The L Word

Season 3 Episode 9

Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2006 on Showtime

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  • A special episode: No breakouts in happiness nor in sadness – it’s depressing, but in a nice melancholic way. I liked it.

    So what’s happening in here?
    So Dana is finally moving on, even it is with Alice. I think that their relationship is a bit destructive for both. It will be hard for both of them, to just stay friends and when something changes, they both can’t handle it.
    Alice will have to give up her live for Dana, otherwise it won’t work. I still think that Lara would be better for Dana, because she was ready to be there 24/7, especially now when Dana is getting worse.
    Max is moving on with her gender change. Kit is getting stronger and stronger, I like that, but it saddens me, that the show didn’t show us her transformation. Her speeches are strong (to Max and her boyfriend)!!
    Max is having more and more issues with her jealousy; I think Jenny will ether change him or leave him.
    Shane and Carmen are in more and more trouble with their relationship. Especially because they have trouble in bed with each other, but the fact that Shane isn’t struggling with Carmen’s family. Their photo shoot is so really funny, but Shane is really making pressure towards Carmen to come out to her family. When she does, it is exactly what we expect.
    The discussion they have afterwards is intense considering the theme of their conversation!
    The little porn movie Helena is making, well I don’t know – her expectations are just too high. This relationship can’t work this way, but we see that it might be something completely different after all…
    I mean it was almost obvious that something was up. That it was just the money, and for such a method – well it surprised me.
    Tina and her handsome Mike get it on pretty quickly. Dinner and as soon as the kids are asleep, they bring it on.
    Meanwhile Bette can’t handle the world anymore… Well it’s quite sad that Bette can’t handle it anymore.

    Well this review is more a summary than a review. I wrote it live, while watching the show. So please don’t blame me. Now the show credits were on, I think that it was a great episode. Well not the outstanding one, because it isn’t happy nor it’s completely sad. It’s somewhere in a grey area. Somehow nothing seems real, but all is. I think it’s a very well written episode, because somehow I knew that I’ve seen such days and times too, where everything is just a grey in grey. Well I sure hope that the show gets some colour back, but for this time it was really nice!
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