The L Word

Season 2 Episode 9

Late, Later, Latent

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on Showtime

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  • From now on it's all downhill for Jenny...

    I see this episode as the pinpoint for Jenny's character. Up until now I had liked or tolerated her. She was annoying, but most of the time it was short-lived. However, from here on I start to really dislike her character. This episode is the beginning of her downfall into a character that I can't stand, though there have been hints before. I found nothing redeemable in her this episode at all.
    I'm glad that Mark has finally been found out. However it's also been nice to see his own motives and emotions change over the course of his 'project'. To begin with he merely wanted to exploit the girls, using them to make money. Now, though, he has made friends with them, is psychologically intrigued by Shane and his refused to sell his saucier footage just for funds.
    It was nice to see Tina offering Bette a new chance. However I think that Tina is on shaky ground, as she is raising Bette's hopes whilst still involved in Helena. I don't believe that twisting up their relationships even more will do either of them much good, and I don't think Tina should offer more to Bette before breaking-up from Helena.
    It was good to see Bette being strong with her father. I got the feeling that she wouldn't have stood up for herself and Tina so well before they had broken-up. Her father's hyporcritical behaviour contrasting Benjamin and Tina was well written and acted.
    Dana and Alice were pretty bland, not much to comment on.
    All in all this was mostly just a filler episode, without much new. Just reinstating relations in time for coming changes.
  • Bette and Tina come close, Jenny faces the truth, Dana and Alice discuss on new paths of entertainment.

    I think this has been an exceptionally good episode after some average ones. Bette and Tina had that -much anticipated - intimate encounter, which to be absolutely frank i consider to be one of the best sex scenes in a tv show ever. Absolutely lovely and hot ! The directors just don\'t have to try hard, Bette is all they need on the scene.. :wink:
    Of course the fact that Tina oscillates between her real desire and the life she chooses rationally to live leads her to a funny but bizarre sexual attack to Helena, who just can\'t handle Tina\'s impulsiveness and demands and thankfully leaves. I can\'t stand that woman but i must admit Tina has definately something for \"dominant\" partners.

    Although i don\'t like Mark\'s storyline this season , it had a great impact on Jenny\'s mental and phychological status. The truth is revealed so there opens the road for Jenny to be even more eccentric and \"dark\".

    Alice and Dana remain the funny side of L word.Their problems seem to involve their amusement and how to broaden their sexual experiences and horizons so their scenes are cute and funny.

    It was an interesting and intriguing episode in general, one of the L word best IMO.
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