The L Word

Season 5 Episode 7

Lesbians Gone Wild

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2008 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • Goof: At the movie set, Bette and Tina are lying on the bed in "Bev" and "Nina"'s room. The voice over the comm system interrupts them, and they quickly get up. Bette is sitting on the side of the bed and you can see her purse behind her in the middle of the bed. When the camera first shows the person standing at the door, you can't see the purse as it is cut from view. The view changes to Tina and then back to the door again. Now the purse is right behind Bette next to where she is sitting. In the next shot, the purse is again in the middle of the bed.

    • Deleted Scene: Jenny plays mediator to settle a cast dispute
      This scene takes place after the event of the opening teaser. Begoña and Niki are in Jenny's trailer. Jenny's telling Begoña to cut Niki some slack because she's "young and unexperienced". Even though Begoña's more experienced and studied, she should learn something from Niki's "rawness". Niki goes on a rant that the reason why she became in unprepared for the day's shooting was that she attended a fund raiser the previous night because "the Earth is in serious trouble". Begoña storms out of the trailer stating that Niki's "stupidity is staggering". Niki then pleads to Jenny: "Are you gonna let her talk to me like this?"

  • Quotes

    • Shane: Did you have fun?
      Molly: I did.
      Shane: Yeah? I feel like shit. I'm gonna go home and clean up, do you want to come over and borrow something to wear?
      Molly: I'm totally straight. But you can keep dreaming.
      Shane: (laughs) Hmm. Come here... (Molly leans closer to her) Don't flatter yourself, okay?

    • Shane: (watching Jenny and Niki wrestle) You don't think that this is degrading?
      Molly: You don't see my mother in there, do you?

    • Shane: If you want to stick around a little bit longer, and then I can take you out later.
      Molly (sarcastic): Sure.
      Shane: What?
      Molly: My mother told me all about your little game, you're like the Fonz or something of the lesbians.
      Shane (laughs): Oh, come on. The Fonz. Bullshit.
      Molly: Yeah... Happy Days.
      Shane: I know the Fonz, I know the Happy Days but, uh... Alright, I'll give it to you, you're sassy. No one's called me that before.
      Molly: I'm not sassy. I'm bored, but not bored enough to sleep with you.

    • Bette: (talking about Niki) Is Jenny still...?
      Tina: Oh, yeah. They fuck in her trailer every day during lunch. The whole crew knows, and Adele stands outside to guard. It's insane.

    • Jenny: Do you think that we should stop fucking over lunch?
      Niki: No.
      Jenny: Do you think that they might notice?
      Niki: Mm-mm. I don't care if they notice.
      Jenny: Why?
      Niki: Because...
      Jenny: What? ... What? ... What?
      Niki: I love you.

    • Jenny: (after she and Niki have sex, her pager goes off because the directors are looking for her) Oh, god, it's like when you're fucking and your mom calls!

    • Alice: (about the security guard) Tina, could you please tell the Incredible Hulk to let me in?

    • Shane: You looked like you were having a wonderful time at your mom's party.
      Molly: I didn't see you there.
      Shane: Yeah, I-- I didn't think that you would. I noticed that you were too busy checking out those 50-year-olds in their black bras... diving into your mother's swimming pool.
      Molly: Yeah, yeah. Don't remind me of my mother's total degradation, please.

    • Tina: (showing Bette around the set) Check it out.
      Bette: Oh, my God. This is supposed to be our bedroom?
      Tina: No... It's Bev and Nina's bedroom. (laughs)
      Bette: (smiles) It looks like the children's department at... God knows where...
      Tina: Oh, well, it's Jenny's design choices, there's nothing I could do about it. I had to let her have her way.
      Bette: (touches the bed) At least it's not a water bed.
      Tina: Ah, I had to fight her on that one.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • It the scene when Shane is doing Begonia's hair and Kit is in the trailer with Molly, Shane is wearing a gray Uh Huh Her t-shirt. Uh Huh Her is Leisha Hailey's (Alice) band, formed in January 2007.

    • Title: Lesbians Gone Wild
      This title is a pun of the renowned adult video franchise called Girls Gone Wild.

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