The L Word

Season 5 Episode 8

Lay Down the Law

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Painful to see the hurt between Bette and Tina because they have to hide their love for one another.

    I had a hard time enjoying this episode because of the hurt I could feel for Bette and Tina. They both know there is something there and just cannot react on it because of hurting Jodi. I do feel they are heading in the right direction by wanting to go see Dan. Jodie seems to be a little nieve about Bette feelings towards Tina. The storyline with Jenny is getting a little boring to me. She seems to be lost and needs her assistant to lead her by the nose and tell her everything to do. Before long the roles will be swithched. I was glad that Tasha stood up for her rights and said what she did. I have a feeling that Alice hit on a sore stop with the prosicuter. She felt very threatened by what Alice said. Maybe she is gay Shane is traveling down unfamilial territory with Molly. I think Shane will have a difficult time controlling the situation. She already is confused about her fellings towards a straight girl. Molly is doing a great job playing her part. Keep it up!! Can't wait til the next episode....
  • The awkwardness between Bette and Tina continues.

    Let me just start out by saying that while I enjoyed this episode, this definitely wasn't the best episode ever of The L Word. This episode just seemed to focus way too much on Tanya's story line for the season which in my opinion hasn't been very interesting this year, so I'm glad that the whole Don't Ask, Don't Tell story line is over. I also didn't find Jenny's story line in this episode all that interesting, but I definitely did feel sorry for her at the end of the episode though. My two favorite things about this episode were definitely the whole Shane and Molly situation and just Shane as a whole in this episode. My second favorite aspect of this episode was all of the Bette & Tina content in this episode, especially the tension between them at Jodi's dinner party. I also thought that Phyllis was funny in this episode, even if what she said about Shane was kind of mean. All in all, this was a pretty good episode, but this definitely wasn't my favorite episode of The L Word.
  • YEA, Tasha! Given a way out of her legal problem with the army, she chose instead to go with her heart! Bette being unreasonable, Kit's reopened the Planet, Molly's being the typical curious straight girl, and actually felt sorry for Jenny.....

    Very interesting way the writers chose to end Tasha's ordeal with the army, since we know it couldn't end the way we'd like it to (Tasha being out as a lesbian, but still able to stay and serve her country, which apparently she's done very well up to this point). I was very curious to see how Alice was going to respond to questions regarding her relationship with Tasha - very nicely done. Instead of lying (which would have been perjury, and just plain awful), she side-stepped the question with indignation over Tasha even having to go through this process when it's obvious that serving her country is her passion. Kelly McG's character, obviously feeling threatened about being outed, gave Alice a message to give to Tasha as a way out, so she'd avoid being thrown out. And did Tasha take that way out? No, she spoke from her heart and professed her love for Alice, thus, of course, being released from her position in the Army. LOVED the scene with Tasha running after Alice and them kissing in the middle of armyland, which some soldiers giving them the thumbs up with a big smile and the majority standing around in shock! Way to go - so happy to see Tasha and Alice back together, which everything out in the open. Only sad part is Tasha does lose what she loved doing, serving her country. Stupid, huh? That our government would rather let a good soldier go.... ah, well. Perhaps the Democrats will change that when they win the next presidential election.

    Whew. For the rest, getting disgusted with Bette. Although from previews for next week, it looks like she may finally have made up her mind and do the right thing, whatever that is. If she and Jodi do break up, I hope they keep Jodi around. She's an interesting character, and I'm thinking they might. Fun scene of her and Shane bike-riding, preparing for the BC ride.

    Jenny - barred from a theatre where they're holding a premiere of a film (I think, that starred Niki) by one of Niki's agents (upset over the press Niki got from Lez Girls and the oil wrestling from last week, they had Niki take a hunky actor as a date instead of Jenny), she texts Niki (I'm outside - they won't let me in - come get me) and waits for an answer that doesn't come. Creepy Aidell says she'll go in and talk to Niki, but ends up staying the entire film, with Jenny still waiting outside. I can't believe she waited the whole time outside. Molly is cute, but she obviously is curious about "the life" but scared to get her toes wet. Fun exchange between Molly and Shane over this subject. Will be interesting to see how far they take this, and how homophobic Molly reacts to it all.

    I was hoping for more Max delving into Aidell's background, but no Max this episode.