The L Word

Season 4 Episode 8

Lexington and Concord

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Angus cheated, Alice and Tasha slept together, and Paige and Shane really want to get it on. Helena's gambling too, and Jenny's being Jenny.

    My whole focus was on Paige and Shane. The scenes in the car were, um, they were, uh, they were,.... intense. Anyway, to be honest, that's all I watch when I see the episode. It's to damn hot to watch one time all the way through. That is one of the best sex scenes in the entire season, well at least one of the hottest. Damn, just thinking about it. Okay, Kit and Angus. He's an **** for cheating on her with some tarty little whore. I wanted her to kick his ass.

    Alice and Tasha are too cute together.

    Helena is hot in this episode as usual.

    Jenny's being a complete **** in this episode.

    Tina's starting to express how she has and still feels about Bette and that's pretty hot.

    Anway, all together, a great episode, very sexy.
  • ...

    Great episode!! Beginning better than the end though.

    Odd to see the sudden civil reconnection between Bette and Tina, little rushed but definitely appreciated. I like this new stage in their relationship. Most definitely signals a potential future return of Tibette. I liked it especially when neither of their partners were present at the evening, for each of them spelling out a negative, and when Bette stood-up for Tina and Tina tried to use their past relationship to get Jenny's film deal.
    Oh, and did Bette smell her hair???

    The Bette/Jodi scene was also great. Bette looked great I thought Jodi would remain monogomous for a bit before double-dating, so that confused me. It was disappointing that Jodi offered to cancel her date and Bette didn't take her up. Why did Bette think she was acting high-schooly? Clearly it's Jodi who was.

    So sweet that Angelica can sign Funny that Bette didn't seem too awkward with Jodi in front of Tina. Jodi's interaction with Angelica shows she has sacrificed her selfishness to be with Bette (following on from her earlier claim).

    The Helena/Catherine thing is still very strange. I don't understand whether Catherine is using Helena financially (but isn't Catherine supposed to be a great poker player?) and/or into her sexually. Is she going to deceieve Helena? The whole thing confuses me. Clearly it's a bad road for Helena She's so manipulated, she's under Catherine's control, neglecting her kids like that. And the sex/money scene was a little odd. But then it reminded me a little of Helena and that woman (Dylan? Dani?) last season, in that Helena was officially in charge in the professional relationship and that tended to manifest itself in the physical relationship.
    Oh dear.
    It was nice to see her kids. I thought maybe they'd be eternally ignored.

    I liked Alice and Tasha in this episode. In the Planet they were so clearly just a couple in love, I don't know why that man had to interrupt like that. The sex scene was perfect for them really. And their initial debate on Iraq was very intelligent.

    I'm liking Paige a lot more than I have done, which is good. I was beginning to like Shane/Shay/Paige etc so I'm disappointed to see it all damaged by the return of her dad

    Jenny was EVIL. And looked terrible. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    The actress who plays Kit is an amazing singer! I didn't quite find her mid-song break-down believable though, as there wasn't a particular build-up or trigger. Perhaps if Angus had whispered something personal like 'I love you', then I can see her getting mad, but it seemed to come out of nowhere It was a shame her big event got ruined. Her and Papi was odd...but sweet when Papi put her to bed. But then Kit had such a problem with the beautiful Ivan a couple of seasons ago that I didn't think her sudden turn of lesbianism was explained, until her comment about the chart.

    I can't make my mind up on Max's new girl yet. She confuses me. I don't understand the reason she's here. I thought Max was finally getting a decent storyline with the coming out at work and then they completely ignored any real after effect from that.
  • so Lexington and Concord is a very appropriate title for this episode. let the battles begin...."L hath no fury"

    in light of this episode (because i think it is so out of character) i've decided to open this review with Kit.

    kit-there are so many things i want to say about her in this episode. first of all i have to say kudos on the song...i thought it was great. second of all, you go girl! Angus deserved what he got, and i don't feel sorry for him one bit...cheating rat. when she said "i am so done with mother f***ing men, papi get me out of here" i was like...wait, WHAT?! rewind, stop the train. i was watching those two together all episode thinking "wtf? are u serious, omg!" then i thought "uh oh, is kit drinking?!" yup. she definately got drunk. i remember thinking "wow, i've been waiting 4 season for kit to finally turn or at least cross over once and here it is!". i also remember laughing, shaking my head and thinking "f***ing Papi." so i thought it was so absolutely hilarious that kit passed out on Papi! HAHA! i knew papi was a classy girl though and wouldn't take advantage of that. when kit woke up and said "you mean i didn't even make the chart?" i laughed. papi was like "the chart?" lol like wtf? you go kit, this should be interesting for future episodes.

    Alice and Tasha-the next couple that completely blew my mind this episode. the tension about politics definately keeps them walking on pins and needles. when alice said "i don't know why we're still there" and Tasha said "i don't even know why i'm still HERE!" then alice said "because we want to f*** each other!" lol the look on her face when she said that i think is what cracked me up more than anything. like she was saying "um...duh!" so finally they made love. when alice said "what the f*** are you doing" and tasha said "taking this s*** to the bedroom" lol loved it. so alice keeps going on about bush and tasha says "shut up and let me f*** you". lol like amen sister! and didn't tasha say at one point the only bush she wants to talk about is alice's? lol. so alice STILL contiues about politics in the morning and tasha is like "shut up PLEASE!" lol it was fantastic.

    Bette and Tina-i just about died when tina said she still loves bette, and that she thought she made a mistake. i was like "oh lord...they're going to get back together." i still think jodie and bette are good together. i don't blame bette though. i wouldn't be able to handle that either, i'm a jealous person. who wants to share their partner? especially if they "think they could fall in love" with each other. anyway, i guess we'll see what happens there.

    Jenny-i don't understand why she's being the way she is. i know she's not impressed with tina, but it just seems like she's completely sabatoging ALL of her friendships/relationships for absolutely no reason at all. i don't understand. just let her hook back up with Marina so they can be happily ever after again. (speaking of marina...still no sign of her again.) i thought the dream where Sounder's paw comes up out of the garden and grabs Jenny was hilarious. it startled me, i actuallly jumped. lol i definately wasn't expecting that. i hope Lindsey comes back soon.

    Helena and Katherine-i think Helena is going to get screwed over. i think Katherine is a b**ch. she's kind of seductive, but still a b**ch. i can't believe she referred to Helena's kids as "brats."...and helena didn't even say anything! what a crock. anyway, i don't think this gambeling thing is going to work to helena's advantage, so i think she should kick it soon. i STILL want Dillon to come back lol.

    Max-not a whole lot going on with him this episode. however it does look like he's found someone to work with. obviously there's going to be something that happenes between those two.

    Shane and Paige-ok, first of all may i say the car scene was hilarious! shane-"what's wrong?" paige-"there's a seatbelt up my a**" lol! i love the conversation between the two when paige says "men are emotionally retarded." her facial expression and that statement just cracked me up. i also love when shane says "you ARE a dyke i was totally wrong." lol. so that brings me to say...Shane's father shows up. so he thinks he can just walk back in here and break up shane's bond with her brother, after she's been taking care of him...doing what she can to pay his hospital bills, get him in school, and all of that. ooo that made me so mad. i was pi**ed. i wanted to say "EWWW NO! go away a**hole." i saw him and i was like "no f***ing WAY." guess we'll see how that goes. Phyllis-guess we'll have to wait and see what she's up to. and just out of curiousity, did Naudia get transferred or something? i mean, bette dittles her and then she just disappears off the show lol. well, i can't wait to see the next episode. once again i would like to say how happy i am with this season. i hope there is more than 1 season left after this.
  • This episode shows feelings about Tina we all thought she had forgotten.

    Tina shows feelings for Bette again and tells Bette she may have made a mistake. We already knew that and I'm glad Tina has finally realized she still loves Bette. I just hope it isn't to late. I don't think Bette ever stopped loving Tina. I loved how she took up for her at the Planet. Tina seemed a little taken back with that. Bette seems to falling for Jodi but things are getting a little complicated since Jodi wants to date other people at the same time she is with Bette. Bette is being very cautious so she doesn't get hurt again. I feel sorry for Shane. She has developed a real relationship with Shay and it is all about to come to and end. I think she is at the point where this might put her over the edge and do something rash. I hope she stays strong and comes through this. Helena needs to watch her back. I think she is headed for trouble!!!!
    Kit is a mess and I don't think she needs to start another relationship with anyone until she gets her thoughts together. Papi is not one to stay for any length of time. This is a desaster waiting to happen.
    Alice and Tasha needs to slow down and get to know more about each other before jumping into a relationship. I think they make a cute couple but not with all the arguing.
    The storyline with Jenny has me baffled.
    Max is another one I have no comments about....
    This just my opinion.....
  • Good Episode! I might just have to get back into this…

    I've missed a boatload of episodes, and missed the first 9 minutes of this one, so I was a little worried that I'd be clueless trying to jump into the series again at this late point. However, I was riveted to the screen and making connections in a hurry-up on tonight's episode! Things have clearly changed for just about everyone at this point: it seems Shane is somehow more 'grounded'–what with the sharing and caring for her little brother–yet, just as 'hot' as ever, as evidenced by the scenes with Paige. And those scenes with Paige? Let me just say: "dayuum!" But then there looks to be some more DaddyDrama on the horizon. Not fair…

    I loved, loved, loved watching Sandrine Holt's 'Catherine' with Helena, although I question what's going on with them exactly. I couldn't quite grasp the nature of their relationship–it seemed that Helena fears her a bit. Oh, and Helena? Did someone pass her the StupidStick while I was gone? Maybe I just focused on her gorgeousness in earlier seasons, but I never thought of her as a dull girl before this.
    The relationship between Alice and Tasha seems…interesting. They say that opposites attract, and a lot of that (plus just ordinary lust) may be operating here. I'll have to download the rest of the season to find out how they clicked initially.
    Kit: oh, poor baby! Surrounded by betrayal! Blowing your musical set! Giving the viewing public TMI! Self-medicating! *Not* making the chart! Could her day get any worse? Who *is* Jenny these days? and can someone spank her, hard? Is it the budding fame? Her various psychological issues coming to the fore, or what? Just make her stop.
    I was surprised to see Marlee Matlin in the cast, and definitely want to see more of her! Bette's expression of the kind of overwhelming desire for Jodi was great. I kind of broke when Tina mentioned that Bette used to look at her like that. Yeah…

    Good episode, and I'm glad to see the girls are still standing strong.
  • What happens when Shane's gonna lose Shay again?

    I'm really so sorry for Shane. She has gone through a lot lately and having her little brother in her life has changed her so much for the better. How can a father just leave and then walk back into his kid's life as if nothing ever happened? I have this feeling he's gonna take Shay with him and Shane won't be able to deal with it...
    Kit got drunk again and I'm really sorry for her. I know Tina didn't mean to tell her, but it was really bad that she had to find out this way. Stupid Angus. Never should have kept it a secret. Well, never should have gone for it in first place... Anyway, Kit's comment about not making the chart was hilarious!
    Apart from those two, the episode war fairly okay. I don't really know what to think about Tina. All in a sudden she's telling Bette how much she still loves her and how much she misses them being together? Seems like Lez Girls has affected her more than she wants to admit.
    I can't understand that Bette is falling for Jodi so fast and hard considering the fact that one of the first things she learned about her is that she doesn't like kids - when her daughter is the most importang thing in Bette's life.
    Also, I don't like Tasha. I agree with Alice and her friends on so many levels and I don't understand why she hooked up with her despite their differences. She's not even that interesting. Not my favourite character...
  • Shane and Paige - I sure do hope they last; I like them together.

    I was glad to see Jenny's conscience is bothering her, but I don't think she's going to take it to heart and make any self-evaluations. Good case in point - she's shopping her story amongst several interested parties, while she should just let Tina have it. Loved that Bette spoke up for Tina - nice to see those two talking and sharing feelings, etc. I know a lot of viewers would love to see those two back together. I thought I didn't care, one way or the other, but seeing them have a nice conversation, seeing that they still love each other - perhaps that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

    Tasha and Alice - not sure how that's going to work. They're just too different. I know different interests are good in a relationship, but different core beliefs - that's hard. Don't know why Kit had to lose it on stage - I can understand she's hurt, but she should've dealt with it before the show. And falling off the wagon - yeah, that'll help... not. For a change, I loved Papi in this episode - being so sweet with Kit - found their scenes very sensual. Shane and Paige - very hot. Great scene in the car. And I think I'm going to get very angry with the writers - Shane is finally reaching some stablization in her life - making it work with Shay, starting something with Paige; even thinking about living in Silverlake to have a better house for Shay, and then here comes good ole dad. If he takes the kid away from Shane, I will be just beside myself. nonononononononononononono!