The L Word

Season 3 Episode 12

Left Hand of the Goddess

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Season Finale: some good, some bad, some VERY ugly, and of course some nerve-wracking cliffhangers...

    SPOILERS, don't even read a line down if you haven't seen the ep, or just don't care.

    I knew Shane and Carmen wouldn't work out, and it breaks my heart a little. It was even fairly well done, I liked the introduction of Shane's father, and I thought it worked well.

    Poor, poor Carmen. And after her family had accepted her and Shane...I fear Carmen's time on the show may be up, and that we'll be losing her next season. A shame, since she's the only addition to the show since season 2 that I've loved.


    Jenny is such a ho, but I loved her in this episode. And anyone is better than Max.

    Tina is getting really lame. I feel bad harboring disdain for her just because she's in a heteronormative relationship, but it can't be that because I love Kit and Angus. So I'll blame it on Tina being lame.

    Kit is so cute. Ohh Kit.

    As for Alice and Lara, I wish them the best in whatever plotline is in store for them in Season 4. As Alice has been my favorite character since the pilot, I just want to see her happy.

    SO here's to an exciting, dramtic, Max-less, Betty-less (pleeeeeeeease, please please) Season four, with sharp and witty writing, and fresh plotlines for our favorite LA lady lovers.
  • A nice episode, filmed at beautiful locations and the story was finally ok again, but not enough for a good season finale.

    Finally a good episode again, after an indescribable bad one last time!
    Well the trip to Whistler is very nice. I liked that idea. The beautiful landscape pictures even improved that impression. It was nice to see Carmen’s family around! I liked that idea. The thing with Shane’s dad, well I think it was done nice, but absolute unnecessary! Well they needed something obvious for Shane to back out of the wedding, but I would have believed it too, without her dad around. I even think that would have been much better.
    Then Bette: I really liked her for two long season, but now I hate her! She is still self involved and thinks the baby would solve all her problems and is jealous that she doesn’t have a child and a career. I even think that was always the motive to get a child from the beginning, so she could have it. Now she even wants soul custody. How sill she do that? She soon will have a career again too and then there’s no more advantage for her anymore. Now she even kidnapped the child. So she will have no more chance. If the show decides otherwise, I might even stop watching! I have to say I don’t like Tina’s new boyfriend, but still people are free and not some toy in Bette’s world!
    Lara and Alice, the bad idea of the last episode still exists. Well I don’t think that they are a great couple; I just like Lara, so I hope she will be around much longer!
    Max and Jenny won’t last much longer. Max is just too insensible and Jenny is turning into such a stereotype of writer. Ok it’s nice to see her well, but she’s annoying right now.
    The end where Helena looses her money is nice and might show us some nice parts in the future.
    Still best was scenery with the wedding and the location in this episode. So beautiful filmed and built. I liked that. The story was ok, but after all a good episode. Still I hoped for more in the season finale!
  • Fabulous.

    A beautiful episode, both visually and story-wise. Amazing how all the characters are experiencing pivotal change. Alas, except of course for Jenny. I must admit that they almost had me: for awhile there, I really thought that Shane was going to go through with it. Gotta love Eric Roberts; always a charming creep. For the love of all that is good in this series, please kill off Jenny. What a tired, vapid, myopically-minded character. Jenny now ranks as the number two most annoying thing about this show. Number one of course is the 'new' opening; those of us who remember Season One know how much better that one was (and ooh so less campy).
  • Good to c Shane family come out of it finally but a sad way to end a season finale.

    It's painful to see Carmen & Shane didn't end up together. I think the show become really interesting when this couple get together. Think that the producer just run out of idea coz need to stir some thing up to get people interested. "What a sad way to end a season finale" ;-(
    Why don't u just send Jenny out of the show instead of Carmen
  • God - I miss Marina!

    I'm I the only one missing Marina? Things were more exciting with her around. Now it\'s kind of predictable and even a little boring, right? Every now and then something happens that will make your heart beat stronger, but overall - I say it again - I miss Marina desperatly
  • ...

    Ok, my thoughts are generally jumbled, as always, so here's another nice handy list to make things more understandable:

    1. Ok, so as a whole, the episode wasn't that bad, although I didn't like the first 15 minutes all that much. Thing is, I kept waiting for it to get better, or for something big to happen, and it never really did. The episode hinted at anticipation of good things to come, and then didn't fulfill.

    2. What was that for a series ending???? That doesn't even count as a decent episode end, let alone a season finale! Ok, I liked the fact that Helena is being cut-off, but please, this season wasn't about her, and nor was this episode. The season should have ended with a shot of Shane or Carmen...

    3. Ok, so it was obvious Shane would leave Carmen at the alter. Just as it was obvious that her dad would have a negative effect. I guess The L Word couldn't have another season of happily married bliss for Shane - that's not what the audience want out of this character. Still, I would have liked it if Shane could have viewed her dad's choices and realised that she was stronger, that she was more confident and would put in the effort to make things work where he had failed. I mean, only the night before was she talking about having children!

    4. Still waiting for Max to beat-up Jenny!

    5. Oh, and that reminds me - after a season of tolerance, Jenny is <b><u>DRIVING ME MAD AGAIN!<b></u>

    6. Expected more from Bette and Tina...they were both rubbish this episode. But then, they only shine when the focus is on them, which is most of the time.

    7. Aaaaaaw, Kit's pregnant - I hope she goes through with it :D They'd make a great family.

    8. Lara and Alice seemed a the beginning, yet later so right when they finally started talking :D It was nice how that worked out.

    9. I liked that ski instructor...and Helena's mother. I wonder if we'll see any more of them?

    10. I just can't believe Shane and Carmen would have accepted a wedding worth that much off Helena!

    11. A bit unrealistic that Carmen's family would accept her so quickly with such a big meaning after rejecting her like they did.

    12. Can't think of more now...............I don't really have a clear view where season 4 is going, which is disappointing as I would have liked to have got Max definitely out of the way by now, and not have a worsening Jenny waiting in the shadows, plus a Shane who could be breaking-down anywhere and various characters who might become new cast members...
  • Series finale of the third season. Shane almost gets married, Bette runs off with baby Angelica, and we are left wondering about Lara and Alice\'s relationship.

    Some of this episode was far-fetched, but then again this is just tv. I don\'t think a woman like Bette would ever do something like this in real life, she should have known better about the possible reprocussions. Tina is obviously out of the picture for her at this point. There are many loose ends here, obviously the producers needed time to figure out where they want to go with the show next season. All I know is that I never want to hear that theme song ever again. Losing Dana was probably the most prominent part of the season for me. I felt that she was a very important character.
  • i love this show just in general!

    i loved where it was filmed, it completely beautiful. what i didn\\\'t like about it was that Shane had to doubt herself right when she was at the last leg of it. i liked and diliked all the cliffhangers they had and the suspense that the this show put me through. i am excited to know there is a fourth season coming. i am surprised, however, that i just got hooked onto this wonderful show. i can\\\'t usually get hooked at the end of a season. the last few, especially this one, have been well written and comparing the first show of the first season to this one: huge leaps and bounds of improvement, it has matured greatly.
  • Too many wacky cliffhangers!!

    I think the writers snaped out of a recent hangover and realized this was the season's last episode so they cooked up a bunch of wacky cliffhangers to hopefuly keep people interested. Seriously, there was no other reason for all that wacky stuff to suddenly happen, and it didn't "feel" as part of the character's usual life stories. bah...