The L Word

Season 3 Episode 11

Last Dance

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Um yeah......

    A very poorly done episode.

    First of all...Dana's funeral...

    she was an OUT lesbian. She went public with her Subaru ad, she came out to her parents, and she kissed Lara on public television.

    The comments about how she could have had a man were basically made so the writers could show the girls and the audience in the queer community riled up. Well it worked with this me, but not because I was offened by the comment, I was offenended by the stupidity of this scenario. There is no way that speech would have included that. Everyone knew Dana was gay. But thanks Alice.

    And I completely agree with the previous reviewer, "Max" had no right spreading Dana's ashes. I was angered by that. Dana didn't even like Max. She told me.

    But then, who really does? If there's any hope for season4 he'll be written out in the next episode.

    I'm curious now only to the outcome of Bette and Tina, and Alice and Lara (?!! wtf?

    Shane and Carmen however....I just don't know.

    Love them,

    but I don't know....

    Good finale?? please?

  • Pivotal; finally the writers get back to what made this series shine.

    OK, OK, there's melodrama. We knew that was bound to happen. The funeral scene was merely obligatory. What this episode is really about is pivot, in the proper sense. Every major character is on on the edge of a change here, and it makes for gripping TV. Character send-offs either go really bad, or really well for the fortunes of a show. This one did the right thing: focusing on its true strength: realistic characterization.

    p.s.: I know, Jenny isn't going through any major change in this episode. Jenny isn't a major character anymore. Since season one she's done nothing but bring this show down. It's nice to see the writers are starting to realize this.
  • This could have been the season finale. A literal goodbye for Dana and figurative goodbye for Bette and Tina\'s relationship.

    Kudos to the producers for changing the opening music. The haunting rendition and the shots of Dana was superb.

    The episode opens with a \"family\" memorial service for Dana. I say family since the gals were delegated to the balcony of the church. This shouldn\'t surprise anyone since her mother never accepted the fact Dana was gay.

    She didn\'t even want Alice at the hospital. Why would she change her mind at the memorial?

    Anyone that has ever planned a funeral knows that the key family members can direct the comments of the minister leading the service. I believe the \"could have had a man\" comment by the minister was the result of this.

    The flashbacks of Dana (from the memories of the gals) were great. The showing of her coming out scenerio completed her story very well.

    The other reviewer that commented on Alice playing with the ashes was wrong. She was merely moving the ashes from the coffee cup to the containers for the spreading of them. I did notice that she filled 2 containers. The blue one with no bottom it seemed like after watching all the gals empty it.

    Bette and Tina... what can be said? Will they survive this bump like they have others? Should they?

    And that final scene.....! Wow! Who would a thunk it!?!

  • wonderful episode. it was very sad to see Dana go. she was very popular and also one of my favorites. she was very funny. however it was also enlightening to cast the reality that even someone as young and professionally athletic as dana, it shows anyone

    it does not matter how successful you are in life, or how beautiful, funny, intelligent or well liked you are, you are still not invisible or untouchable by the demons of disease. it was sad to lose Dana, but was very heartwarming to remember her.

    at the funeral the girls were treated coldly. Dana's family (all but her brother) acted like the girls did not even exist in Dana's life, when they were the ones that were there for her every day. My hat is off to Alice; good for her in telling the entire congregation that Dana was gay, and letting them all know the real Dana. She deserved at least that much. Also many kudos to Alice stealing Dana's ashes, smooth move girl!

    At Dana's old summer camp, it was very nice to see all the girls come together to remember Dana. There were a lot of funny memories to remember. It was funny to hear about Shane giving her acid, that whole scene was hilarious. i laughed when Jenny brought up the time those two had "the worst sex" ever. i remembered that, though the scene of those 2 dancing was new.

    Max-well what can i say? i think Max is stuck on himself. He needs a major attitude adjustment, whether he's on hormones or not. I think the way he treats Jenny is bull, and the way he always wants a pity party from everyone is just wrong. I don't see a relationship between he and Jenny lasting too much longer.

    Jenny-not much going on with her character this season. Seeing Tim was a blast from the past, though i thought he was very harsh and treated Jenny like crap. He can take his wife and go back to where he came from, and i can't say that i would sorely miss him if he never made another appearance on the show.

    Bette and Tina-what can i say. i sort of feel bad for Bette. I mean, she cheated on Tina, went through hell and back with the torture of guilt and the punishment of being out of the relationship. Then Tina takes her back, and now she wants to be with men...what is that? Who knows what the future holds for them.

    Helena-what can i say? I feel bad for her this season. She is a total opposite to the complete monster she was in the previous season. I actually grew quite fond of her this season. I think she deserves to be with someone and be happy. I would like to see Dillon come to her senses and get back with Helena.

    Kit and Angus-they seem to be going strong. let's hope it stays that way. There's not much more i can say about those two.

    Shane and Carmen-who would've thought? Shane, probably the last person on the show who would get married, and the least likely to commit in a long term relationship. I think both Shane and Carmen deserve to be happy, but i just hope this marriage is because they are in love, and not justbecause they want their relationship to feel more secure.

    Alice-ok. LARA? Come on Alice what are you thinking?! If these two wind up in a relationship it will only be because of the loss of Dana, and them wanting to be together to feel like they haven't completely lost her. They both want to feel that connection to Dana, but if they do it with each other i fear it will only wind up bad in the end.

    We'll see what the season's last episode has in store. i can't wait to see season four. Does anyone have any idea when season four is supposed to start airing?
  • Very bad episode, ridiculous situations and pointless reactions.

    The beginning takes the straights vs gays to extreme proportions. The funeral, the final speech about Dana by the Christian guy being “she didn’t have a husband but she sure could’ve had one coz she was that great”, this was ridiculous. I guess it could happen though showing it that way and incessantly is very annoying because it makes it look general when this scenario is oh!so surreal!

    Then with the Moira/Max storyline now we get boys vs girls. Again it’s all-true, guys find responsibility works more easily but this all thing sets the bad definition of feminism. And why Moira got to spread Dana’s ashes?

    This all ashes thing was very disturbing! What with Alice stealing them and keeping them in a cup of coffee and them playing with them at home? And then with each person throwing them away. If she had been buried I hardly see them taking each a piece of the corpse. It was disturbing.

    And in the Beth/Tina eternal mayhem now the fight for the baby, when will those two stop screwing things up. I cannot believe such lack of sense. So kudos on the representation of minorities in this episode, the idiots have been represented perfectly.