The L Word

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 29, 2004 on Showtime
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Tina and Bette are stunned when their friends say their impending parenthood has made them boring. Jenny stays at Marina's when Tim throws her out but she is shocked to learn the truth about Marina's personal life. Dana rejects Lara as her sponsorship contract hangs on the line.moreless

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  • Nuestros días felices

    Nuestros días felices dejaron de ser. Nuestros sueños de viento dejaron de florecer. Y nos dejamos ir, arrastrando cometas de hierro y cemento. Nos dijimos adios con océanos de lágrimas en el corazón. Porque el mar ya no era río, porque el sol ya era rojo y no dorado, porque lo tuyo ya no era tuyo ni lo mío mío.

    Nuestros días felices me hicieron crecer. Nuestros campos de recuerdos se llenaron de amores, nuestros violines llorones nos cantaron tantos malvones.

    Ya nada nada queda y es como debe ser. Y me marcho para siempre de tus labios. Y me marcho para siempre de tus labios.moreless
  • Bette and Tina are boring. Dana's remains firmly in closet.

    Bette and tina's friends throw an intervention for them. They want their friend to know that they don't want them to end up lke all other couples who become boring after having a baby. Shane has access to a yahte and throws a GROOVY party.

    Dana breaks up with Lara, because Dana's not ready to be out.

    Alice sleeps with a male lesbian Lisa.
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Erica Cerra


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Brent Chapman

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    • Dana: We've seen this happen to other couples that we've known. Janet and Sue for instance. Claudia and Tammy. Oh god, especially Mimi and Ivy. Wow. It would kill us, you guys, if you wound up like Mimi and Ivy. And we wouldn't be your friends if we just stood back and let you get so... so...
      Tina: What?
      Shane: Boring.
      Alice: Boring
      Dana: Boring. Guys.
      Tina and Bette: Boring?
      Alice: I know this is painful. Denial is very common, it's okay. That's why we've actually made this list of incidents and this multiple choice self assessment test, which we'll go through with you, and then the two of you can fill it out together and tally the results.
      Bette: It has results?
      Tina: Results you can... tally?
      Bette: Jesus.

    • Lisa: What were you doing last night around 9:15?
      Alice: I don't know. Um... I think brushing my teeth.
      Lisa: Did you feel anything? Because I was sending you Reiki.
      Alice: Oh, my god. Did you say 9:15?
      Tina: (whispers to Bette) Reiki, isn't that boring?
      Bette: (whispers back) Really boring. Write it down.

    • Lara: So you still haven't told me. What do you think counts as sex?
      Dana: I don't know. Having an orgasm.
      Lara: Well, if that was the case, that would mean thousands of women who are married with children have never had sex.

    • Tina: It's primal. Females in the animal kingdom, they do this when they're gestating. You become a homebody. You just... retreat! Like a brooding hen.
      Alice: So you guys are going to pass up a private girl party on the most famous gin-palace in the Pacific so you can go home and sit on an egg?

    • Jenny: Who are you?
      Marina: Someone who cares about you. You'll find that your life is richer, more full of possibilities and choices. I've opened up your world.
      Jenny: Fuck you.

    • Bette: (to Tina's stomach) You're not bored by your mommies, are you? (to Tina) He's not.

    • Bette: (talking about what can bring bacteria to life) Cats.
      Tina: (agreeing) Outdoor cats.
      Dana: (to Alice) Slander against cats, write that down.

    • Shane: (to Bette and Tina) Look, guys, my cousins did this for my uncle Bill and he hasn't had a drop to drink since they put him in the straightjacket and hauled him off to rehab. I swear.

    • Alice: Bette, I don't want you to think this is just about Tina.
      Bette: No, I'm sure. Bored the hell out of you.

    • Alice: (with all of them about to go over a self-assessment test for Bette and Tina) Ready?
      Bette: (still surprised) No, but go ahead.

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