The L Word

Season 3 Episode 12

Left Hand of the Goddess

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2006 on Showtime
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Wedding plans occupy the girls, and Shane is reunited with her family. Helena pitches in to have Carmen's family flown to Canada, Jenny and Max drift apart, and Kit has stunning news. Peggy Peabody reconnects with her daughter -- but does it last? Finally, Tina has second thoughts about Angelica's custody arrangements, leading Bette to take desperate measures to be with her daughter.moreless

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  • Season Finale: some good, some bad, some VERY ugly, and of course some nerve-wracking cliffhangers...

    SPOILERS, don't even read a line down if you haven't seen the ep, or just don't care.

    I knew Shane and Carmen wouldn't work out, and it breaks my heart a little. It was even fairly well done, I liked the introduction of Shane's father, and I thought it worked well.

    Poor, poor Carmen. And after her family had accepted her and Shane...I fear Carmen's time on the show may be up, and that we'll be losing her next season. A shame, since she's the only addition to the show since season 2 that I've loved.


    Jenny is such a ho, but I loved her in this episode. And anyone is better than Max.

    Tina is getting really lame. I feel bad harboring disdain for her just because she's in a heteronormative relationship, but it can't be that because I love Kit and Angus. So I'll blame it on Tina being lame.

    Kit is so cute. Ohh Kit.

    As for Alice and Lara, I wish them the best in whatever plotline is in store for them in Season 4. As Alice has been my favorite character since the pilot, I just want to see her happy.

    SO here's to an exciting, dramtic, Max-less, Betty-less (pleeeeeeeease, please please) Season four, with sharp and witty writing, and fresh plotlines for our favorite LA lady lovers.moreless
  • A nice episode, filmed at beautiful locations and the story was finally ok again, but not enough for a good season finale.

    Finally a good episode again, after an indescribable bad one last time!

    Well the trip to Whistler is very nice. I liked that idea. The beautiful landscape pictures even improved that impression. It was nice to see Carmen’s family around! I liked that idea. The thing with Shane’s dad, well I think it was done nice, but absolute unnecessary! Well they needed something obvious for Shane to back out of the wedding, but I would have believed it too, without her dad around. I even think that would have been much better.

    Then Bette: I really liked her for two long season, but now I hate her! She is still self involved and thinks the baby would solve all her problems and is jealous that she doesn’t have a child and a career. I even think that was always the motive to get a child from the beginning, so she could have it. Now she even wants soul custody. How sill she do that? She soon will have a career again too and then there’s no more advantage for her anymore. Now she even kidnapped the child. So she will have no more chance. If the show decides otherwise, I might even stop watching! I have to say I don’t like Tina’s new boyfriend, but still people are free and not some toy in Bette’s world!

    Lara and Alice, the bad idea of the last episode still exists. Well I don’t think that they are a great couple; I just like Lara, so I hope she will be around much longer!

    Max and Jenny won’t last much longer. Max is just too insensible and Jenny is turning into such a stereotype of writer. Ok it’s nice to see her well, but she’s annoying right now.

    The end where Helena looses her money is nice and might show us some nice parts in the future.

    Still best was scenery with the wedding and the location in this episode. So beautiful filmed and built. I liked that. The story was ok, but after all a good episode. Still I hoped for more in the season finale!moreless
  • Fabulous.

    A beautiful episode, both visually and story-wise. Amazing how all the characters are experiencing pivotal change. Alas, except of course for Jenny. I must admit that they almost had me: for awhile there, I really thought that Shane was going to go through with it. Gotta love Eric Roberts; always a charming creep. For the love of all that is good in this series, please kill off Jenny. What a tired, vapid, myopically-minded character. Jenny now ranks as the number two most annoying thing about this show. Number one of course is the 'new' opening; those of us who remember Season One know how much better that one was (and ooh so less campy).

  • Good to c Shane family come out of it finally but a sad way to end a season finale.

    It's painful to see Carmen & Shane didn't end up together. I think the show become really interesting when this couple get together. Think that the producer just run out of idea coz need to stir some thing up to get people interested. "What a sad way to end a season finale" ;-(

    Why don't u just send Jenny out of the show instead of Carmen
  • God - I miss Marina!

    I'm I the only one missing Marina? Things were more exciting with her around. Now it\'s kind of predictable and even a little boring, right? Every now and then something happens that will make your heart beat stronger, but overall - I say it again - I miss Marina desperatly
Dallas Roberts

Dallas Roberts

Angus Partridge (Season 3-)

Daniela Sea

Daniela Sea

Moira/Max Sweeney (Season 3-)

Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals

Bette Porter

Katherine Moennig

Katherine Moennig

Shane McCutcheon

Laurel Holloman

Laurel Holloman

Tina Kennard

Leisha Hailey

Leisha Hailey

Alice Pieszecki

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Gabriel McCutcheon

Guest Star

Holland Taylor

Holland Taylor

Peggy Peabody

Guest Star

Irene Olga Lopez

Irene Olga Lopez

Mercedes (Carmen's Mother)

Guest Star

Lauren Lee Smith

Lauren Lee Smith

Lara Perkins

Recurring Role

Steven Eckholdt

Steven Eckholdt


Recurring Role

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch

Joyce Wischnia

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The Chart: We find out through the branching chart at the very end of the episode that Jenny and Lara are connected through Robin and her ex Claybourne.

    • Opening Teaser:
      Lara comes over to Alice's place and they make out. They have obviously been hooking up for a while.
      The connection (highlight for a spoiler): All the hook-ups in the opening teasers of this season are part of a bigger picture when the intricate web of relationships that is The Chart is revealed. It all comes full circle when Marilyn, the nervous housewife in 1973 in the season premiere, is revealed to be the wedding commissioner who had a passionate affair with Peggy Peabody.

    • This episode takes place 6 weeks after the previous one.

    • Shane finds out she has a half-brother named Shay.

    • Highlight below for a spoiler:
      Kit finds out she's pregnant.

    • Lara tells Alice that she has a younger sister and three brothers.

    • Deleted Scenes

      Scene #1: Jenny and Max have a fight
      Jenny and Max fight at the parking lot after spending a night with Max's co-workers. Jenny doesn't want Max to fraternize with the people who treat women as second-class citizens just for the sake of his job. She refuses to pretend to be someone else because she's worked too hard to get healthy again.

      Scene #2: The ladies take a limo ride
      Carmen and Shane, Alice, and Helena and her mother Peggy are riding in a limo to Canada. Helena is apologetic that her mother wants to come but Peggy explains that she wants to get to know her daughter again by spending time with her. According to some psychologists she has consulted, Helena is a lesbian because she never received her mother's love as a child.

      Scene #3: Max, Jenny and Claude at the Cigar Lounge
      Jenny is spending time with Claude, the French travel writer, smoking cigars, as she tells about the foreign places she's visited. Max shows up and Jenny explains to him that she is gay and misses sleeping with women. She is not asking for Max's permission to have sex with Claude; just telling him beforehand.

      Scene #4: Shane spots Gabriel in the hallway
      Shane emerges from her hotel room just as she spots her father walking down the hallway, carrying a bag. She goes after him.

      Scene #5: Carla and Shane at the bus station
      Shane is sitting at the bus station with Carla, her father's wife, keeping her company as they wait for the bus. Carla says that she always knew Shane's father would leave her one day; she's surprised that he lasted this long. She tells Shane that she's not taking him back anymore. Shane replies that she shouldn't. Then the bus arrives and Carla leaves, leaving Shane standing alone at the station.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Alice: I want to believe my friends. Believe me I do. Because my friend Shane is getting married this weekend. And I wanna believe for Shane, and I wanna believe for all the rest of us who are flailing around in this abyss, trying to feel what we're supposed to feel in order to connect in meaningful ways. I wanna believe that real true connection among human beings is actually possible. And supposedly, marriage can access, I mean, supposedly it improves our moral fiber and all. Which begs the question, I mean, why do these crazy creepy defending-the-family-crusaders" think it's a bad things for gays. Why can't they just wish us well.Hypocrites. Cos we're going to Canada, people, wether you like it or not, to take our best shot at this connection. And if we fail, it is not because we are less wholesome then you are, please, I mean, you guys have been feeling like this miserably since the beginning of the court of history. And if we succeed, and our love connections actually flourish, and there's a little less loneliness in the world, then even I might start believing in miracles.

    • Claude: What is sex then?
      Jenny: Sometimes it's a revelation. Sometimes it's fun. Sometimes it's scary. Sometimes it's tepid.
      Claude: Which is it with your friend? I'm interested, I've never been with a transsexual.
      Jenny: That's a personal question.
      Claude: I only ask questions that are personal. Questions that cannot be answered by a textbook.

    • Jenny: Okay, everyone, we would like to make a toast to our dear friend, Shane.
      Alice: Yes. Shane we have been through a lot together as friends, especially in the last few months.
      Jenny: Shane, a thing you taught us about friendship is how to be fearless. So, thank you very much for convincing me to cut off my lustrious, mink-like, long, long mane as short as humanly possible. (Shane laughs.) And Shane, thank you very much for not making it look like yours.

    • Alice: (toasting Shane at her bachelor party) And Shane, thank you as friend for saving me from going home with that girl that one night, you know the one I'm talking about. And then as a friend taking her home that night for yourself instead. (Everyone laughs.) Thank you.
      Jenny: Shane, only you can make a two-piece pleather outfit look good.
      Alice: At 7:30 in the morning.
      Jenny: Drunk.
      Alice: After a one night stand. (Everyone laughs.) But in all seriousness, you are our best friend.
      Jenny: Shane, you are the most loyal friend I -- and I think that I can speak for the group -- that we have ever met. And you've never left our sides when things have become dark, and I think you've taught the whole group that people's rough edges can be beautiful.

    • Peggy: So, Shane, where is your lovely bride?
      Alice: Peggy, this is Shane's bachelor party, bachelor excluded.
      Peggy: My goodness, I had no idea that you were such role-playing lesbians.

    • Peggy: Sweetheart, sweetheart. I am cutting you off financially. From this moment forth you're going to have to make relationships with people that love you for yourself and not your money.
      Helena: You're not serious.
      Peggy: This is gonna turn your life around, darling. You're such a wonderful girl, such a beautiful girl. You have such a surprisingly kind heart; you need to know that people love you even if you're penniless.

    • Gabe: Wow, getting married, who knew?
      Shane: Not me.

    • Shane: (to Bette and Tina) In any event, I think that kids are a beautiful gift because, I don't know, I mean, I look at that little one (Angelica) and I see the love that you two have for her, and the love that you actually have for each other despite the things that you're going through. I mean, I don't know, it seems that love just doesn't last the way that you hope it will, but if you get through that pain, it can last in ways that are more precious. Maybe... possibly...
      Alice: Hi, Alice, nice to meet you. (Shane laughs)

    • Tina (after going for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage with Angelica): Ah, that was incredible. Did you see her face?
      Bette: I know, so sweet.
      Tina: That was almost as good as her first step.
      Bette: I wouldn't know.

    • Alice: (before going zip-lining) I vow to stop medicating myself with sex and drugs and allow myself to feel again.

    • Gabe: (to Shane, after he picks up a girl in a bar) I'm sorry. I'm not proud of this, it's just who I am. (a beat) And I think you know what I'm talking about.

    • Alice: Jenny, what did you wear when you got married?
      Helena: You were married?
      Jenny: Oh, yes. I wore a beautiful pair of black converse, a great pair of ripped tights with dirt on them, a jean skirt, and the I wore this beautiful old, stained, ripped pink sweatshirt.

    • Alice: Scratch me. Harder!
      Lara: I don't want to hurt you.
      Alice: It's OK. I just wanna feel something.

    • Helena: What is Shane doing? Is she wearing a traditional tux?
      Jenny: No. It's Shane so she's not gonna do anything traditional.

    • Carmen: (about Shane) Am I really trying to marry the most unobtainable person on the face of this planet?

    • Jenny: I didn't really have that childhood thing of, you know, getting married. You know that all little girls are supposed to have that kind of dream.
      Alice: Not little gay girls.

    • Jenny: How come you guys didn't get married?
      Bette: Tina thought it would be too conventional. She didn't want to cleave to the heterosexual paradigm.
      Alice: Now it's cleaving all over her.
      Carmen. Oh god. Come back to us, Tina, come back on our side.
      Bette: Fuck that, they can have her.

    • Bette: I think I'm gonna take that job.
      Joyce: Excellent! That will play very well in court. Dean of a prestigious art school... and it can't hurt when it comes to pulling in chicks.
      Bette: Excuse me?
      Joyce: Lots of pretty, young art students. You'll be like a kid in a candy store!

    • Gabe: So what's he do, your guy?
      Shane: (after a pause) She's a DJ.

    • Claude: Do you hate skiing also?
      Jenny: I just hate all the bullshit that you have to go through with all the equipment.
      Claude: Me too. I don't do any leisure activities that require me to use more than one piece of equipment. Except sex.

    • Alice: (pointing at Shane and Max) I see my friends down there.
      Marilyn: The two boys on the snowboards?
      Alice: Well, they're not boys. Uhh, well, one of them is... sort of.

  • NOTES (3)


    • When Jenny first meets her, Claude, the French travel writer, is reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, a 2005 novel of a British boarding school for children who share a common feat that is slowly revealed in the book.