The L Word

Season 1 Episode 2

Let's Do It

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2004 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Alice tries to sell her editor, Mark, on an article about her chart but he's not feeling it. She goes to plan B and proposes an article on vaginal rejuvenation. Much to Alice's chagrin, he likes that idea. Tina decides to put aside her apprehension about having a black sperm donor. She tells Bette she's ready to use Marcus' sperm. She proposes that they do it at home rather than a sterile clinic. Jenny wants to talk Tim but he's too involved in his swim team's meet to listen. Shane leaves the home of another one-night stand. As she leaves, we see that the girl who made a scene at Bette and Tina's party is watching her. She holds binoculars in her hand as she sits behind the wheel of her car. Shane gets into her truck talking on the phone to yet another woman. Alice is at the office of the doctor who performs vaginal rejuvenation. The receptionist, Gabby, is an ex of Alice's. Alice doesn't want to talk to her. Gabby apologizes, saying that she behaved badly when they were together. She admits that she still has feeling for Alice. Alice relents to having diner with Gabby. At the tennis practice at the country club, Dana is on a break. She goes to the dining room and is given a lunch. When she says it isn't hers, the waiter tells her it's from the souse chef, Lara Perkins. Dana mispronounces it 'soup chef' and looks at Lara. Lara acts as if nothing is amiss and Dana eats her lunch, happy. Jenny listens to her message from Marina telling her that she misses her, and then returns to the story she's writing. At the Planet, Shane's stalker is back. She continually takes Shane's picture, flashbulb flashing, and rants that the whole world will know what kind of person she is. She says Shane's 4F-days are over (4F: she finds them, feels them, fucks them, and forgets them). Marina throws the stalker out. While outside, Marina sees Jenny in Tim's car and waves. Jenny looks at her and simply drives away. Marina shrugs and re-enters The Planet. When Alice wonders what's going on with Jenny and Marina, Dana says that she thought Jenny was straight. This leads to Dana's admission that she has no gaydar. When tested, Dana flunks. She laments that she doesn't know if Lara is gay or not. Alice goes home and sees if Lara is on her chart, which is now on the Internet, and comes up empty in that regards. Bette and Tina toast each other as they defrost Marcus' sperm, then bow in honor to it. They have sex, placing the sperm on a diaphragm for Tina to insert. Shane is the center of the hub on the online version of Alice's chart. When Shane sees that Alice and Gabby are linked again, the friends are upset. The gang shows up at Tina and Bette's house. Tina has her legs in the air to aid conception. Everyone, then, tries to help Dana figure out if Lara is gay. When they realize that Dana has never even talked to Lara, they hatch a plan. The scene ends, the next morning, with new names and hook-ups being added to Alice's chart. Dana is in the country club dressing room when her agent shows up. He's a jerk, but Dana is happy when he tells her that Subaru is interested in sponsoring her. Lara enters the dressing room after Dana's agent leaves. Dana tries small talk but becomes tongue tied and nervous. Lara doesn't seem to notice. The gang comes to get Alice and find out that Gabby stood Alice up. As they're leaving, Gabby shows up, apologizing for being late. She explains that she was busy with her screenplay and lost track of time. When Alice says she has to go, Gabby gets crappy again. Apparently, she hasn't changed that much after all and none of Alice's friends like that she's seeing Gabby again. The gang shows up at Dana's club to recon Lara. Each takes different tables to observe her. Everyone but Dana meets in the ladies' room to compare notes. Because it's so close they realize they have to bring out the big guns. Shane is sent over to see if she can pick her up and fails, leading everyone to conclude that Lara is straight. While leaving the club, Shane's stalker drives by and waves. They all meet back at The Planet. When Alice sees Tim, she wonders, aloud, if they think Tim knows. Bette doesn't believe that Marina and Jenny are involved. Marina and Tim strike up a conversation and in the course of it, Tim invites Marina to his and Jenny's house for an impromptu dinner party. Marina begs off but Tim talks her into it. After the people from Subaru watch Dana play, they decide that they want her to be in their next ad. Dana is happy with the news. Marina, Tina and Bette arrive at the party together. Jenny didn't know that Marina was coming and freaks out. Tim can't understand Jenny's reaction and Jenny simply ascribes her behavior to the fact that she doesn't like Marina. Shane and Alice are at a karaoke night at Milk. Alice defends Gabby as they spy her across the room. Alice insists that Gabby has changed. At the dinner party, Bette and Tina notice the tension between Jenny and Marina after Tim announces that he and Jenny are officially engaged. At Milk, Gabby comes up to Alice but Alice tries to ignore her. She completes a fictitious conversation with Shane. After a few moments Gabby leaves and Alice is distracted watching Gabby walk away. Shane threatens to kill Alice if she gets back together with Gabby. At the dinner party, Marina and Jenny are in the kitchen. When Marina asks to see Jenny's ring, Jenny shows it to her, tears welling up in her eyes. Bette walks in on the scene and gets an accurate picture of what is happening. Bette confronts Marina about the situation but Marina tells her that she doesn't feel that she's done anything wrong. Bette and Tina leave because Bette is not happy with the Marina/Jenny situation. As they walk home, Bette fills Tina in on what she saw and is upset that Tina is blasé about it. Kit interrupts the fight they are having. She's in the twelve-step program and is doing the "making amends" step. Bette thinks Kit doesn't mean it since it's court ordered but Kit assures her that it is genuine. She hands Bette a list of what she needs to make amends for, offering them a chance to add anything she's missed. Bette leaves the room but Kit follows, reading her list aloud to her. In the country club's dressing room, Lara asks Dana how the Subaru meeting went. Dana tells her she got it and Lara congratulates her, and then leaves the dressing room. Lara comes back in, backs Dana into a wall and kisses her. "Just in case you were still wondering," she tells a stunned Dana. At Milk, Alice walks up to Gabby, shyly complimenting her on her boots. Gabby pulls Alice near and they kiss. Shane is sitting at the bar when a woman approaches. The stalker watches Shane, then gets up on stage. Shining a strobe light at Shane, she informs everyone what a menace Shane is. Shane just walks away. After Marina leaves the dinner party, everyone but Jenny comment on how attractive and sensual Marina is. Jenny refuses to admit that she, like everyone else, has a crush on Marina.
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