The L Word

Season 5 Episode 1

LGB Tease

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2008 on Showtime

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  • There's lots of Bette & Tina scenes, and that's a really, really great thing.

    This episode was definitely one of the best season premieres that The L Word has ever had, and I also think that it is one of the best episodes ever of The L Word. I love all of the Bette and Tina interaction in this episode. That's also definitely one of my favorite aspects of this episode. I especially liked the scene where Bette and Tina have their poolside conversation about Tina's sex life. That's definitely my favorite scene in the entire episode. It was very well written and very well acted. I also just loved Jenny in general throughout the entire episode. All in all, this was a very well written and well acted episode. Based on this episode, it looks like season five of The L Word is going to be truly amazing.
  • Poor girl Angelica. With 2 moms like those she'll be on prozac at the age of 5...

    Bette and Tina behavior regarding their daughter is out of this world. Fancy schools and competition against male gay couples on "who has the most mixed child"? Please... The episode gets better when we see Helena in Jail. They should extended those scenes because Rachel Shelley is really at her best, playing the rich spoiled girl who can't eat the prison's food and is scared to death of her cell mate (of course we all know what is coming next between those two). Another one who seems that is simply having a great time with the cast is Cybill Shepherd. Her character is amazing and brings more fun and less drama to the show.
    As a new season first episode, it's ok, but I was really hoping for more, especially after watching some very nice promos on the internet.
  • Jenny is back as manipulative as ever as she sneaks in to direct Lez Girls. Alice tries to cope with Tasha leaving for Iraq. Tina pines after Bette while Bette waits for Jodie to come home. Shane might've gone too far, and Phyllis gets a coming out party.

    I have been waiting for what feels like forever to get to see my favorite show back in action, and i am so excited that it is finally here! The season starts off with nothing less than the dramafest we all love so much, and it was worth the wait. With that said, here we go. I'm going to start with Jenny.

    Jenny-Our favorite manipulative girl is back and as sneaky as ever. Jenny is the one we all love to hate, and hate to love. The episode starts out with Jenny's new revised version of the transcript she wrote for Lez Girls. I liked the way the episode started because it absolutely put me in mind of almost exactly how Jenny and Marina wound up meeting and hooking up, which of course led to Jenny's realization of being a lesbian. So Jenny sideswipes Tina with a re-written transcript and a surprise...that she is going to be the only director of Lez Girls. Jenny is arrogant as all hell, giving out orders like she is the next president of the U.S. I can't believe that she is treating Tina so badly, and with such arrogance. I think Jenny is even a little out of her own league here i would say. She even treats all of her friends like they are below her. I remember thinking "Come on, you all used to be friends!" Jenny's new little dog was just it. She even named the thing Sounder, as if that is supposed to give her absolution about how she used a dog in the last season to manipulate the vet. When she told her assistant to take the dog back and get it orange ribbons so it can stop hating her, i was like "Oh hell no, this is it." Finally, when Jenny tries to boss her assistant around some more by telling her she can't go to church when she wants to, he assistant knocks her off that pedestal she is on that makes her think she's all holier than thou, and quits. I laughed and said "Good for you girl!" The only one Jenny seems to be treating with some decency is Shane. Which brings me to her.

    Shane and Paige-While Shane is at the Planet with Alice, Phyllis, Kit and everyone else, she announces that she and Paige are going to look at apartments and if they like one they are going to sign a lease. That was a little weird for me to hear, especially since it's Shane we're talking about. However, i do like she and Paige together as a solid couple. When Paige walks in on Shane doing the woman that showed them the apartment, Paige gets angry. She sees Shane later at Phyllis's party and asks her why, then admits that she can live with Shane's sex problem. When Paige learns that Shane loves her but isn't IN love with her, she leaves. Later Shane gets called down to her skate park/hair shop to find that her entire business is on fire and looks like it was arson. Shane decides not to file a report. Of course at this point i think it's Paige, and i think she kind of crossed the line a bit there, though i can understand how she was feeling. Speaking of legal issues, that brings me to Helena.

    Helena-What the hell? I see Helena a little into the episode in jail. I didn't remember anything from last season that would have landed her there, unless it was for extortion. I later realized it was from her supposedly stealing money from Catherine. Helena has this bad ass cell mate who is kind of sexy. Alice, Shane and Tina come to visit her and were arguing what Helena should do to keep herself safe in there. I thought that was absolutely hilarious! "Don't drop the soap." That was classic. When Helena refuses to tell her friends what she did with the money, they have to try to rack their brains to come up with the bail money to get her out, especially since Mrs. Peabody won't return any phone calls. Speaking of phone calls that brings me to Alice and Tasha.

    Alice and Tasha-While Alice, Max and Phyllis are recording for their podcast, Alice gets a call from Tasha. She is obviously torn up about it and Bette was right when she said Alice can't go through this again. I agree. I felt so bad for Alice, especially after everything she's been through already. She sits home and watches the news about what's going on in Iraq, and i can't imagine how hard that must be for her. She gets freaked out when she doesn't hear from Tasha after she was shipped out. Much to her surprise, Tasha shows up at her door to greet her very passionately and says she misses Alice. At first i thought "What is she doing home?" Then i thought "Oh no, is she AWOL?" If that is the case then that is big trouble. You get prison time for deserting the army so even though they just want to be together, either way Alice is going to have to be without Tasha, especially if she gets caught. And i don't think prison would be much more than just one step lower on the danger level that Iraq. Speaking of dangerous, what about Tina?

    Tina and Bette-Bette and Tina go to an interview at a school for their daughter, in which they lead the woman on to believe that they are still together. Meanwhile, Tina is pining away after Bette and showing everyone that she is obviously still infatuated with her. Maybe she should have thought about that before she decided to do everything she did to Bette. Her friends try to hook her up at Phyllis's party, but Shane seems to have one up on Tina again. I only see this situation leading to problems for Tina. Perhaps she should stop taking trips down memory lane. Speaking of trips, guess who's home?

    Jodie-She's become one of my favorites on the show. Bette tries to surprise her by giving her a little table at her place with flowers and candle holders all over it. Jodie says thank you but that it's her space, and Bette was a little hurt by that. Jodie expressed that she felt Bette was being a bit of a control freak. Jodie engages in a very sexy moment with Bette in which she takes all the control, so Bette can feel what it's like. That was a really hot scene anyway. (Tina was right up Bette's ass at the party until Jodie walked in.) Jenny was such a catty witch, rubbing it in Tina's face like she did.

    We didn't hear too much from Max this episode except that he was obviously a little offended when Alice told him that Ourchart was for lesbians. He also expressed his feelings why he didn't have his transitioning surgery, top or bottom yet. We also didn't hear too much from Kit either, except that she told Angus that she doesn't want to hear from him.

    This was a great way to kick off the new season. It has kept me on the edge of my seat as usual, not wanting to wait to see the next episode. This is just a taste of what this season is going to bring. It definately shows brillance and great promise.
  • Season 5 premiere!

    I hate how they made Jenny even worse and more annoying, is that possible? They went too far with her. I am not like the idea of a movie (Lez Girls) within in the show seems annoying and boring, especially since that means more Jenny! I figured that that girl was going to try and sleep with Shane but, honestly I did not think Shane would sleep with her. I think There should have been more Alice, and I LOVED the end scene with her and Tasha though. I hope Tasha stays and her and Alice can be together and happy! I also love Kit's new hair, it's cute. I hope Kit finds a good person to be with and is happy, too bad her and Kit did not work out. Whoa! WAX got burned down! Wonder who did it? lol! I am not sure if Paige is the one who burned down WAX though, she has motive but it just does not seem like her at all. Although, it was insinuated she was the only one that would be mad at Shane. So, what I hope for future episodes: Less of Jenny! More of Alice, more Alice & Tasha scenes, find Kit a nice person to be with, and bring back Marina and Papi, and maybe Ivan! Also somehow bring back Dana, though not as hallucianation to make Alice appear crazy...again!
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