pack.

    • Alice: (about Papi) I wasn't sure if I should tell you, but she was with Helena the same day, well, the morning of the night after...
      Jenny: She fucked Helena right after she fucked you? Your roommate? That's so rude.

    • Alice: We never had that roommate rule talk. I'll give you mine. I'll start with me. Um, okay, I feel like this would be the boundary of your space, so anything in your space you're responsible for. And this would be my space, and anything in my space ... is mine! Um, which includes my office space, which I'll just kinda show you where that starts. (rolls Helena out of the way in her office chair) This is my office space, my work space. And I'm tidy. I'm a tidy person, and I like to keep this tidy. But then we have, you know, the kitchen would be our space... kind of spaces. And I feel like the untidy person should abide by the tidy person's rule. So, did you, um, did you have any?
      Helena: Just that my Pratesi sheets, don't put them in the washing machine because...
      Alice: Mm-hmm, we'll talk about that. (mutters) Sheets.

    • Alice: (at Tina's party) Thank god, you're here. We're totally outnumbered.
      Bette: What do you mean?
      Alice: Straight people.
      Bette: Oh, Jesus.

    • Alice: (at Tina's party, they are all standing in a group off to the side) Alright guys, grace period's up... I'm going in.
      Bette: Good luck.

    • Bette: My boss is attracted to you.
      Alice: Really?
      Bette: Yeah, she thinks that you two made a real connection. She says that you made meaningful eye contact with her, is that true?
      Alice: (gasps) She thinks that I flirted with her? (laughs)
      Bette: Alice, this isn't funny.
      Alice: (amused) I know, I know.
      Bette: No, no it's not. She wept in my arms because she's been unhappy for 25 years and now she's been dying to find out what she's been missing and she thinks that you sent her signals.
      Alice: She really thinks that I sent her signals? Really?
      Bette: Yes, and we have to do something about it. (Alice smirks) And we have to let her down easy. Alice, it's not funny.

    • Nadia: (seeing Bette rub her shoulder) Do you have a knot? Do you want me to unlock it?
      Bette: Uh... it... it's OK. No, really, it's fine.
      Nadia: (rubbing Bette's shoulders anyway) Oh, wow. You are really tight. God, do you feel that? It's right there.
      Bette: (whispering) Nadia, please...
      Nadia: Do you want me to find you a body worker? Because, oh my gosh, I have the most amazing Ayurvedic healer, and he, he went so deep--
      Bette: I, uh, I'd prefer a woman.
      (Bette's embarrassed and realizes what she just blurted out.)
      Nadia: (a beat) Well. That can be arranged, Dean Porter.

    • Bette: I just need to find out, uh, what conferences CU has hosted. I know that we did the Global Sustainability last August --
      Nadia: Where Dr. Gorsham sustained multiple hickeys from his two teaching assistants.
      Bette: You mean he slept with both of them?
      Nadia: Don't be shocked. It happens all the time.
      Bette: Well, that doesn't make it acceptable.
      Nadia: No, but we're all adults, Bette. I mean, in a cloistered environment like a university, it would be absurd to think that there weren't relationships between faculty and students.

    • Principal Petersen: Does he have any allergies, any learning disabilities, psychological problems...?
      Shane: (to Shay) Do you?
      (Shay just shrugs.)
      Shane: (to the principal) Nah, doubt it.

    • Jenny: Why are you applying for a job as a receptionist?
      Helena: I would pretty much do any job right now that doesn't involve sex or touching insects.

    • Tina: (regarding Henry's house) Yeah, it's fine. I'd re-model it but I don't live here.
      Bette: (deadpan) Yet.

    • Kit: (to Angus) Come on, butter boy, let's sliiiiide on outta here.

    • Bette: (speaking rapidly with a lowered voice) Girls, girls, OK, here's the deal: Phyllis Kroll, executive vice chancellor of California University, very accomplished, very dignified, very much my boss, I repeat, very much my boss. She's been married 25 years and is now at this relatively late date convinced she's a lesbian and is peeking out of the closet as we speak, so please please please be nice to her and try to talk to her and try not to make her feel like she's the oldest fucking lesbian on the planet. (gets up) Phyllis! Hi, it's good to see you.

    • Alice: Ahh, this ought to be interesting.
      Shane: Hey, hey.
      Papi: You're Shane?
      Shane: (shoots tequila, exhales) Whew! (to Papi) Yeah.
      Papi: You're just a skinny little white girl.
      Shane: (looks down at herself) Oh. Yeah, I guess I am.
      Alice: Shane!
      Shane: What?
      Alice: This is Papi.
      Shane: Who?
      Alice: Papi.
      Shane: So, what?
      Papi: So, I'm your competition.
      Shane: Oh! Oh, okay. Well, I don't know exactly what we're competing for but, uh... You win! Nice to meet 'ya.

    • Brad: Look, I'm not a homophobe, you know what I'm saying? But, uh... Look, if my son came home and he told me that he was gay... I mean, I'm sure I would come around to it but... You know, at first there would be a reaction and... I'm sorry, I'm just trying to be honest here, alright?
      Bette: An honest homophobe, how nice.
      Tina: Bette, don't get into it.
      Bette: No, I... I understand Brad. I mean, you find gay sex repulsive and you don't care about your son's personal happiness as much as you do for your own comfort level. Right?

    • Woman at Party: Your daughter is adorable.
      Bette: (looking at Angelica's picture) Thank you.
      Woman: What would you do if one day she decided to that she wanted to live with her father?
      Tina: We don't call him the father; we call him the donor.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Jenny: (playing Celebrity) I don't know who Terrell Owens is.
      (All the straight people laugh and all the gay people draw blanks.)
      Henry: Football player.
      Tina: Oh.
      Straight Guy: He's the most talented receiver in football.
      Straight Girl: And he appeared with a "Desperate Housewife" in a commercial. She dropped her towel.
      Helena: The desperate... what?

      Terrell Owens is a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. In November 2004, he appeared in a controversial TV skit with actress Nicollette Sheridan of ABC's hit dramedy/soap Desperate Housewives. The FCC received complaints that the commercial was sexually suggestive as it had Ms. Sheridan's on-screen character Edie coming on to Mr. Owens and dropping her towel.

    • A Streetcar Named Desire
      The B&W opening teaser is an homage to the 1951 movie A Streetcar Named Desire. In the movie, the leading male character, Stanley Kowalski (played by Marlon Brando) is screaming "Stella!" to get his wife Stella (Kim Hunter) to come to the window.