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Season 4 Episode 5

Lez Girls

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2007 on Showtime
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Bette's forbidden relationship with her TA, Nadia, could jeopardize her career. Alice, on the other hand, ends her affair with a married woman after meeting her husband. She also gets upset by one of Jenny's short stories which gets published in a magazine. Meanwhile, Angus is caught in a compromising position.moreless

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  • ...

    I enjoyed Bette/Jodi/Tom scenes. Want to see more of that relationship. Loved Bette's definition as an 'impenetrable ice-queen'; so true!

    I can actually stand Jenny better this season than I have done before, though I still hate her of course.

    Max is actually interesting me this season I think maybe Jenny-Max were never a good onscreen pairing for either one of them.

    Grrrr writers wrt Angus!!! She wasn't even attractive I liked having Kit & Angus as the sole stable loving relationship on the show! I don't understand why Tina hid.

    I don't understand why Jenny didn't alter the names in her novella a bit more. That genuinely doesn't make sense. Why did nobody else care but Alice?

    So so obvious Tasha was in prison

    Papi was a little OTT with stealing Ruby, not that it seemed Shane wanted her much. Was that deliberate? I mean, Shane was watching her dance but it seemed to me to be a very lazy indifferent gaze; are the writers showing that she's still mourning Carmen and not ready for a lot of meaningless relationships yet?

    Paige was a little forward, and seemed a bit odd. I preferred her last episode.

    Helena managing all of that? Pfffft. And cooking in that black dress and jewelerry with hair done-up already and not even an apron? Come on! That was so unrealistic.

    Lucky escape for Alice away from Phyllis. I don't see how Bette can be that angry as Alice has a perfectly justifiable reason for ending things with Phylis - just what she was looking for.moreless
  • Good show, strong characters showing rarely seen traits.

    Did I really just see sainted Marlee Matlin smoking a joint?

    New characters coming out of every pore it seems, which isn't bad, as long as they take care of business with the characters we already know. Where is Carmen? Shane goes on a drug bender at Rosanna Arquette's, wrecks her car and she's over it? Hmmmm.

    Jenny is highly strung, we know this. Just when it seemed like she found some inner peace, she goes off on this crazy crusade over a bad book review? Hmmmm.

    Angus fought so hard to win Kit's trust, and he cheats so easily with the (admittedly sizzling hot) nanny? What was her secret -- some baudy double entendres. And, while Angus is getting his drawers inspected, Angelica is off somewhere playing with "Mikey" who is certainly not old enough to watch a toddler by himself. Hmmm.

    And, Tina, who I don't even know anymore, hides in the bushes at the sight of Angus and the Hot Nanny instead of doing what we know Tina would do... give Angus a piece of her mind right then and there. What?

    What I did like was the tension in Bette and Tina's lunch (that ordering scene was ad-libbed? nice!). Alice and Jenny's fight was funny and smart. Cybill Shepherd's desperation to keep Alice was poignant, but I'm ready for her character to leave. Didn't take long for Helena to get haughty again around some clinking champagne glasses, eh? Papi's rivalry with Shane is beginning to feel kind of awkward. Shane doesn't care about it, why should we?moreless
  • Papi is starting to annoy me - she was so very cool when she was first introduced, but she doesn't seem like the same character.

    I do love Shayne's non-attitude when it comes to Papi - she's got other things on her mind, and Papi just ain't that important to her. When Papi said "Vanilla - she's just like me except a different flavor," I nearly gagged. Other than having slept with a great number of women, they are nothing alike. Would be interesting to see them for a one-night stand, though. Actually, be interesting to see Shayne with anyone right now - my only complaint with this season so far (and the last one, too) is that there just aren't enough hot sex scenes like there were in the first couple of seasons. I do like the storylines, but I like the hot and heavy scenes, too! Max lucked out, with his boss's daughter not giving up Max's "secret." I think another reviewer wrote that Max is being deceitful, but I don't think so. Jobwise, it shouldn't matter, as long as the job gets done. His boss obviously thinks highly of his work, so it'd be a shame if Max should lose his job over his transgender issues.

    Jenny's being evil - I thouroughly dislike her pretense with the poor sickly dog (although, it looked like to me for a moment just after the vet chick finished with the shot, that she was about to come clean, but then the vet chick took the conversation in a different direction and Jenny flowed right with it) - and I dislike her trying to come between the reviewer and her girlfriend. Even though I think the reviewer was evil for doing what she did, that's no excuse to go after the innocent girlfriend.

    I feel for Phyllis, but I understand Alice's take on it. I believe Alice was already a bit sorry she started anything with Phyllis, but didn't know how to wiggle out, and while perhaps seeing Phyllis with her husband gave her that wiggle room, I think Alice really never thought about that other part of Phyllis' life. I think Phyllis will get over it quickly - it's always hard with your "first," but Phyllis needs to resolve her life with her husband before she goes looking again. Not fair to him - he seems to think all is good, by this actions.

    Loved the scene where Bette and Tina ordered the same thing at the same time - also loved reading the producer's comment that this was ad-libbed and the actresses actually did order the cobb salad at the same time. Too funny.

    Angus - very unlike him. He's so devoted to Kit - this just seems so out of character for him. So his bandmates are giving him troubles - not her fault. And she's certainly trying to make him feel better, but he's not letting her. Bad Angus - bad!moreless
  • Shows Jenny's spiteful side, Bette's naughty side, Shane's self control, Helena's coping ability, Alice's angry side, Max's deciteful side....

    I feel this episode opened each charachters somewhat dark and sometimes mysterious sides. Jenny seems to want to make a mark for herself at the expense of her friends. Not thinking about their feelings. I didn't like the fact that she exploited them in the Magazine the way she did and than acted upset when Alice called her on it. Shane used a lot of self control when asked "Are you hitting on me?" I thought she handled it very well. I don't think she was ready for that comment so soon after meeting her. Helena showed that she can cope with a situation that could get out of hand. She kept on track and made a good thing out of a mess. I felt sorry for her because Alice got her into this spot in the first place so it was only right when she called Alice to help her out of the delima. Bette is truly showing a side I only wished I had seen when she was with Tina. She didn't strike me as one who would get STONED and than spill her guts. This is truly a naughty side of Bette that I hope to see more of. Her meeting with Tina was viewed with mixed feelings. She seemed pleased when Tina said she wanted to talk in person. There was that twinkle in Bette's eye for only a second before Tina said it was about Kit. I loved that she offered Tina her napkin. Again the twinkle... I am glad she didn't get mad and walk away. The interaction between Bette and Jodi was interesting. I think they make a cute couple but I don't think it is something that will last. They are both to head-strong for each other. Alice was hurt when she saw Phyllis with her husband and was totally caught of guard when she saw the kiss. I felt a bit sorry for her. She may have over reacted when she left Phyllis by the pool. When Phyllis said "I Love You,Alice" as she walked away, I saw the hurt in Bette's eyes as if she was remembering when Tina walked away. The Max thing has me worried a bit. I am not sure how to take what is happening. Max wants his cake and eat it too. I think his boss will be very upset when the truth comes out. But until than Max is playing him for a fool. Again, I hope I haven't offened anyone but this is just my opinion...moreless
  • drama...again...

    So I am happy for Bette. The scene where she was hanging out with Jodi was fun and sexy. I heard that Marlee signed a three year contract so maybe this could be the start of a nice new romance. I felt sorry for Helena once again. She finally found something that she was really good at, the cooking thing, and then she kinda gets put in her place by someone who knew her mother. So I really don’t like Papi that much, she is way to involved in what Shane does. Oh well. I also think that Alice did the right thing, Phyllis was getting too attached and needs to settle stuff with her family before becoming involved in a serious relationship. I feel sorry for Kit, she is really into Angus and he is cheating on her. As much as crazy Jenny drives me crazy, I can’t wait to see what she does next.moreless
Dallas Roberts

Dallas Roberts

Angus Partridge (Season 3-)

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Daniela Sea

Moira/Max Sweeney (Season 3-)

Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals

Bette Porter

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Katherine Moennig

Shane McCutcheon

Laurel Holloman

Laurel Holloman

Tina Kennard

Leisha Hailey

Leisha Hailey

Alice Pieszecki

Steven Eckholdt

Steven Eckholdt


Guest Star

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Heather Matarazzo

Stacey Merkin

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Bruce Davison

Bruce Davison

Leonard Kroll

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Kristanna Loken

Paige Sobel

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Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd

Phyllis Kroll

Recurring Role

Aidan Jarrar

Aidan Jarrar


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In one of the deleted scenes available on the official The L Word website on, it's revealed that Bette grew up in Philadelphia and used to be a big "Sixers" (Philadelphia 76ers, an NBA team) fan.

    • Deleted Scenes:

      Scene #1: Phyllis tells her husband where to stick it!
      Phyllis is preparing her house for the big party. She asks her husband Leonard if the food has been delivered yet. He replies that he hasn't seen it; Phyllis retorts, "It might help if you got up off your ass and looked!"

      Scene #2: Max is stressed out and Shane tries to get him to go out
      Max is pounding on a punching bag boxers use to practice. Shane walks in and asks what he's doing. Max just replies, "Nothin'", stops punching the bag, and stomps around the house taking his gloves off. Shane thanks him for being so great with Shay. Max confides in Shane and tells her that he almost lost his job; he thought Brooke was going to tell her father about his transsexuality. He feels freaked out about almost outing himself, and Shane suggests that maybe he should tell everyone the truth. But Max says he doesn't want his co-workers to think of him as a mutant, either. To make him feel better, Shane invites him out to a gay club they're going to. Max declines; he says he doesn't feel comfortable in gay clubs lately. Shane replies: "Wouldn't it kinda make more sense to get out of the house for once and go some place where you don't always have to be on your guard?" Max thanks her for the invitation but doesn't think tonight's the night.

      Scene #3: Bette at cocktail party where Phyllis pulls her aside to analyze an email from Alice
      Bette is mingling at Phyllis' party. She is introduced to Douglas Chibi, a big-time donor who has just underwritten the Earth Sciences Facility (The Chibi Center). They chat about sports for a while until Phyllis shows up. She pulls Bette away to her office to look at an email Alice sent her. Phyllis wants Bette's opinion on what to make of it. Her own phone message to Alice was much more intimate and now she wants to know why Alice's email is so distant and detached. Bette just replies that she's overthinking it, and that some people "don't like to commit themselves too much in writing". Phyllis' husband walks in and she introduces him to Bette. After he's gone, Bette gives Phyllis a disapproving look.

      Scene #4: Bette and Jodi investigate Phyllis' bedroom
      Jodi's going through Phyllis' underwear drawer. She discovers some kind of pearl strings and waves them at Bette's face. Bette is trying to make Jodi stop snooping around, but Tom encourages her by saying, "Keep looking, I wanna know what Mr. Kroll gets up to." Bette accidentally blurts out that she doesn't think Mr. Kroll gets up much. Jodi wants her to spill the beans but Bette just says she didn't mean to say it like that. She refuses to say anything more of it, so Jodi's next idea is to get Bette stoned so she can dish about the Krolls' (lack of) sex life.

    • Opening Teaser:
      Max is staring at himself in the mirror, dressed in white briefs and a black top. He takes out the fake penis, and then undresses. He stares at his body in the mirror – a woman's body.
      The connection: Max is afraid his transsexuality will get him fired but it turns out that Brooke didn't tell his father why she and Max broke up.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Tina: I care about Kit and I don't want her to get hurt.
      Bette: Then don't tell her that you saw the man that she loves sucking your nanny's face.
      Tina: Well, she's gonna find out eventually and I can tell you from experience it's much more painful seeing it with your own eyes.

    • Phyllis: I wanna do everything described in that book, every single thing.
      Alice: Everything single thing. You're gonna wear me out, woman. I swear to God. I'm gonna need a little pinch hitter, right?

    • Papi: (to Shane) Now that you're in my solar system, I can't have you dimming my stars and shit.

    • Alice: Do you know who makes this hat, by the way?
      Jenny: Who?
      Alice: You don't know. You don't know.
      Jenny: I would guess the lead singer of the Village People.

    • Alice: (explaining how Jenny's supposedly fictional short story is really about their lives) "Jessie" and "Todd" move next door to a lesbian couple "Bev" and "Nina".
      Helena: Whoa, that's a little close to the bone.
      Alice: It's more like sucking on the marrow.

    • Alice: (opening a present from Phyllis) Ooh, what is it? (shaking the present) Oh, doesn't sound like a diamond necklace. It's very disappointing. Is it a motorcycle...? (ripping the wrapping paper) Oh... Wow, "The Whole Lesbian Sex Book", huh?
      Phyllis: Is it a faux pas?
      Alice: No! No.
      Phyllis: I was thinking, you know, we're having just a wonderful time and... Just to try and keep everything just fresh and exciting, maybe we could experiment...?
      Alice: Right! Right, right, right, right. (browsing the book) Like, uhh, let's see... Oh! Analingus. Yeah?
      Phyllis: Sure!

    • Paige: Sometimes I feel like I'm a million years old, and before you know it, I will be too old and wretched to pick up the pieces.
      Shane: No, please, you're beautiful. I don't think you have to worry about that.
      Paige: Are you hitting on me?
      Shane: (taken aback) Uhh... I wasn't, um... but I'm, I'm sorry to make you uncomfortable if, if... if you think I was.
      Paige: No, no. I'm sorry. I was hoping you were.

    • Bette: My, my, you clean up nice.
      Jodi: Thanks. I can't say the same for you.
      Bette: Tom, so nice to see you.
      Tom: Thank you.
      Bette: (to Jodi again) Did you just insult me?
      Jodi: No! You're just always so very clean. I can't even imagine you being dirty at all.
      Bette: (a beat) I've been plenty dirty.
      Jodi: Hmm, I have a hard time picturing that. Sorry, I don't know, just maybe a fetching little smudge right about... (moves to touch Bette's face)
      Bette (stopping Jodi's hand): Dirtier.

    • Jenny: (seeing Stacey and Lindsay approach) Oh my god, you gotta distract them because I don't want them to come over to me. Can you kiss me?
      Alice: No!
      Jenny: Please kiss me.
      Alice: I don't kiss girls who wear doilies.

    • Papi: Ladies! This is my girl Tasha. Tasha, meet Alice, Jenny and... Vanilla.
      Shane: I'm Shane.
      Papi: Vanilla. Cause she's like me except in another flavor.
      Shane: Right.

    • Jenny: Hey, Alice, you know there's this crazy, weird thing that happens when you write. As a writer--
      Alice: Wait, is this a lesson in writing from Jenny Schecter? Oh fuck, let me grab a pen.
      Jenny: Get a pad, too. So this thing that happens when you write is that you draw from your own life and then, in turn, you take those experiences and you use something called imagination, Alice.
      Alice: Ohh, imagination! God! So that's the thing you were lacking when you could barely change our names, huh?
      Jenny: Just a second. You guys, do you... do you hear that? (pretends to listen to something) Oh my god, it's Monet. Monet has come back from the dead and he wants me to give you a message. He says, "I am so sorry for sitting in front of my pond in France, and sketching those water lilies, and using the water lilies as actual inspiration. Sorry to offend, Alice."
      Alice: Right. Oh, wait, he's talking to me. So weird. (pretending to listen) Huh? What? OK, I'll tell her... He said don't ever fucking compare yourself to him.

    • Shane: (about Shay) He has a playdate with his friend.
      Bette: Nice. It's probably the last word on earth I ever expected to be uttered from your lips.
      Shane: Well, if the playdate goes well, we might try for a sleepover.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Bruce Davison (Leonard Kroll) receives the "And" credit.

    • The music playing in the scene where Jenny and Lindsay are at a restaurant is Bring It Back by Alyssa Pridham. She also appears in the episode playing Ruby, the hot girl Shane is eying at the night club.

    • Music Featured in This Episode:
      - Paralyzed by Betty Wright
      - 'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do by Mary Stallings
      - Bring It Back by Alyssa Pridham
      - Blues by Five by Miles Davis
      - Runaway by Lazy
      - You Ain't Gotta Lie by De La Cruz
      - Heavy by Jennifer Johns
      - Everything Is in Your Hand by Tigarah
      - Shooting Star by Les Baxter
      - Tick Tock by Mz Fontaine
      - Way Out by Lazy
      - Daylight by Lazy
      - Tender Love by Jill Sobule

    • Rose Rollins (Tasha) has been added to the opening credits.

    • Cybill Shepherd is credited as a Special Guest Star.

    • In the behind-the-scenes video on, director John Stockwell tells that, although the majority of the show is shot in Vancouver, Canada, the scene of Bette and Tina meeting at Toast was shot in the real Toast in Los Angeles. He thought that they should actually order and eat something because you never see anyone order anything at a restaurant in television. The scene where a waiter (an extra) comes up to take their order wasn't scripted and it really is Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman ordering the same thing (Cobb salad) at the same time, unprompted.

      He also tells that much of the dialog in the scenes where Jenny and Lindsay are at a restaurant, and where Alice and Jenny are arguing over Jenny's New Yorker piece is ad-libbed.


    • Les Girls
      Jenny's short story that gets published in The New Yorker, "Lez Girls", is a reference to (and a pun of) the 1957 musical Les Girls, starring Gene Kelly, about a group of former showgirls. One of them has written her memoirs and – quite ironically – the other two are trying to prevent her from getting it published.

    • In Jenny's New Yorker story "Lez Girls", Marina's alter ego is called Karina. This is an inside joke since Marina was played by actress Karina Lombard.