The L Word

Season 5 Episode 7

Lesbians Gone Wild

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2008 on Showtime

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  • The girls are struggling with the shoot of Lez girls, Kit gets her revenge, Alice gets in deeper, and Adele becomes spooky.

    Since the show came back on the air for the 5th season I was very enthousiastic about all the new episodes. Unfortunately this one was not a one to remember. Nothing happens, the scenes at the night where the girls wrestle are dragging on and on. Bette and Tina behave like adolescents, Tasha's story doesn't go anywhere. Kelly Mc Gillis doesn't add any spice to the plot. And Jenny, please, do something about her character. The only intrigue came from Adele's odd and spooky behavior. I hope the next episode brings the energy that we saw in the previous ones.
  • Ho, hum... Turkish Oil wrestling at the Shebar - Aidelle being manipulative and sneaky - Tibette; no resolution yet - Nicki and Jenny (yawn) .....

    The best part of this episode was when the Shebar rats got busted, which means they'll be closed down for a bit, and we know Kit's opening the Planet very soon, since she only needs one inspection more. Go Kit!

    Tina and Bette almost had another tryst. I'm not liking how this is dragging out. Bette needs to decide if she wants Tina or if she wants Jodi. As much I don't care for the Bette/Jodi pairing, Jodi's thinking everything is just hunky dory, while Bette is cheating on her. As hot as Bette is, I wouldn't want her as my woman - cheating seems to be on par for her. I also did not care for the Bette / Jodi sex scene. Bette continually smacking Jodi's hands away - made it seem very desperate; I'm surprised Jodi didn't pick up on that.

    Aidelle - not sure what her T is, but I hope someone figures her out soon. This manipulating behind the scenes is just not nice. The scene with her in Jenny's chair, saying "cut" very softly; I can't imagine she's thinking to replace Jenny as director. Even if it should pass that Jenny is thrown out, they're not going to put an assistant in her place.

    I am glad to see that we still get to see Tasha's world; perhaps she and Alice will get back together? They were good together, I think. I do not like that Alice thinks it was alright to out someone from Jenny's film, even if it was done without naming anyone. You know the "Look" isn't going to be satisfied with just that - they're going to want more and more....

    And the Molly thing? With Shane? Best part was when Shane told Molly "don't flatter yourself." Shane can pretty much get whoever she wants - why would she bother chasing someone straight?

    Having written this all out, I guess more happened that I originally thought. It just seemed like such a tame episode. Hope next week's is more exciting.
  • SheBar hosts a lesbian Turkish oil wrestling tournament.

    Let me just start out by saying that I really enjoyed this episode. In my opinion, it was a pretty fun episode to watch while having just the right amount of drama in the episode. My favorite thing about this episode was definitely the lesbian Turkish oil wrestling tournament, especially when Molly goes into the ring. Shane's story line was definitely my favorite story line for this episode, and I definitely think that she has great chemistry with Molly. I also really enjoyed Jenny as a whole in this episode and the depth that they're showing with Jenny as far as her relationship with Nikki goes. This episode was the first episode for this season that I actually liked Alice, even though I still don't agree with her behavior. All in all, I really enjoyed all of the story lines in this episode. This really was a great episode, and I can't wait to see the next episode.