The L Word

Season 4 Episode 7

Lesson Number One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on Showtime

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  • ...

    Loved this episode, nearly every bit was great. Very well written and a nice mix.

    The scenes at Phyllis' house were great (much as I don't think Cybil can act, they were very funny with Bette/Jodi).

    The school thing with Shane and Paige was a little OTT, but a nice change, a good mini direction.

    The Helena thing was good...I love how she won in the end. I wish she had left C/Katherine wanting her though...I thought she was supposed to meet her at a presidential suite? Was that a hotel? :shock:

    Papi had some fab lines! :shock: I like her sometimes, but this episode she seemed the really insightful one.

    Alice/Tasha were gorgeous, though the helicopter ride was a little unrealistis and I didn't like how bossy Tasha was when Alice showed up. Love how it's all 'Tasha is in the Army and has stronger moals than everyone'. Alice's 'you're black?' line was perfect, so few actors could manage a line like that.

    I kind of agree about Bette and Jodi not having much sexual chemistry. I love Bette, and I love Jodi, so why do their scenes seem a little bit of a let-down ever since they actually got together? They seemed more chemical in the first few eps IMO. I hate how they're setting them up for ruin :cry: I DON'T want Tibette.

    I still don't actually understand why Jenny didn't change names and characters more for Lez Girls. I don't think that's been properly explained. So obvious she was going to screw Tina over, not that she owed Tina anything. I can't believe the lenghts Tina is going to for her work either.

    Poor Kit. Bette isn't there for her either :(

    Surprised we haven't seen the discriminated against woman from Max's work again yet.

    Anyway, a fab episode, great dialogue, nice mix of romantic/funny/emotional/etc :)
  • It was very exciting to see Bette get some....

    I was so glad she finally got some love and not rough sex. I don't think her and Jodi will last but it will be good for awhile. Bette still cares for Tina and it shows when they are together. It was funny when Phyllis gave Bette the box of chocolates when she found out Jodi could not be monogimus. I think this will drive a wedge between them. Shane was really showing her emotions during the PTA metting at school. She sure loves Shay and she let everyone know it. Great job!!!

    Helena needs to stay away from her gambling or she will be in more trouble. I don't think she should have stayed after winning the card game. Tasha and Alice make a cute couple. I think Alice will see that she is a very down to earth person and not one to rush into a relationship just for sex. Tasha has things she needs to deal with after being in Iraq. Alice needs to give her time to come to terms with this and not rush her.

    Papi is still making waves around town. Tasha doesn't care for her bragging about her women. Especially when she said Alice was with her. She needs to keep this to herself if she thinks Tasha is interested in Alice. After all, Papi said it didn't mean anything.

    Tina didn't mean to hurt Kit by telling her about Angus. She thought Bette had already said something to her. After all, Tina knows what that feels like and I don't think she would do anything to hurt her. It was nice that Kit told her to stop in anytime.

    Angus needs to grow up and face the music. He needed to tell Kit before it got out of hand. Kit was seeing a married man and didn't think anything of it. She wasn't worried about what his wife would say. She needs to think about that before jumping all over Angus. What he done was wrong but she in turn has done the same but just didn't get caught.

    Jenny needs to quit punishing Tina and give her the rights to her book. Jenny acts like she is the only one that counts and so what if she puts her friends down. Tina is just trying to help her out.

    Max is still a problem for me. I don't really know where they are going with his character.
  • Shane is awesome this season!

    Woman eating Shane and almost married Shane were great, but the new Shane is amazing me even more. I absolutely love her this season! And the speech she gave in front of that class was really great, too. It's true: she's taking responsibility for the first time. I mean, she loved Carmen, but she couldn't go through with it. But having Shay around has really made her a much better person and I love it!

    I'm so sorry for Kit, especially that she had to find out through Tina. Angus should have told her long ago and I think Bette should have, too. She might have thought it's not her business, but Kit's her sister, she should have said something!

    I like the gambling storyline with Helena and that other woman, but I think she should have had more self respect and walked out there with her head up high. She won and she shouldn't get involved with someone who's making propositions like that.

    The relationship of Jodi and Bette is strange, but maybe I feel that way because for once Bette seems to be the one investing more. Well, okay, she did get that message in the end. Who knows if Jodi can really be with only one woman and I hope she won't break Bette's heart (even though she would then finally feel what she did to Tina back then).

    Jenny's story is still causing trouble and I understand it. But apart from that, this episode didn't offer too much about it, unfortunately.. I like her lately!

    Finally, Max! After his confession last episode, I was expecting some huge blow out, but nothing happened. I don't know whether I should be disappointed or happy for him. His boss' daughter was the first he told about his transformation and it must have been devestating that she reacted so harsh. Anyway, now his colleagues just accept it and don't even talk about him? It's a little weird. But Max is growing on me. I've never really liked him, but he's getting more interesting now!
  • Great episode - favorite part was Phyllis handing box of chocolates to Bette after Jody confides that she...

    9.1 not into monogamy. Hilarious (Bette & Jody went to Phyllis' to console her. Phyllis is in the midst of a self-indulgent binge - first alcohol, then ice cream).

    I like the character Jody, but I don't see Jody & Bette together - I'm not feeling any chemistry, like when Paige and Shane got together - that little interlude on the kitchen table was hot! Finally! Shane's getting some and with a hot woman like Paige - I hope they're more than a one night fling. And good for Helena - won her way out of her jam, and then, on her terms, decided to stay. Great scene.

    Papi's coming around - I loved her insight about Tina - that "we're all judged about who we sleep with, but you all are doing the same thing to Tina." While I'm not fond of the Tina character, I had wondered why the whole group is so negative about her going back to men. If they're angry cuz she left & hurt Bette, than that's what they should voice, not their displeasure over with whom she chooses to sleep.

    Glad Max hasn't lost his job (yet) - good to see more on Tasha/Alice - unreal that there's that much interest in Jenny's book, which can only mean more bad feelings with her circle of friends. SHe needs to learn that if she asks for someone's opinion, that she should accept that opinion, even if it's not what she wants to hear.

    Loved the PTA scene where Paige & Shane's trying to "educate" students and their parents about tolerance. Shane's little speech about why she did the underwear thing was so sweet - there's hope for her as a responsible adult yet.
  • Bette and Jodi - crossing my fingers!!

    So I really like Bette and Jodi – I like them way better than Bette and Tina and Bette and her freaky grad students (so glad that went no where). They are such a wonderful couple and I loved that fact that she said that she could fall in love with her, to bad Jodi didn’t hear her. Or did she?? I sooo want them to turn out ok, we need a happy couple on this show!! I was sad about the whole monogamy thing, but I seriously think that she could be happy with Bette. I am wishing and hoping for this. The only thing that catches me as strange is how fast Bette seemed to have picked us ASL. She’s amazing with how fast she picked up on stuff…