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The L Word

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2004 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Bette is worried about Tina when she throws herself into volunteer work, Marina and Francesca get into an argument, Alice thinks she may be pregnant by Lisa, and Dana and Jenny try to console each other.

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  • Provocations forces some intense moves from all sides

    I just started watching this show and this episode has been my favorite so far. When I began watching I kept wondering why they did not address so many issues face on against glbtq rights and this episode did in such a touching way. Bette finally breaking down and crying, mourning had began and tragedy had been inflicted upon all sides. The innocent young girl having to turn from a life of conservatism really just showed how forcing your views on others can lead to the worst situations. This combined with Shane's affair really showed how living life as a lie can delude us all.

    A very beautiful episode of a great show.moreless
  • God invented sex

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  • The first truly heartwrenching episode in a great season of television...

    Season One of The L Word has to its credit fine acting, well crafted and witty writing, inventive plots that keep us guessing, and as of this episode on tearjerking emotion.


    After losing her unborn child, Tina looks to volunteer work to ease herself back into normalcy while Bette prepares to battle Faye Buckley, a biggoted right-wing religious leader trying to close down the CAC's Provocations exhibit.

    While Bette attempts to hold her ground by exposing Buckely's dirty family past, Buckley ruthlessly accuses Bette of being a sinner and proclaims that it was her homosexuality that caused God to take the unborn child from her lesbian lover. After episodes and episodes of Bette remaining strong and stoic, she finally breaks - on public television, with the strains of Rufus Wainwright's version of "Hallelujah" twisiting the knife the scene has placed in our hearts.

    One of the most heartwrenching scenes I've ever seen in any television show ever, and a strong and excellent episode of a bold and daring show.

    Unfortunately the second season of The L Word failed to deliver such an emotional punch.moreless
  • Tina and Bee grow apart and Alice has a pregnancy scare.

    This seems like the beginning of a change in relationships on the show. Alice's pregancy scare even shifts her relationships with guys. It seems that they are causing her more trouble than they are worth. Bette and Tina continue their drift apart. The baby was their way of keeping togather and with that gone their drift has consequences.
Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion

Slim Daddy

Guest Star

Helen Shaver

Helen Shaver

Fae Buckley

Guest Star

Kim Hawthorne

Kim Hawthorne

Yolanda Watkins

Guest Star

Lolita Davidovich

Lolita Davidovich

Francesca Wolff

Recurring Role

Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette

Cherie Jaffe

Recurring Role

Ion Overman

Ion Overman

Candace Jewell

Recurring Role

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    • Alice: What am I gonna do if I'm fucking pregnant?
      Dana: Get an abortion, Al.
      Shane: You could give the baby to Bette and Tina. (Dana and Alice scrunch their noses at Shane.) Well, we're already like a family, it'd be like the kid belongs to all of us.
      Alice: So, instead of "Heather Has Two Mommies," Heather has six mommies.

    • Dana: (about Lisa, if Alice is pregnant) Wow. Well, he'd be the first lesbo in history ever to pull that one off.

    • Alice: There's not that, you know, bullshit of like... you know, I do you, you do me, and, you know... we check in, have we had equal time? And all that crap.
      Dana: You know, Al, just 'cause you're riding the big fat weenie doesn't mean there's something wrong with the way the rest of us do it, okay?

    • Shane: (to Dana) Hey, look, now that you're out big time, let's give you a mullet.
      Dana: What? No.
      Shane: Yes, c'mon, hockey hair, it'll be hot.
      Dana: No!
      Alice: I don't think she's ready to be a bulldyke, Shane.
      Dana: (to Alice) Thank you.
      Shane: Mmkay.

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