The L Word

Season 4 Episode 1

Legend in the Making

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Not impressed.

    I have to say this episode did nothing for me. I was really disappointed the writers didn't make the Bette/Tina baby stealing thing more prevalent, and they didn't even have Carmen in it!! I feel they should have at least had a scene between her and Shane. The only good thing I liked about this episode was how Shane got stuck with her little brother. I can see how that storyline will work for Shane. But overall, not impressed.
  • Nice start. Looks like this season will hit it off again. Looking forward a lot...

    I've enjoyed this episode a lot although I have to admit that I'm not sure if I like Shane's storyline. Well. We'll see what's gonna come out of it for her in the future.

    And what about the Bette and Tina relationship...? I don't think they gonna reunite any soon. It's quite good storyline to show how the group of lesbians is dealing with the fact that one of them switched the teams and is trying to build 'normal' family. I think we will have a lot of fun this season, especially thanks to Alice and Helena. I don't know if it's just me but I think Helena is sooo cute while trying to deal with her poorness.
  • Finally The L Word returns with Season 4! I know this season will be awesome, just like the other ones were!

    For start, I want to say that I was waiting impatiently for the new season to start!
    I'm very happy for Alice, she's looking great and happy. I like what the writers did for Helena, I'm looking forward to seeing her live a normal life, without her mother's money and try to earn her living on her own - this should be interesting. Jenny published her book and looks happy with her girlfriend. I don't really like Max but I hope he'll have an interesting storyline this season. I really miss Dana, but I am so glad they brought Marina back! She brings a lot of twists and turns into the story of the show. Shane gets quite a surprise from her father's wife. Now she has to take care of her little brother and herself. Bette and Tina are constantly fighting over Angelica, I wonder how this plotline turns out. All in all, I wasn't disapointed in this episode. I liked it very much and hope to see some great writing further through the season.

    The girls are back…well most of them. I am upset that Carmen isn’t back, but I knew there was no way that they could have her deal with what Shane did to her, she just needed to disappear. I hate that Shane ran off to Cherie, I really don’t like her now, she is just bad for Shane. I am glad that Bette and Tina seemed to solve some of the custody issues, I still think it was crazy of Bette to drive off with their daughter, she could have ended up in prison. I am indifferent about Marina being back, she was part of the reason Jenny went all crazy and her coming back is going to cause some problems. Personally I think she is the Papi from the chart. I really hate Max and hope that he is off the show soon. At least Helena is still there...
  • Nice start, but I'm expecting more this season!

    It feels like I've been waiting forever to get The L Word back and I wasn't disappointed with the new season's premiere. Especially that ending with little Shane leaves me breathless and waiting for more!

    I was a little surprised that Bette and Tina seemed to sort out their problems so soon, but I'm guessing there'll be more fighting along the way. Right now I don't want either one of them to have Angelica, they are both just thinking of themselves...
    I especially liked the return of Marina in this episode and I'm excited to see more of her for a while!
  • i thought this episode was great. it was very exciting to finally see everyone again.

    jenny-so she's being very successful in her writing. also she has someone new in her life. i'm not sure how to take jenny's girlfriend yet, if that's what they are. they are weird...especially strange for a girlfriend to even SUGGEST that jenny ask her FIRST (marina) to have sex with them. i do have to admit, this was the moment i was waiting for. i am so happy to see marina back on the show, though i believe it's only for 2 episodes this season. she sure knows how to make an apperance...very sexy. although deep in my heart i always wished she and jenny would wind up back together.

    max-we can definately tell that max is having some jealousy issues about jenny and her new girlfriend. it is obvious he hasn't let go yet. apparently he will be getting some help now so that's good i suppose. i think jenny is being a little bit inconsiderate of max's feelings, even if he has been a jerk.

    alice-looking good. she seems to be dealing with dana's passing a lot better now. i guess lara won't be around for a while, what happened there? i loved her little comment about their relationship being "insestuous" thought. lol. it doesn't seem alice is in danger of losing her job at the radio station, especially not since the chart's new booming popularity. (by the way, i like how they threw that in there, since the producers of the L word are in fact working on their own chart. a new place for the lesbian community to go and chat and do whatever. nice way to talk yourself up on the show in a roundabout way :))i have a feeling we'll be meeting papi soon. i find it hard to believe someone is a bigger "hub" than shane.

    shane-obviously she is very messed up about the whole carmen thing. ironically enough she ends up back at sherrie's place. i find sherrie is being pretty ignorant. so now shane is on blow and into the alcohol. and how nice of shane's stepmother to take off and leave her kid with shane, who is obviously in now shape to care for a child. she needs to clean her act up. and what was the whole car accident scene? come on shane, get your butt to a hospital.

    bette and tina-well what can i say? i love how the lawyer played her little reverse psychology routine, but in a very witty way. they both need to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about that little girl. so it seems they may be working something out, which is good.

    angus and kit-the episode at the clinic was messed up. so i guess we all know now that kit obviously is in fact pregnant and thinking about an abortion. we already know there's going to be a complication with the pregnancy anyway. i don't know, good luck you two.

    helena-obviously having a difficult time with her new financial situation. i love the scene where the waiter asks if she wants a refil and she says "no i don't think i can afford it." and alice says "helena it's free." lol that was fantastic. so alice offered helena to move in with her, that was nice. i wonder if those two will have something, but judging from the previews of this season, i doubt it.

    i don't have much more to say accept that i can't wait until next week, to see another episode of my favorite show. i hate the long wait period in between seasons.
  • Good Start to Season 4

    It was great to see Alice happy again. I hated the obsessive, mopey person they made her last season (and that was before Dana died).

    Speaking of Dana, they barely mentioned her. Its hard to accept that she's gone.

    Bette and Tina have just become extemely unlikable. I hope they do something new with them and stop having them rehash old wounds. It's over. Move on.

    I happen to love Angus and I happy that he a Kit are together. That clinic seen was horrifying. I think this Helena storyline is going to be fun.

    All in all it was a good first episode and I am interested where the characters are going to go.

    Also, who is this Papi?
  • Over all I thought the season opener was really good. It had very little drama, which I think will make all L Word fans happy. Theres been way too much of it in the past two seasons. So at the end of the episode I was happy. Its gonna be a great season.

    Carmen isn't in the credits anymore. So I think its safe to say shes out. That makes me sad. I seriously wanted to see the hottness of Carmen. Tina and Bette didn't murder each other. So I think thats nice. I especially love Helena having to adapt to the not a lot of money life. Thats gonna be funny to watch. Alice really seems like shes doing pretty well. So woo hoo!!! I think Alice is back. Kit..well. This episode kinda sucked for her. Then theres Shane. I really don't like that shes all crapped out. So I hope that changes soon.