The L Word

Season 5 Episode 4

Let's Get This Party Started

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Two military officers visit Alice at her apartment. Tina and Jenny start casting for "Lez Girls" and clash over who should play Jesse. Adele solves the situation. Shane gets involved with two girls at one time. Finally, Tina and Bette kiss.

    Is Bette going to cheat on Jodi, now? This is not fair. When Jodi was dating other people, Bette knew it and everything was fair and square. Indeed she was the one who was jealous and uncomfortable. Jodi left that other person for her sake. Why is it so difficult for Bette to be faithful? She expects others to be faithful and totally committed to her but she herself can't give as much. She needs to be honest with Jodi or else someone will end up heart-broken.

    Nothing new from Alice and Tasha's storyline except that Beech seems just slightly more sympathetic towards Capt. Williams.
    Shane breaks the celibacy vow (shall we call it like this?) but that was quite predictable.
    Adele, Jenny's assistant, sets things up so Nikki Stevens can convince Jenny, she's the right actress for Jesse's part. As usual, Jenny is acting like a diva but that's really funny and entertaining. Mia Krishner is doing a really good job in portraying a character the audience likes to despise. No news from Phillys, Joyce or Papi but that's no big loss (ok, maybe Papi is).
  • Disappointing...

    This episode has to be one of the worst that I've watched in the run of the show. Aside from the developments in Tasha's story, nothing new or noteworthy happened. Almost everything that happened was lead up to SheBar, and that's the extent of this episode's depth. The biggest disappointment coming at the end of the episode as Bette and Tina kiss, something that we've been hoping wouldn't happen. The kiss seemed forced, as did the further complications in Bette and Jodi's relationship. It really feels like they've been trying to keep up with fans who want Bette and Tina back together again. Disappointing. Hopefully things will get better.
  • Tina and Jenny Figfight over the role in Lex Girls. There was a change in Captain Beeches view on Tasha. Being celibate started to be hard for shane. A new lesbian club opened.

    I thought this episode was particularly awesome! This show never fails to shock or keep me entertained. One of my favorite parts about the show is their choice of music. Especially in this episode. Besides revisiting some of my favorite classics, Miles Davis, I was also introduced to a new band. Maxxfemm had the song "Hope is All There Is." I checked out a few bands from this episode and this one really stood out. for some of their music, maybe you will like it too! It's cool how they have good taste in music on the show too. Anyway, Excited for the next episode!
  • A new lesbian night club opens.

    This definitely was an amazing episode, and I think that out of all the season five episodes that have aired so far that this is the best one yet. While I once again wasn't too interested in the whole Tasha/Alice storyline all of the Bette and Tina content along with Jenny's storyline completely made up for my lack of interest in the Tasha/Alice and Kit story lines for this episode. I have to say that I absolutely loved Jenny in this episode. She was absolutely hilarious. I know that we didn't get to see much of Dawn and Cindi, but I already absolutely love them. They are both absolutely wonderful characters, and I think that both of the roles were perfectly cast. I absolutely loved the last scene where Bette and Tina kiss. That scene was perfectly acted out by both Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holoman. All in all, this was another truly amazing episode of The L Word, and I can't wait to see the next episode.