The L Word

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on Showtime

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  • This episode caused me to write this rant, masquerading as a review. I apologize for the length, and the rantiness.

    Well, I'll come out and say this first of all -

    I watched this episode with a few friends who had never seen an "L Word" episode before, and by the end I was embarrassed for being such an avid fan.

    Last week suffered from poor writing, but I expect that from the dreaded 'ezgirl' menace that has been looming over this show for the last year.

    The writers staff's solution?

    Put her IN the next one! We just can't get enough of this woman!

    Why, why, why, why WHY do they continue to insist on involving Betty and "ezgirl" more than is absolutely necessary?

    The theme song to the show is hokey at best, and if that wasn't enough, members of the band appeared numerous times in throughout season 2. Were any of these appearances clever, insightful, or entertaining? Nope.

    But they're still throwing in 'em in, for what appears to be no apparent reason.

    Why would Kit want to make her music comeback via an extreme association with an unknown, untalented, exclusively lesbian band? (Not that there's anything wrong with lesbian goups. I loves me some Tegan and Sara.)

    Kit deserves better than that, and Angus was right, she should have been singing without the Betty crap in the background.

    BUT enough about them. What else?

    Moira--> Max is basically annoying, especially since as fans we have almost no emotional tie to him.

    Jenny had just about nothing to do.

    Alice and Dana are friends again which is sweet.

    Bette and Tina, our main focus since the Pilot are being brushed aside for the less intriguing Helena / Dylan, Moira stuff.

    Shane and Carmen as well - it was like "WELLlll they gotta do something, how about Carmen has a dream and is pissy and that'll be all they do throughout the hour."

    I'm writing all of this because season 1 of the L Word was SOoo Good. Period. It was different, and clever, and engaging. It kept us on the edge of our seats, every aspect was just phenomenal. By this point, I rejoice if one epsiode doesn't completely dissapoint me.

    If season 4 doesn't have a pretty major turn around, I may give up on this show.

  • ...

    Yet again, another episode that amazed me and delighted me. I think it's fair to say that this show just keeps getting better by the season!

    Obviously, Dana's illness took priority this episode. The writers are handling the subject with such sensitivity and care, they're doing a great job on it. Of course the audience all emphasised with Dana at the surprise shock at the basketball game - the show is managing to show us how the cancer is changing her and hurting her yet allowing us to continue seeing Dana as the strong woman she is.

    Bette and Tina's relationship, or lack of one, is also being written better this season than before IMO. Bette's phonecall to Kit was perfect, and I'm worried about the influence of the homophobic social worker on Tina's decision regarding Angelica!

    I'm unsure of where the show actually stands on the character of Moira/Max. They seem to be trying to make us negative towards him, but then, the comment about the attempted suicide today felt like an effort to introduce compassion into us - it seems they can't make up their minds. Anyway, Max's response at Jenny was totally understandable and appropriate, so I don't know why they brushed that under the carpet and let Jenny have the last word. Also, why do all the summaries mention this charity bash - it was hardly an integral part of the episode!</p> <p>I really enjoyed Kit's song at the end of the program, and the camera's focus on all the changing lives of the various women. That said, I did not see that marriage proposal coming - if their bickering was supposed to be a sign, they should have made that clearer! It was nice to see some vocalists from earlier seasons though.

    It seems strange to me that the show seems to be making Helena the main sexual pull of the show. I guess right now they're just lacking any other relevant characters. I've always liked Helena, but I thought that she was introduced to us as someone who always fell for pregnant, maternal women. Also, wasn't she supposed to be using her wealth to fight for her children? I see the show was conveniently displaced them.

    I'm not really understanding the Shane/Carmen thing. I thought perhaps that they were writing some kind of mental illness into Carmen's character, but then it appeared not. Anyway, hopefully the next episode can clarify what's going on for me.

    All in all, another great episode. I'm a little disappointed that so much screen-time is being used-up on Moria/Max though. And baby Angelica just gets more beautiful all the time! :D
  • Not much happened in here, but it has some nice parts in it.

    Dana finally looses her hair. Hey we’re in a TV show that has to be. Today in reality it doesn’t happen so often anymore. So just enjoy the drama. But then what’s up with Dana’s head? She didn’t really shaved her head, did she? I mean look at her head. I looks like that she’s wearing some kind of plastic over her hair. It looks like she got such a big head this way. Somehow I can’t think that can be real. But hey that’s just a detail.
    Well the picture of her breast really looks horrible, but she had to do it.
    Max is getting weirder and weirder. Seriously. It looks like he got a bit too many hormones, that he’s so aggressive.
    But Jenny’s getting stronger and stronger. She really holds against Max. Something she couldn’t do for two long seasons.
    Helena and her new girlfriend bring it finally to the next level. Something I liked to see. And finally we’re back at Helena’s beautiful house again. OK, we didn’t see that much. But I like the Maybach car. I’m really surprised that the show can afford such a car. The private jet is nice too.
    Carmen and Alice are still having trouble. I hope that they figure it out some time soon.
    Then Kit, I think it was the biggest mistake of her to blow her boyfriend off. I think the really knew what he was doing. But at least the girls see it the right way.

    The scene at the game was nice and I think Dana might finally learn to live with everything. I think Max really is right about what he said.

    Tina and Bette are breaking up completely, I think that there’s no doubt about that. I even think that it might be better that way, especially for the child. Sadly Bette only wants the child, not her mother too. I think that Bette really can’t handle Tina anymore. She lost control and Tina got everything. Job, Baby and maybe soon a new boy or girlfriend...