The L Word

Season 4 Episode 1

Legend in the Making

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Kit, Alice, Jenny, Max, Helena gather up in Alice's hotel room to call Bette and convince her to come back home with little Angelica. Apparently, Lara has already left the resort for a five star hotel job in Los Angeles. The five of them leave a message in Bette's voice mail and tell her they understand her position but she needs to bring Angelica back home. While they are still talking, Tina storms in yelling that if Bette doesn't bring her daughter home, she will ruin Bette's new career and her life. She wants to know where Bette is now, but nobody seems to know, not even Kit. Elsewhere, Bette and Angelica are at a diner. Bette is nervously talking to Joyce, her lawyer, on her cell phone wanting to know how bad things can turn out for her at this point. She says they are in Mexico but soon after, she receives a call from Phyllis, her going-to-be-boss at California University, and this time she says the two of them are in northern California. The whole gang returns to L.A. Helena finds it difficult to adjust to her new "poor" lifestyle. She soon realizes she has to give up her luxurious house, her expensive clothes, and her personal car driver. With no roof over her head and no knowledge about money management, she finds a valuable friend in Alice who temporarily houses her in her apartment. Tina and Henry cannot enter their house (actually Bette and Tina's place) because the locks have been changed. Tina is completely freaked out by the whole situation. She just wants Angelica back so Henry decides it's time to call in the police. Jenny and Max enter Carmen's room. Jenny decides to store up some of Carmen's DJ stuff – the rest will stay put until Shane comes back and decides what to do. Jenny and Max get into an argument over Shane and Carmen's break up, and eventually end up talking about themselves. Jenny points out she no longer likes Max because he's acting like a straight guy and she doesn't like straight guys. Shane is with Cherie at her seaside house. When she's not doing drugs or, worse, doing Cherie, she immerses herself in the sea waters, in an attempt to forget the recent happenings. Then suddenly she wakes up from her sleep in the middle of a party, and takes off with a car. She drives to Carmen's home. She tells the boys at the porch she wants to see Carmen but they throw her out of their property saying Carmen doesn't want to see her anymore. Shane starts driving dangerously and, being under the effects of drugs and alcohol, she inevitably causes an accident. Blood dripping from her forehead, she staggers away from the accident scene heedless of people rushing to help her. She walks and walks until at night she reaches her own house. There she's taken aback by Carla, her father's wife, who's been waiting for her all day. Carla is ill and cries to herself. Shane wants to help her but she says she's left her wedding present at the back, then leaves to "meet God". Shane goes to check out the "present" and finds it's her half brother Shay sleeping on the bed. Shane runs quickly after Carla but she's nowhere to be seen. Bette and Angelica are in a motel room when suddenly there's a rap at the door. Bette starts panicking and is about to escape through the bathroom window when a voice calls out her name – it's Kit, her sister. After making sure Angus has left, Bette decides to open the door for Kit. Next, we see Bette and Angelica at Joyce's studio, with Joyce welcoming Tina in. First thing Tina does is take Angelica away from Bette. They get into a heated argument with Joyce just staring at them. When Tina stands up to leave the room, Joyce steps in their quarrel and makes them realize how much media coverage their case is going to receive if they end up in a court of law and how that is going to affect Angelica. Bette and Tina realize how serious the matter is and finally reach an agreement for Angelica's custody. Max is asked to go on a date with his boss's daughter. He obviously feels the pressure of this commitment and finds relief in talking to a group of transsexuals like himself. Back at home, he discusses the group session with Jenny, who seems distracted with cleaning and tidying things up. When Claude knocks at the door, it soon strikes Max why she seemed agitated. Alice finds someone called "Papi" has overtaken Shane in The Chart, causing server problems because of the heavy net traffic they are getting. She makes an appeal at her radio program for this Papi to come forward. Kit has decided to have an abortion so Angus accompanies her to a clinic. However, the nurses and doctor only seem concerned in changing Kit's mind. Kit loses control and starts shouting at the staff for their anti-woman behavior and storms out of the clinic. Jenny is excited for her book's presentation and as people start coming in at The Planet, she reads her book's review but seems disappointed with the article. While setting the chairs, Bette, Kit and Alice talk about the clinic. Helena gets some drinks for the gang. At the bar, she runs into Tina and Henry. Tina cannot help feeling her relationship with the rest of the gang has become somewhat cold, to which Helena reacts making some small talk about their new boss at work but eventually backs away from them. Just when Kit is about to introduce Jenny to the audience, Marina walks into the hall. Everybody greets Marina who says she is in town for business and is staying at the Bel Air Hotel. She then takes back everybody's attention to Jenny, standing astounded on the stage. At the signing of the books, Marina walks up to Jenny and Claude and invites them to her hotel room. They accept but later on, as Marina and Claude start making out, Jenny doesn't feel confident and finds some excuse to pull herself out of the threesome.